Peru vacation August 28 2017-2

I kissed a llama and I liked it

I have always wanted to visit Machu Picchu ever since I was a child. I was fa instead by the mysterious Inca Empire. I decided to book it while I was still young(ish) and fit. I found Inca Trail Reservations and booked through them. They were very helpful.
When the day of the trek came I met ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 28 2017-1

Impossibilities with ease

I never thought I could complete such an adventurous journey. But these guys were behind us in every step; encouraging us.
The guide was so knowledgeable about not just the Machu Picchu area but the whole south american history. The porters were very helpful as well. They leave the camp grounds after about an hour from ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 28 2017


This was a once-in-a-lifetime, amazing experience. I was nervous before we started out, but it was a small group and the guides Paul and Willie were amazing.
Every day, we started out with high spirits and the chef kept us all well fed with delicious Peruvian recipes. I learned so much about the culture and history ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 27 2017-1

Canny good

The first two days had some fantastic scenery. It was all a jolly good Larf. The camping was shall we say interesting. I liked the variety of the different places we stayed.
The cook and his assistant were really good, and they really made s good effort to create variety and so on. The tents were good quality and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 27 2017

A senior on the Salkantay Trek!

An awesome experience & adventure. So much more than expected. So many different climates & altitudes, snow capped mountains & glaciers to tropical jungle.
Carmen & his assistant Ronnie produced first class meals with hardly any facilities, amazing. Pedro was a great guide, always keeping an eye on us. The "Horseman" & his horses & mules made life ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 27 2017-1

Step by step journey

I was not sure what to expect during the Salkantay trek. It was difficult at times, others it was fine but always with surrounded by great views that made it worth it . First day had steep hikes, night was freezing and we got rain! .
Second day we got cold weather, rain, hail and light snow!!! So ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 27 2017-1

Snow rain and friend

One of my first trek experience and I loved it. 5 days of pure nature and peace to experience. From days number 1 to 5 the food was excellent and prepare with care by the cook and his assistant. I liked the help of the horseman who carried all our heavy stuff in difficult places. The guide spoke really good ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 27 2017-1


Disfruté mucho la experiencia, definitivamente lo recomiendo amplia mente . Definitivamente se disfruta mucho más cuanto menos expectativas se tiene y si se está abierto a diferentes experiencias.
A estar con la naturaleza y dejarse sorprender. La naturaleza es un hermoso espectáculo. En cuanto a la organización del tour lo único en lo que puedo hacer una recomendación ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 25 2017

Sexy puma

I had an absolutely fantastic time on the salkantay trek to Machu Picchu this August. My guide was Cesar who was very friendly and made everyone in the group feel welcome.
He was also very knowledgeable about Andean culture and the history of the Incas and also the plants we saw along the way. The cooks ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 22 2017-1

Ever Never

Amazing place . , most spiritual place in the world , a definetely place to visit for everyone.
Many history which should be seen by everyone . Inca Trail Reservations was a good company through facilitate us to visit Machu Picchu . .
Machu Picchu adventure should be seen by every people in the world . Areal adventure ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 25 2017

Sexy pumas 4 ever

I enjoyed every minute of the salkantay trek. Our guide Cesar was very motivating and with a lot of knowledge about the peruvian coulture and nature.
He shared this knowledge with us. Cesar was friendly at any time and very organized. He made this trek to one of a kind. He is a natural born guide. The campsites ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 25 2017-1

Moritz, a sexy puma

The trip was stunning, our guide Cesar & the two chefs were excellent and made the Salkantay Trek a very special experience - I would do it again and recommend it to friends.
The only thing to improve has been the organization at Aguas Calientes (we have done the 4d trip), the driver did not pick us ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 22 2017


Awesome landscapes, hard and challenging walks, sometimes very cold but definitely THE EXPERIENCE! The guide was really well-prepared and helped us a lot, especially in difficult moments when we suffered from the sorochi (mal de altura), in particular during the first night. The three persons of the local staff were really kind and prepared us tasty and hot food. Tents ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 22 2017

La conquista

Elegimos el Salkantay para hacer una experiencia diferente, un poco mas dura físicamente respecto a los otros recorridos, un desafió personal que logramos superar también través un buen grupo, una buena guía (Ever) y un buen equipo (cocineros, caballero y ayudante).
Vencimos el frío infernal de la primera noche, la subida hasta 4600 del segundo día, sobrevivimos al viaje ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 22 2017-2

Happy Ever

Nice time spend in a gorgeous place.the adventure start from early in the morning with a a extensive hike took as aproximatily 1 hour and half, but when we are up close to entrance we forgot for that extreme effort. We stay in the cube not to much let's say 10 minutes,when i took even my breakfast.
I pass ... Continue Reading