Machu Picchu vacation January 10 2016-2

You’re welcome Machu Picchu

Booking the inca trail from London, I thought i was going to be going on a steady stroll along perus mountainside ending in the famous macchu Picchu.
In reality it was the hardest hike I have ever done. It meant I saw the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. The hike was challenging but well worth it. Even ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 10 2016-1

The only way to see machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, seen after a 4 day Hike, is the most amazing experience. The hiking is hard but tales you through an amazing jungle world; halo jurassic park, half Indiana jones.
The inca ruins are spectacular as is the scenery. The Food and meals were an event in themselves. The fourth day; With the trip up Dead gringos stairs ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 10 2016-6

Ir al más allá con una mochila

La idea del Camino del Inca estaba presente en mi, lo importante era elegir un guía que nos permitiera entrar ahí, sentirnos libre, solo no podíamos, así que la aventura comienza eligiendo con quien ir.
Tuve suerte la empresa fue confiable y los guías muy certeros en la charla informativa pude notar lo responsable que fueron. El desafío era ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 10 2016-2

El penúltimo Inca

Fue un viaje increíble, un sueño hecho realidad!!!!!. Se vive la historia de cerca, se siente la fuerza de la montaña y se comparte lo místico de la cultura Inca al mismo tiempo que se conoce gente de todo el mundo! Muy recomendable para todo el mundo que quiera conocer verdaderamente el Machu Picchu !!! .
El camino del ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 10 2016-1

El tano en el camino del inca

Que experiencia increíble!. Ya desde el primero encuentro me gusto mucho el grupo y Víctor que desde una me pareció muy amistoso y sobre todo competente.
Desde el principio, las personas hicieron buen grupo charlando y riendo. El liderazgo de Víctor y María nos juntó mucho y parece una mentira decir que esperaba las mañanas para ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 10 2016-1

Awesome adventure

The last four days have been some of the best days of my life. Your company put on a memorable trek.
María and Victor were fantastic guides that were very knowledgable and helpful. They both knew all the answers to my questions and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I made Three life long friends that i plan on ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 10 2016

The new incas trail

The Guides and porters were the best and we made it complete In time with no problems , I would say go for the inca trail adventure everytime.
Awesome trip and we made só many friends here that was also good , we had good food Guides and equipments and it made the Whole Journey cool. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 10 2016-4

I did it !!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Morgan. She was an adventurous one, and always looking for a challenge.
One day her best friend from Australia had sent her an offer she could not refuse. She said come with me to a far away land, one where only few can visit a day and takes 4 days ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 10 2016

Inca trail madness

We just got done with our amazing trip with Inca trail reservations. We had a great time! Our guide Victor was so knowledgable about the history of all the inca sites we visited.
The mountains and vegetation were spectacular. We camped in tents and ate great food. Our group was a lot of fun and everyone got along well. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 10 2016

Inca pinka stinka

This was one of the best experiences of my life. I have never done anything like this. My family of porters my guide and my other Trekkers are the ones who got me through this experience.
I really loved how at the end of the trek we got to meet the porters and celebrate their hard work. Victors love ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 10 2016-4

Fantastic time!!!!

The best thing you will do in South America! The trek was challenging but that made it even more rewarding when you reach Machu Picchu.
Our guide Victor was amazing and very informative. The food was also great and had lots of variety! The four day hike was the way to go, I made friends from all over the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 10 2016-5

Taking over Machu Picchu

One of the greatest adventures of my life! Grueling, momentous and life changing. The inca trail was breath taking and literally took my breath away.
In moments I felt like quitting my inca family kept me going and am so grateful for the tireless efforts of our inspiring porters and guides who made the journey an epic adventure! To ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 09 2016-4

Best experience ever

This trip was waaay better than expected! Food was amazing, views were spectacular and the art is amazing !!!!!! .
The guide had lots of knowledge and was engaged in his job. He took care of us and looked after us. I also made new friends. Everyone in the group were fun and awesome.
It's important to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 09 2016-2


The adventure was awesome. Physically and mentally challenging! Lovely scenery and amazing nature.
A lot of pain and a lot of fun. In the end the fun is all you remember, and this is an accomplishment in life. The trek lasted for 4 days and we were in a group of 16 people.
A lot of friends made ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 09 2016

The Familia’s Journey

Had a blast bonding with everyone on the trail. We had a good group from everywhere: Croatia, Canada, US, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, and Italy! All of us really got along and looked out for one another.
I'm very glad to have done the Inca Trail to Machupicchu and would tell anyone thinking in about going DO IT ... Continue Reading