Machu Picchu travel July 16 2017

Magic Gringos

Wow!! I didnt know i would learn and see so much. Amazing tour! Henrry and the crew were outstanding. I especially loved going to the sacred lakes, when henrry taught us about mother nature and the spirit ceremony.
The food was also delicious. Chicken, omeletts, and vegetables were healthy and tasty. I thought the accomodations and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 16 2017

Sexy magic gringos

I loved the trek and the variety of scenery we trekked through, it was challenging but rewarding and we were led by our excellent guide Henrry.
He shared loads of interesting information with us about patcha mama and the traditions of the Andeans and the Incas, he also has great wit and made some hilarious jokes ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 16 2017-1

Trip of a lifetime!

We were taken on an amazing trek through many microclimates. Henry and the team were the perfect hosts.
Very knowledgable and easy to work with. Henry was a great teacher and very passionate about nature and spirituality. We saw many different amazing views and have a great photo album now to prove it. It was very challenging both ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 16 2017-2

Sexy magic gringos

Amazing staff, very organized, friendly, skilled and knowledgeable! Henry knew so much and was able to communicate effectively.
He was fun and smart. He adapted on the fly based on how we were feeling and how much energy we had. He made the experience feel unique and as if we got to see off the beaten path places ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 16 2017

Sexy magic gringos

The Machu Picchu trek has been the most amazing experience i have ever done. Henrry has been a fantastic guide showing us multiple routes throughout the Andes mountains including multiple glacial lakes.
He has also shared the culture of Peru with us giving us ceremonies and teaching us the spiritual side if the Inca culture. The cooks Santos ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 13 2017-4

amazing journey with a happy end

Inca Trail experience : The aventure did'nt start very lucky because of the strike we were told to be picked up late at hight , instead of the carly morning .
But then we were happy that we could be a part of this journey . The 4 days on he track were incredible amazing and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 13 2017-6

The best from the bests

Your Inca trail experience . I didn't know, what to expect from the Inca Trail but i was very surprised , how amazing is this journey .
Every thing was just perfect the weather, the group , the guides , the porters , the food , every things . , I specially enjoyed the view from ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 13 2017-2

Team trotters

I had an amazing experience, a huge thank you to Paul, Jimmy and Jackson for the second day when i was ill. They got me through the accent. Luckily it was only 24 hours and i was able to complete the trail. The sites and stories were brilliant and i would defiantly do it again.
My favorite day ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 13 2017-1

The walk which for me didn’t happen!

I unfortunately wasn't able to start the walk due to unforeseen circumstances through no ones fault.
I was however looked after by the office team and helped to still get to meet the rest of the group at the end where I had a very happy and magical day atop Machu Picchu!.
Im told by my friend Mark ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 14 2017-1

Once in a lifetime

We couldn't have asked for better tour guides. Andrea and Marco were very knowledgeable, charismatic and made my Inca Trail a trip to remember. They spoke excellent English and had a sense of humor not often found amongst many local guides. Simon, our chef, always prepared wholesome meals and in my case, was happy to accommodate to dietary requirements. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 14 2017

What a View

Excellent tour guides in Marco, Andrea and Eusebio firstly who were friendly and informative at every turn. The food was very great and we were well-kept throughout the trek.
The trek itself was tough but seeing as the 44 kilometers are nicely spread over four days, it does become easy enough for the average tourist to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 13 2017-3

Excellent experience

I had a wonderful time with Inca Trail Reservations . Paul , Jimmy and jackson and crew made the journey one that i will always remember . The food was impressive given the cooking facilities and the campsites .
One of the memorable experiences was when i asked an Inca Trail porter to carry his pack on day ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 14 2017

Gordo goes inka

Our trip has been very good, we have enjoyed the food, all the inca ruins, the guided tour and finally conquering machu pucchu.
The porters have been excellent at taking our stuff into the inca trail, was very surprised at how much they have to carry and still go so fast. All the views that we have seen ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 14 2017

Inca-tastic adventures

3.5 days of walking, climbing, descending, walking climbing, descending - the heat, the cold - the toilets :o. At times i laughed at times i couldve cried..... I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. The feeling at the end when you first see machu picchu is so incredible and makes you appreciate these amazing inca ruins even more. From the moment ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 09 2017-1

sexy pumas

On the Salkantay trek up Machu picchu I had a lot of fun. I joined on the second day because i was sick at our hostel.
We joined up at a camp site where there was fun games. the guides Cesar and Edson where amazing and funny. My family and I had a great time ziplining ... Continue Reading