Machu Picchu trip July 09 2017


I traveled the five day four night Salkantay trek with two friends and we had an absolute blast! It was extremely exhausting but such an amazing experience and accomplishment.
I would reccommend to anyone! Our tour guides and crew were wonderful. Our tour guides were Cesar and Etson. They were very helpful and informative for the ... Continue Reading

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Our tour guide did an amazing job of making sure that we never felt rushed,went at our own pace, but still received all the information about Machu Picchu and Inca history.
During the trek we had a guide at the front and back that shared information about the Salkantay and helped push us through the tough spots. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 09 2017


I had a great trip with Inca Trail Reservations on the Salkantay trek. The guides, Cesar and Edson, were fantastic.
They were super informative, helpful and funny. The food was great (especially the soup) and the equiptment was well maintained. My friends and I swam, hiked, and had a general good time all around. The company stepped up ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 16 2017-2

the most amazing memories

The food we had was increidible so thanks to the chef and all the support staf everything was so well organized .
Thank you for celebrating my husbands Harry 65th birthday with a hugo birthday cake that was very special . The staff all came in and congratulated him as well which was fantastic . Loved at the end ... Continue Reading

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The magnificent Inka Trail

A dream come true. The whole journey was really great!
Our tour guide Henry did a really good job taking us all through the trail in a good pace and told us interesting stuff about the Andeean culture and history and we also did an Andeean ritual that was really powerfull. The walk went throughout amazing sceneries with great ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 09 2017-4

The pilgrimage of discovery

Thank you henrry and jackson for making it such an amazing experience this really was a journey of discovery and knowledge much more than a tourist trip.
We have made new friends that will sit in our hearts and minds for ever, even if we may not meet agsin for a while. The food was great, creative and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 08 2017

I loved adventure

I did the salkantay trail and loved !! . The landscape is unbelivably beautiful, The food was good, It was well organized by the companny and we really apreciated the work of our guide , Paul ! .
Our guide was extremely knowledgable and made our entire journey very enjoyable . The food you will be ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 22 2017-1

I feel so blessed and fortunate

We feel so blessed and fortunate to have henry as our guide. He Shared so much of himself and was so patient, kinf and gentle with us.
Our chef Modesto is a great chef ! . We has amazing food every day !! . we very much appreciated Santiago an Alejandro Too . One right we ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 02 2017-2

Good luck

An incredibly experience with a wonderful company !! . I highly suggest it for anyone who is willing to take on the satisfying challenge of the Inca Trail . Paul was the best guide !! . our guide was knowledgable , fun and fantastic host !! .
The food prepared by our chef were delicious and nutrious . The ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 08 2017

Bribed into a T-Shirt

The trip has certainly been an interesting one. From a very early start on day one followed by several more, the trip has been arduous. The sights and sceneraries are incredible, giving me memories I won't forget. The food was different, and now I have experienced some great Peruvian cuisine. The chef and his helper worked tirelessly to provide us ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 26 2017-4

Salkantay trek adventure

Rony was guide on the salkantay 5 day and 4 nigth trek . It was Amazing esperience , He was extremely informative and nice . The chef cooked delicious meals . we enjoyed the food and were so happy for e ach meal . The porters were very efficient setting up the tents .
Our stuff was pretty ... Continue Reading

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Once in a Lifetime Inca Adventure

Inca Trail Reservations gave me a once in a lifetime Inca Trail experience as I hiked the 4 day/3 night trail.
The guides were friendly, full of Inca information, and helpful. They were also tirelessly encouraging as we marched along the trail. The porters were phenomenal. I have so much respect for their physical stamina and their high ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 07 2017-2

AMAZING adventure!!

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and Inca Trail Reservations was absolutely AMAZING (as Victor the great says)!! .
Our guide Victor was so accommodating, helpful and encouraging, I couldn't of done it without him! The porters were such amazing, inspiring, strong men! The cook and the food was much better than i ever ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 07 2017


This adventure exceeded my expectations¡ Our guide was informative, supportive, funny, and kind. The food was good with great soups to start lunch and dinner.
The porters were like super heros, helping to carry part of our load, plus all of the other gear and equipment. The trek was challenging, but rewarding. We were very well ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 07 2017-2

Reader, i didn’t die

My friend told me that John Peel died at Machu Picchu and from then i started to fear i wouldn't be coming back.
There were times in the heat on the second day climbing dead woman's pass that i wished i hadn't started but the sights the sense of achievement and the magnificent views are indescribable. ... Continue Reading