Machu Picchu vacation July 22 2014

Amazing views, great food and great people!

I had an amazing time on this trek. Raul was an excellent guide and spoke very good English. Marco is also great, very friendly and very funny. I regretted the trek at first, however everything changed when I saw the views and got to the Salkantay summit. I felt very accomplished.
The food was great and I appreciated having ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 20 2014-10

Wonderful Salkantay

Throughout the Salkantay 5 day trek, I had the opportunity to experience the wide variety of natural beauty that Peru has to offer. The juxtaposition of the snow capped mountains on days 1 and 2 with the tropical climate featuring banana and avocado trees on days 3 and 4 is remarkable.
As I write this on the eve before ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 20 2014-9

Salkantay 5 day trek

This was an excellent experience for my wife and myself. While it pushed us physically, we had amazing exposure to both the land and the culture around Cusco and Machu Picchu.
Highlights include the views and feeling of accomplishment seen at the summit of the Salkantay pass, the amazing food that far surpassed our expectations for a camping experience, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 20 2014-12

Carlos, garotinho do Brasil

Great experience doing the trek around the big mountains in Peru. Carlos and the horsemen were fantastic showing all the natural and beautiful landscape of the trip. He told us several stories about the culture / language / traditions of Inca's people.
We had a good time in Aguas Calientes / hot springs and were very good treated from ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 20 2014-12

Carlos, o mas grande do mundo

First day - it was a nice trek, the guides were really helpful and it was almost easy to do it.
Second Day - A really hard day. We walked a lot but it was Ok to do it. With a lot of breaks it got easier to complete the day.
Third Day - it was the easiest ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 20 2014-8

Salkantay trek

We did the Salkantay trek to the Machu Picchu. It was an unforgettable experience. First, we had very good and experienced guides. They knew their country, the history and the Inca culture very well.
The trek itself was challenging. We started hiking at over 3,500 m and got to the highest point at 4,600 m. The altitude makes the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 20 2014-3

Surviving Camino Salkantay

It was an amazing trek up to an overwhelming altitude as well as down to the unknown and highly interesting jungle. I would like to highly recommend this trek to anybody who is interested in a big variety of landscapes.
Everybody who likes to explore both the Peruvian mountains and (at least) part of Peru's jungle by a five ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 20 2014-8

Carlos King of the Mountains

We did the Salkantay hike. Hopefully you will be guided by the King! Carlos is the man. Very well run trek. The guides were excellent - very professional and experienced.
Beautiful scenery which changed daily. The trek is physically tough and the altitude makes it harder. But the views at the Salkantay pass make it worth it.
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Machu Picchu travel July 20 2014-7

Salkantay route

We had an awesome trip over the mountains through the jungle to Machu Picchu with a wonderful view on the Salkantay and orchids on the way - tough but totally worth it! Met great people and collected many impressions of Peru.
Thanks to "the king of the mountains" and his awesome team... especially Hugo the cook who prepared meals ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 20 2014-2

Inka Trail adventure

First of all, an amazing experience! Machu Picchu was even more breathtaking than anticipated. The Inca Trail was also breathtaking, but in a very different way... The OMG this is brutal, can't breath, exhaustion kind of way. But I did it and thanks to our guide and the amazing porters, so did everyone else. I couldn't be happier.
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Peru vacation July 20 2014

Inca trail warriors

This was an incredible physically and mentally challenging trek to Machu Picchu, but with the help of our very patient guide Ramiro and fabulous porters/chefs we arrived on time, uninjured, and in one piece! The first day was fine, the second day (Dead Women's pass) was the hardest, it even hailed and it's dry season (the showers are super cold). ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 20 2014

Inca Trail !

We had a wonderful trek through the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! It was tough but beautiful, sunny and freezing, warm and friendly. The scenery is breathtaking - so many stunning views of mountains, rainforests, caves, ruins and our favorites, llamas. We got to see many llamas up close!
Our guide Ramiro and our porters were terrific! They took ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 19 2014

Inca Trail

It was a great experience overall. The trek on the way to the Inca ruins was magnificent. Great scenery on the way. The tour guides were knowledgeable on Inca history. The porters and cook did a magnificent job. This trek was definitely worth taking in the 4 days that it was stretched out.
Machu Picchu was the place it ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 20 2014-5

Cold but beautiful

Physically tough sometimes but fantastic reward. Experience we will remember the rest of our lives. The group was great. We enjoyed every day of the trek. We'll recommend this back home. It's a great experience to be standing at an altitude of nearly 5,000 meters.
The food we got every day was absolutely delicious. The scenery on the third ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 20 2014-6


A very challenging but worthwhile adventure. Beautiful nature, friendly people. Reaching daily objectives was very satisfying, very pleased that I went on this trek!
The food was good, healthy and nutritious so we could last for hard days of trekking. Both our main guide Carlos as our second guide Marco were friendly and helpful. Tents were set up ... Continue Reading