Peru trip November 14 2017-2

Mountain Wanderer

Salkantay trail backpack trip is one of the best outdoor trip i have taken in a while. Overall trip was above my expectation.
It really enjoy the information provided by out tour guide Caesar over the course of over trek.
Our cook did amazing jobs with the food . I really enjoy the delicious food. First ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 14 2017-3

Awesome salkantay adventure

I have been traveling South America for two months, and this trek has been the highlight of my travels!.
My friend and I booked this trek online after a few minutes of research. We were immediately contacted by an agent that helped us with all of our travel arrangements. Once in Peru, our guide Cesar was very ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 14 2017-4

11/10 would do again

This adventure was exactly what I hoped it would be. Amazing views, punishing hiking (so worth it), an incredible and highly knowledgable guide, and lots of puppies to meet along the way.
The food was exceelent and the cooking staff did everything they could to cater to dietary restrictions. The hike itself was planned in such a way ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 14 2017-3

Call Me Barack Obama, But I See Progress

Food: There was always plenty, even in a group with three men. I had plenty of choices as a vegetarian, and never felt like I had to settle for boring or plain food.
Lodging: We had roomy, good-quality tents. Our duffel bags were roomy. Some campsites were loud and bright at night, making it hard to get a good ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 14 2017-4

Puked and Still Worth Every Minute.

Not only was the trek beautiful all by itself but day after day I was impressed by the guide and cooks. The food was delicious (I liked it more than eating out in Cusco!) and there was always plenty, even after hiking.
I was a bit of a difficult client I think, because I ended up ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 14 2017-4

Cesar: one of the seven natural wonders of the world

Man Cesar was one awesome dude. He was really experienced, friendly and interesting for the entirety of the trip. You wouldnt guess that he does one of these 5 day trips every damn week. He keeps duch a great energy for the whole trek. As tired as I was some days, I knew that he had done much more than ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 09 2017-2

Experiencia intensa y conmovedora

El Inca Trail (4 días) fue una experiencia intensa que sin duda no vamos a olvidar .
Las construcciones incas que visitamos durante el camino son únicas y el orgullo de llegar a Machu Picchu caminando , siguiendo el sendero que usaron los incas en el pasado, fue toda una experiencia . Algunas partes del sendero ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 09 2017-1

Camino de las estrellas

Comenzamos la aventura un jueves a las 3 de la mañana sin saber exactamente que nos podiamos encontrar o de si seríamos capaces de afrontarla. Un primer día lluvioso, pero sencillo,... un entrenamiento para lo que vendría después. Después de un estupendo desayuno, el resto de los días nos enfrentamos a retos de todos los tipos que pudimos salvar con ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 09 2017

Macchu Picchu-a part of my bucket list

I had a wonderful experience doing the Inca trail ! . This was part of my bucket list and I`m happy I did it . The porters were absolutely amazing , the hardest working people I've seen . The food was perfect , and our guide Pedro was very helpul , knowledgeable and understanding . , My only suggestion , ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 06 2017-1

Great people

It was an amazing trek . .. He was the best tour guide i have ever had . He was very informative and most importantly was just a good person . The company was extremely helpful in booking everything and even helped me took . I had an amazing trip and we are had a ton of fun ! ? ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 06 2017-5

experience unforgettable

Our Guide Everth on the inca Trail and the chef and the portrs were all amazing people , they make whole experience totally unforgettable . The extra things that you see along the way and the changes in terrain are great to see too . ., climbing both up and down , of course!! . You also see many o ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 06 2017-3

Inca Trail Magic

Our guide Everth , quite a character and the chef . The chefs were fantastic all the food we had was delicious . . . The days were full of amazing sights to see and although some of the group weren't as fast as others they always gave time everyone time to catch up . Inca Trail Reservations is one ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 06 2017-6

experiencia increíble

Everth fue un excelente guía turístico con una vasta riqueza de conocimiento sobre la cultura inca , el guía genial , servicial y muy conocedor . ,El camino fue duro pero vale la pena las vistas y la experiencia general de senderismo a lo largo del camino Inca a Machu Picchu . La experiencia fue maravillosa ! . Hicieron que ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 06 2017

impressed !!

The trek overall was fantastic , The guide Eveth was a fantastic guide and very knowledgeable and shared a lot with us throughout the trek the food was abundant and very delicious . Our chef was superb , gorgeous fresh food !! . I am really impressed . The sleeping mats were prettyworn but the hike was definitely challenging .Our ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 06 2017-3

Inca Trail Adventures

La información que nos dio Everth sobre el viaje fue completo y dedicado , El Guía era muy atento a todas nuestras necesidades . . . La comida mucho mejor de lo que pensaba , realmente muy buena . Las Bolsas que alquilamos estaban limpias y perfumadas , La carpa estaba en muy buenas condiciones , el servicio bueno todo ... Continue Reading