Machu Picchu vacation December 01 2015-1

Love Perú and love Machu picchu

The trip was more awesome and had a great experience with the guide and the team . Real friendly team and hiking experience altogether .
Bob was great and had good support from the porters and the crew . This was ny first hiking experience and carry with me lot of experience and emotions . Thanks .machu picchu was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 01 2015-3

Never again… But let’s do one more time

This is one of the most adventurous trip I have ever had in a long time. It was most strenuous but at the end of the trail, when we saw the sun gate all those pain just melted away.
The guide was very informative to fill us all with all information about Inca, he even inspired us to read ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 01 2015-7


Experience was amazing. It started off with helpful online agents that you could chat with on the internet and then got even better with the tour guides.
Also, the chef and porters were admirable (trip would not happen with out them) and the days were schedule very well. All together, I, and all of the hikers in our group, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 01 2015


Hiking The inca Trail was one of the hardest physical activities, i have done in my life. Hiking the trail was especially easier with the help of our two guides, Juan Carlos and lisset.
The crew of porters were terrific and always had our tents and food prepared regardless of the weather. Especially having severe food allergies there was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 30 2015

Llamas are great

We learned The powerful les son of perseverence by conque ring Dead Woman Pass in 7 hours.
Our porters, chef and tour Guides were great. Beautiful mountains . We loved it. The inca Trail is very challenging. But it will be a Journey of a lifetime. Sele pingó me The sude of the clic was sacarte. Worn We arrived ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 29 2015-1

We made it!

Toughest but most rewarding 3 day and 1 hour hike I've done, made possible by the wonderful crew from Inca Trail Reservations. We had a large group of 16 but they were all awesome, but the porters, chef and guides (Juan-Carlos and Lisset) coped with us really well and it never felt crowded. The tough day 2 was made longer ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 27 2015

The old man made it!

I visited Machu Picchu in 2000 by bus and it was a special experience. My son decided he was going to backpack the inca trail by him self earlier this year.
It sparked a new interest to experience the actual trail. So I had him book a spot for me. Ever since we arrived Inca Trail Reservations has taken ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 01 2015-6

The perfect guide

At the end of the second day I was really exhausted and cursing about the long way up but seeing Macchu Picchu from the Sungate coming out of the fog at the end of the trip was really amazing and worth the effort.
And the guys of the company did a great job. I can't believe how fast the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 01 2015-5

Awesome tour!

Dear IncaTrailExperiance team!
Thanks to all you guys for making a dream come true. Being at the Machu Picchu! "Ain't no mountain high enough..." ;-)
One of the new world wonders explored, not even from postcards. The famous IncaTrail - I did it!
Nice contact via email with quick response. Therefore it has been booking without ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 01 2015

Vicky vix

This was an amazing experience. Throughout the entire trip i went thru all of the human emotions. We went from happiness, to defeat, to elation and victory.
I came on this journey to find clarity and i ended up finding so much more. New life long friends, inner strength, motivation and a renewed sense of value. I would definitely ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 27 2015

Death by road closer

I've been dreaming of visiting Machu Picchu ever since my dad who also came on the trip visited by bus in 2000.
Its been my dream to see this magical place after seeing all the amazing pictures he returned with. So it was finally the right time and I started looking in to the best company's and found ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 01 2015-1

3rd time around

So glad to report that I have completed my 3rd inca trail trek with this company. As expected, the food served during the trek was phenomenal.The guides were knowledgable and professional.
I still managed to learn and experience new things during this trek. We were hit with an unexpected strike and the company was proactive in trying to get ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation December 01 2015-2

Grind killer

The inca trail trek and Machu Picchu was amazing experience, the way the guides adapted to the unforeseeable circumstances of the strike from the locals of the sacred valley.
Although the days were hard, the guides and porters kept us in high spirits. The food was amazing although the final packed lunch was lacking any nutritional value, and there ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation December 01 2015-3

3 days, 3 nights and 1 hour

Overall an amazing experience. A lot more challenging than i ever expected. The guides and the porters were amazing.
We had amazing weather the entire time, only one imsranc of rain in rainy season. Even though we ran into a snag of there being a strike forcing us to start later than expected, the guides handled the situation incredibly ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 30 2015-2

Breathtaking trip starting with a coca tea

The Inca Trail reservations provided a once in a lifetime adventure that I will never forget.
With the efforts of the porters, cook and the tour guides our trip has been one amazing adventure from the starting coca tea to the last beer.
The whole crew was like a small family and everyone was extremely kind and helpful. ... Continue Reading