Peru vacation May 19 2014-3

Salkantay Trek

Amazing adventure!
Nos lo hemos pasado muy bien y hemos tenido todos los climas y tiempos: sol, calor, lluvia y nieve.
El primer día caminamos hasta una laguna con un color maravilloso. El segundo día, que fue el más difícil en cuanto al caminar, fue el que más me gusto. Subimos a una altura de 4600 metros fue ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 19 2014-1

Salkantay trek 5D/4D

Magnifique trek, une belle experience et de tres beaux paysages. Je le recommande pour toutes les personnes qui aiment marcher, qui aiment aller au bout de leurs forces, eh oui il y a une journee eprouvante, mais tout est faisable, la preuve j'y suis arrivee. De plus le Machu Picchu est vraiment epoustouflant. Pour moi la seule difficulte a ete ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 20 2014-1

Inca Trail 4D/3N

I came to this trek without any idea of what it would entail. In general I feel pretty in shape and active so I didn't feel too worried. Upon getting picked up on Tuesday for our trip we were greeted by our guide who was very friendly. He explained everything in detail and we were on our way.
... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 20 2014-4

Mystical trip over the Andes

Fantastic trip on the Inca Trail through forest and Inca Ruins and artifacts. The team was simply fantastic, very informative and most importantly FUN! Our guides were Americo and Lysbeth (our group of 4 was merged with a group of 2) and both were just great, providing lots of information and guidance around the trail.
The team of ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 20 2014-6

Salkantay trek

We did the five day Salkantay trek.
The first night was a little chilly but the location was beautiful, with stunning views of the mountains and an amazing sky to gaze at when the lights go out.
The second day was by far the hardest part of the trip hiking nearly 20 km. Around 8 km ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 20 2014-4


My Machu Picchu experience was amazing, very tough, but amazing. Day one, the walk was beautiful and it was fun getting to know everyone. Day two, I took a horse to the top where we did the ceremony. It was lots of fun. The walk down was very tough and long but once I arrived I felt great! Day three, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 20 2014-2

Salkantay 5day trek

Last 5 days we had our Salkantay trek of 5 days!
It is a trek, never to forget. First day you start for the warm-up. It is an easy day and you have enough time to meet your new family.
The second day is the hardest day. You have to climb 1200 meters and descent for 3 ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 20 2014-5


Got started with a good briefing the day before the real thing. The guide specially came to our hotel, because we arrived to lately train.
Day 1 was a training day, relaxed walking and for some get used to the altitude. And there was the option to visit a lake, a real hike but worth the trip. Sleep ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 18 2014-4

Salkantay Trek

I greatly enjoyed doing the Salkantay trek with The hiking was definitely challenging, but the guides, cooks, and support staff were very helpful. I definitely appreciated that the cooking and camp setup were handled by the staff.
The first two days climbing up Salkantay are by far the most challenging and the most rewarding, so if you ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 18 2014-3

Salkantay 5 days / 4 nights

This trek was very rewarding and well run. The first two days are the most difficult in terms of physical challenge, as you begin at altitude of nearly 4000m and continue to climb to the highest point of the trip, the Salkantay pass at about 4700m.
At elevation the temperatures can get pretty cold at night, but once ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 18 2014-1

Zombie Lichens

I had a great trip on the Salkantay Trek. I felt both day one and two were challenging. Definitely acclimate to the altitude or take medication before the trek!
Our guide was Raul and was very helpful throughout the trek. He set a good pace for us hiking and gave decent time estimates for our hiking, which was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 18 2014-6

Salkantay Trek

The trek overall was great. The right level of challenging. They also used the first day to let you acclimate to hiking at altitude and gave a hard uphill hike that made the second day seem less difficult than it might have been otherwise.
It gets very cold at night, so make sure to bring layers, and definitely ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 19 2014

Salkantay Trek

The Salkantay trek was my first experience camping and trekking and it was a real test. The guide was funny and very accommodating making the experience more enjoyable.
The cooks and the food were amazing, they even baked me a delicious cake for my birthday ! The various camp sites were of a good standard and also meant ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 19 2014

Salkantay trek

This was my first time camping so it was an interesting trip to say the least.
The days were quite full on and it was more difficult than I was expecting. That said, it was a great experience and all in all the trip taught me to appreciate the basic necessities in life a lot more.
... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 20 2014-8

Trekking to Machu Picchu

The trip began the night before with an informative meeting where we went over everything that would happen during our hike. The two guides went over everything that we would need to bring and how to prepare.
The first morning started bright and early, but seeing the sun come up while driving was a beautiful experience. The hike ... Continue Reading