Peru vacation April 08 2015-1

Well organised trail

The trail was well-organised and included a variety of modes of transport. Our guide was friendly and patient, as well as knowledgeable about the area. The actual hike was approximately 5 hours long - just the right length if you want a bit of physical exertion before reaching Machu Picchu !
It was a little challenging at times (a ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 30 2015-7

Worderful experience

I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful memories, the amazing food, and of course our kick - ass guides ! although the hikes were really tough at times, I couldn't have asked for a better family. Chiquitin and Carlos were not only great guides, but also really funny and overall great people !
Mr. Cacarota was really ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 04 2015-3

I fought the trail

Beyond any previous expectations. Great adventure, recommend it to anyone who want to experience Peru by foot and not by bus. Fantastic staff and organization. Warm and welcoming. Patient and experienced.
Carlos the guide was amazing and treated the group with most patience and warmth I ever seen. The porters and the cook were fantastic, I don't get food ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 04 2015

Almost did not make it to the top …

The most amazing experience ever ! Worth every minute ! All my muscles hurt but it was worth it. Once in a life experience. Almost didn't make it to the top, fought till the end. Told myself like hundred times I'm too old for this. I mean common guys I'm thirty one :)
The Inca Trail Reservations amigos are ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 04 2015

Sexy llama !

Machu Picchu with Inca Trail experience ! This Inca Trail is definitely an adventure and a good challenge for the average people ! Personally I didn't think it would be this level of difficulty but I am happy it was because you are proud of yourself at the end of it. The second day per example, we need to climb ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 03 2015-1

The real Inca adventure

We started our trail at km 82 with lots of sun and warm weather. As we were hiking, the weather changed from sunny to cloudy and lots of fog. However we had a great time with our guide and porters. They served great and plenty of food while being friendly every time.
As we started the last day with ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 03 2015

Wandering restaurant

I really enjoyed the trip to Machu Picchu. The guide was great and always in a good mood. Also the porters and the chef have made the trip to a friendly and family like trip. There was always enough time to take photos on the way.
After the hiking the food was always very good and much too much ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 03 2015-3

A tour for everyone

The Inca Trail is just an amazing experience. You don't have to be an experienced hiker to do this tour. It is an trip for everyone and surely an incredible memory. The service of the company is perfect and the food was really really good.
On the trip you will have amazing views every day and Inca ruins on ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 03 2015-2

Crazy Peru

It was amazing. We had a wonderful guide. He was very helpful and funny. The service was great.... the chef was fantastic. He has baked a cake for Lisa's birthday. We had so many different meals. The trail was amazing too but the weather was sometimes not so well. We had ever day rain and it was cloudy.
After ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 03 2015-3

Birthday at Machu Picchu

Four great days of adventure ! It was a great trip, besides the hikes - and being exhausted- we had a lot of fun. We had the best service and comfort on our trip... The guide was amazing. We learned a lot about the native people when visiting the Inca sides on the trail.
My highlight was celebrating my ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 03 2015-2

Tur til Machu Picchu

Vi kan varmt anbefale Inca Trail Reservations til en tur paa Inka stien til Machu Picchu. Vi gik over 3 doegn og havde en fantastiske rejse foerer der vidste alt om Inkaerne samt var indlevende i at alle gaesterne havde det rart.
Udsoegt mad paa hele turen kombineret med service telt op og ned. Vi skulle kun taenke paa ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 03 2015-4

10 years younger

After a fantastic tour on the Inca Trail with service at a high level and good cooking with really good food at the tour. With a guide as a person with high level at novels about the Inca history and careful to secure at all in the group feel well and comfortable. I have to say "after the tour and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 01 2015-2

Go pumas

I really liked the Salkantay Trek. The guides where nice and helpful and explained a lot about nature, culture and people. I felt save the whole trip through. The cook and horsemen were awesome. They worked really hard to make our trip as good as possible.
The weather was ok even though we had some harder rain on the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 01 2015-4

Sacred Inca temple

The Salkantay Trail was great. The hike on the second day up to 4400m was exhausting but equally as exciting. Seeing the Salkantay glassier up close was really nice and definitely worth the effort. The other days were less hard but still offered a lot of great landscapes, hikes and adventures.
I'm looking forward to get up to Machu ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 01 2015-2

Die Reise eines Igels

Auf der Suche nach dem besten Platz für einem Igel ging es 4 Tage duch die Anden. Am ersten Tag auf einer Höhen von 3900 m ü. NN hat sich der Igel noch nicht Wohlgefühlt, da ging noch mehr. Die Zwiebeln am Abend und die Tüte halfen auch nicht. Am zweiten Tag auf über 4600 m ü NN war der ... Continue Reading