Peru trip August 26 2014-1

40 minutes

Our guide Lito kept saying it would be forty minutes along a flat way. It really meant 2 hours on a horrible incline... Needless to say it was the punch line for the trip. A great time was had by everyone. The staff and agency were amazing and very attentive.
I enjoyed every day and it was so wonderful ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 26 2014-2

Inca Flat !

Overall, this was a great trip. It was very well organized and all of the staff were professional and courteous. The food was excellent, always having snacks, plenty of tea and great conversation. Nice touches like hot tea in the tent to wake us up certainly helped to put the finishing touches on the trip.
Really enjoyed everything and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 26 2014

Don’t look at the end of the way

This trip was a very special adventure and my first time that I took part at such a guided trekking tour.
Our guide was very very nice and he knew how to motivate when the way was very steep, he always said: "don't look at the end of the way, just keep on going and enjoy the beautiful view". ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 26 2014-2

Salkantay trekking with Lito guide

The Salkantay trekking was really good. Our guide Lito was a nice and funny guide and did share a lot of interesting stories. He knows a lot about the plants and tells about all the medicine uses, Inca people do. We definitely would recommend Lito as a guide.
The campsites where Ok, although we expected to camp more in ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 26 2014-4


The Salkantay trek gives variation from high peaks, amazing views and landscapes.
Starting in the cold and rocky mountains and ending in the warm humid jungle.
The food and service during the trek was excellent, it was a joy to see what the cook made for us everyday and the guide told nice stories about the surroundings.
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Machu Picchu travel August 26 2014

Thirty minutes for ten soles

The second day was the hardest because of the alltitude which stressed me more than the wandering up and down. All in all for an untrained hiker the trail was very hard to handle. I really enjoyed to be with our guide who was courage and had lots of information about the landscape and the culture.
The staff crew ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 24 2014-1

Picturesque ALS ice bucket challenge

A buddy and I decided on this trek because the Inca Trail passes were sold out. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because this was one of the best experiences in my life. Our guide Ramiro was wonderful, funny and thoughtful. We started the trek at Mollepata, with just a day pack. The horses carried our overnight ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 24 2014

Salkantay trek 4d3n

We did the Salktantay Trek in August during the dry season and it was absolutely phenomenal. Despite tough uphill treks which will test your endurance and long downhill paths (with gravel and sand) in certain locations, the views and the entire experience was well worth it.
I hope by giving my testimony it will encourage future trekkers to go ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 21 2014-3

Inca Trail

I heartily recommend the Inca Trail Reservations outfit your next trek. Our guide Gerson was fluent in English and very personable. His commentaries added color to every Inca site we visited. The porters did an amazing job in carrying our luggage and setting up our camp every night. A true highlight of the trip, in the communal dinner, we warmed ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 27 2014

Inca Trail 2 days

We did 1 day Inca Trail with Inca Trail Reservations. It was a great experience. We visited several Inca sites and our guide, Grover, was very helpful. The whole hike took about 6 hours and we arrived at Sun Gate around sun set. There were many stops along the way for pictures.
It is definitely a great option if ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 27 2014

Inca trail 2 days

We visited Machu Picchu today with a wonderful tour guide Grover. The tour definitely exceeded my expectations. The scenery was mesmerizing and breathtaking. Even though it was only one day walk, at times felt a little challenging, especially walking up narrow steps in high altitudes.
I would suggest starting the tour as early as possible. Walking in a burning ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 24 2014-6

Experiencia maravilhosa

Simplesmente uma viagem inesquecivel e altamente recomendavel para quem gosta de trilhas e montanhismo. Meu marido e eu fizemos o passeio de 5 dias e contamos com o conhecimento, ajuda e suporte do guia Ramiro. Sem duvida nenhuma tem que haver um pouco de preparo fisico porque as caminadas podem durar ate cerca de 12 km e tambem eu recomendaria ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 24 2014-4

Amazing but tough !

Completing the trek is just an amazing experience but also it is challenging. Honestly, without the help and support of our guide, Ramiro, my wife and I could not have completed it. His personal attention to our needs made a big difference to have this experience the best.
Several items of my bucket list completed: jump into a ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 23 2014-4


Esta experiencia fue realmente increíble, la verdad tenia un poco de miedo antes de partir porque siempre me dijeron que este trek era muy matado y duro pero luego de hacerlo me doy cuenta de que cada sacrificio valió la pena, realmente valió la pena.
Recomiendo este tour y por supuesto a Inca Trail Reservations quienes hicieron posible este ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 23 2014-1

La! Caminata

Realmente no pensé caminar tanto ! Pero valió la pena, valió cada minuto, cada paso. El primer día pensé que seria fácil, luego el segundo día pensé en abandonar, pero hoy no me arrepiento el haber hecho el Inca Trail y el ver Machu Picchu.
Fue la mejor experiencia que he tenido en mi vida, me siento muy bien ... Continue Reading