Peru trip March 30 2016-1

Dream team

Experiência incrivel desde o inicio. O atendimento do JOnathan e Nicholas via email e pessoalmente foi sensacional.
A comida do Modesto superou as expectativas desde o cafe da manha, almoco, cafe da tarde e manha. E os porters foram Amaveis e atenciosos, atendendo todas as nossas demandas. A tenda de confraternizacao teve Espaço e conforto o suficiente para nos. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 29 2016


Inka Trail was amazing. Unforgettable views of the lush Andean countryside and mountains not only made my day they made my year.
The inka Trail started out slowly on our first day allowing us to get acclimatized to the altitude. The second day was definitely the most difficult, but the tour guides made sure everyone went at ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 29 2016-5


Inca trail reservations accommodated to a high level from beginning to end for our trek to Machu Pichu. The guides were very informative in all things related, including flora, fauna and Incan culture.
Upon arrival to Machu Pichu, our guide 'Americano' gave us a full tour of the every day lives of the Incan people. It ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 29 2016


The 4-day trekking to Machu Picchu was a great experience. Visiting different Inca sites and enjoying the wonderful nature and mountain landscape was impressive. Our hiking group of 8 people was perfect size. The camp sides and trail is pretty crowded. Experiences Tour guides provided great information and helpful for any requests. The trip organization couldn't be better! The hiking ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 29 2016-2


What can I say that can't already be said, Machu Picchu has been the #1 item on my bucket list since I first saw a photo of it many years ago, and what better way to see it the with Incatrailreservations, very happy that I chose this company and you have made one happy traveler. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 28 2016-2

Coca leaves & Chalua

The most rewarding and life changing experience thanks to Inca Trail Reservations. My two best friends and i went into this adventure with not knowing what to expect, but our amazing guide Victor and The incredible team of porters made The journey along The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu unforgettable. I highly recommend anyone willing to purSUE their sense of ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 28 2016

Coca is life

This was honestly the trip of a lifetime. While definitely challenging at times, it was such a rewarding journey and I am so glad that we chose to spend our vacation hiking the inca trail.
Juan and Victor were amazing guides, the cook was fantastic and all of the porters were incredible. I was initially worried about the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 27 2016-7

¡Marchu Picchu¡

How did I come up with that awesome title? It's because we did the trek in the month of March and we "marched" to Machu Picchu ;). But all corny jokes aside, this was the most amazing international adventure I've ever had.
I thought seeing Machu Picchu would be the highlight of the four-day Inca Trail trek but it ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 27 2016

The walking dead

It was amazing. The first day was a bit hard since I was carrying a ton of luggage, I definitely paid for the Porter for the next two days (totally worth it). The second day was definitely the hardest.
It was super steep and I have no idea how I am still alive. My group was amazing, I couldn't ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 27 2016-3

Coca Leave Trail

My experience at the Inca Trail was amazing! I did 4 day 3 night to Macchi Picchu. The first day was pretty easy overall.
But the second day was very tough for me. The altitude and intense hike really wore my body down. It was the hardest day of hike out of the 4 days. I had a headache ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 27 2016-1


This is by far one of the greatest hikes and experiences in my life. I would definitely recommend the Inca Trail Reservations group to anyone whether you are an avid hiker or not.
Tour Guides were exceptionally with wealth of knowledge and preparing the group for 4 days of the most intense hike in the world! Also, I am ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 27 2016-3

Inka trail

I don't think I knew what I went into when I picked this hike. I didn't expect it to be as though as it has been. Even though it was SO tiring and I thought I was gonna fall and faint many times, it was such an amazing experience!!! I had the best group and Ronnie and Lisette where such ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 27 2016-3

beautiful nature

I had a really good experience with the inka trail hiking. It was defiantly one of the hardest thing I have ever done, but also one of the best things.
I was in a group, with some amazing people, who defiantly made the trip better, than if I had gone alone. The atmosphere was just in top, and really ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 27 2016-8

Trekking to death

The trek went well and was an overall good Expirience. It was nice that to feel supported by the guides.
My most favorite part of the pack age was the food. Great food and hospitality. I felt safe and that's also very important when traveling to a place like this. I would probably not do this again and would ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 27 2016

Team Kusikuy Ronny

My first overnight trek and it was awesome! Our tour guide, Ronny, was very knowledgeable and his assistant Lizzette was very helpful and friendly.
The porters were great in carrying our luggage, preparing our hot and delicious meals three times a day. They made sure we had hot cocoa tea every morning as our wake up ... Continue Reading