Peru travel July 18 2015-1

A spectacular experience

Four of us from the US signed up for the 4 days/ 3 nights Salkantay trek with Ica Trails Reservations. It was a spectacular experience, hiking over 15,000 feet high passes in an high- alpine setting ,descending into the jungle and ending up at the most impressive site on the planet . Machu pichu .Everything was organized for us ,from ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 02 2015-5

Too High

i found my trek to be the craziest experience of my life. I never would have seen myself speaking spanish let alone in peru let alone while walking to machu picchu.
I've met some incredible people seen even more incredible landscapes, mountains and lakes. Swimming in the humantay lake literally took my breath away and 3 days later im ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 02 2015-7

So high

Absolutely breathtaking, I tried multiple times to catch me breath but this trip just took it away.
The trek never had me tired or wanting to stop because your just surrounded by debatably the most diverse and beautiful landscape in the world. I knew it was going to be beautiful but nothing to this extent. From cusco, to the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 31 2015-2

Mystries of the Toilet

Should i call this a must do trip or a bucket list for everyone,what ever you call it ,its a life changing experience.
The trek,the Guide,just about everything was well prepared and presented.
Not only was this trip an adventure but it was also a gastronomical adventure,the food was very local and the way it was plated and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 01 2015-3

Maple sirop in action!

As a Canadian born in Montreal, I was not used to hard trekking. So taking the Inca trail looks like a big challenge. But I must say with the awesome team spirit Paul our guide created, we all made it to Matchu Pitchu after 4 days of incredible adventure into the beautiful Inca trail. What a great trip, awesome sence ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 01 2015-9

Piernas nuevas por favor !!!!

Como explicar tan maravillosa experiencia. Salinas un grupo Lindo en donde hacia gente de varias partes del mundo, el primer día fue tranquilo, nos levantamos muy Temprano al segundo día que fue el mas duro, por favor!! Que día!!!! Subimos 10 Kms, mis piernas no respondían. Pero la cima de 4200 mts estaba ahí, esperándonos.
Llego la ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 01 2015-4

Casi me Muero!!!

Buenas tardes, mi nombre es Paola. Estos cuatro Dias de caminata fueron excelentes, conocer lo maravilloso de las poblaciones antiguas es muy bello. Conoci un grupo de personas de diferentes nacionalidades. Abalitos!! Como me hiciste reir.
El primer dia caminamos y le ganamos al futbol a Los extranjeros! Fuimos de a poco conociendonos. Mi segundo dia no ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 01 2015-2

Time for a pisco.

It is the end of day four. I am tired! I am thirsty, hungry and very sore but boy am i glad I made the journey. The inca trail was to be the highlight of our four month South America trip and it definitely didn't let us down.
Inca trail reservations were professional to the end. The ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 01 2015-4

That time I proposed

I have had a great time traveling the Inca trail ending in the fabulous city of Machu Picchu.
The organization had arranged it well: the food was great, the guide knew a lot and he was great fun! He talked us through the tough parts of the trail and was a great motivator and story teller. It ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 01 2015-8

It’s time for a pint of Guinness

One hundred words is not enough to sum up this tour! Absolutely fantastic experience, well run, good Craic,and super organizad.
The tour started with our "lazy Day" and ended with a spectacular sunny Day at Macchu Picchu. A couple in our group got engaged and that topped off the Day.
From the guides to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 01 2015-5

Tell us a story Paul

Started off the trip with a meeting with our amazing Peruvian tour guide Paul. He ensured we were fully prepared for the fantastic trek and allowed lots of time to ask questions.
From the word go I could tell this was going to be brilliant . Day 1 we had an easy but good day exploring the Inca trail ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 01 2015-4

Sexy llama’s and proposals

Machu Picchu was amazing, even though the trip there was pretty hard. When they tell you that day two is hard, they are not lying. It was insane, but the rewards are amazing .
We were lucky to have Paul as a guide, with his amazing knowledge about the Inca civilization. He even entertained us trough the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 31 2015-1

Crazy trail curing my cold

I didn't expect it would be such an suffering but really unforgettable trail adventure. I climbed one mountain which is over 3200 meters inTaiwan, thinking that maybe it's just another hiking experience which is just 1000 meters higher than what I did in Taiwan.
I was totally wrong!!! However, totally worth it! Especially the first two days. My first ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 30 2015-2

Alice was in wonderland ;)

We went to the trip to Machu Picchu . Every day was very funny and unique . Sometimes it was hard but I enjoyed very much.
On the trail we have seen a lot of hanging bird (very difficult to take a picture of them, but we did it ) and very cute llamas. There were lost of ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 30 2015-5

Incredible !!!

I was unsure what to expect out of trip. I was pleasantly surpised by the real adventure , Edwin and Marco were great leaders that had us working a team.
For the seven of us,It was a great learming experience.It tested all of our limits. I would recommend this experience for corporate groups. The food was fantastic ... Continue Reading