Machu Picchu vacation March 27 2016-2

My experience

Not going to lie, the hike was definitely challenging. Challenges certainly bring people together.
The shared experiences, the knowledgable guides and the super-human porters made this experience unforgettable. Throughout the tour I learned a lot, walked a lot and made a number of new friends. I can't stress enough how impressive and inspiring the many porters who carried ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 27 2016-6

My experience

The second day was very challenging for me due to altitude sickness but the guides Ronnie and Lisette were extremely helpful and supportive. Overall the experience was great. The views and scenery were beautiful, the food was delicious (especially considering the conditions on the Trail), and the feeling of accomplishment upon finally reaching Machu Picchu was amazing. The guide was ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 27 2016-1

Travel to Machu Picchu :)

The 4-day trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was one of the most physically challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life.
The Tour guides were friendly and helpful, and the porters work extremely hard to try to make our stay as easy for us as possible. The adventure was awesome with great photo opportunities ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 24 2016-1

My inka Trail experience

Ich wollte schon seit jahren den Inca Trail und Machu Picchu sehen !! heuer habe ich diesen traum verwirklicht und bin begeistert .
Der este tag war sehr germütlich und wir hatten schönes wetter. Ich war sehr überrascht,dass wir hatten schÖnes wetter . Ichwar sehr überrascht, dass wir so tolles Essen in so grober vielfast bekommen ! Nach guter ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 24 2016

Eine unvergessliche erfahrung

Hab gerade 4 tage Inka Trail hinter mir . Und es war eine tolle erfahrung. Und los geht der bericht :
1. Tag : um 5:10 Uhr in der Früh geht's los. Werden im hostel abgeholt, dann geht's mit dem bus richtung start vom Trail. Der erste tag war recht einfach . Eigentlinch nur bergab, mit ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 24 2016-2

Die Wanderung auf dem Inca Trail

Die wanderung auf dem Inca Trail war wirklich sehr anstrengend ,aber die qualen haben sich auf jede Fall gelohnt. Am ersten tag wurden wir um 5:45 pünktlich in unserem hostel in cusco abgeholt und sind anschlieBend zum Ausgangspunkt der wanderung bei KM. 82 gefahren. Von dort sind wir dann gestartet und ein paar stunden entspannt zum ersten camp gelaufen. Unser ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 24 2016-2

Der Inka Trail ist wirklich eine tolle Erfahrung

Der Inca Trail ist eine ganz besondere erfahrung , die ich jedem empfehlen kann. wir waren in einer gruppe von 8 leuten unterwegs.
Na einer mehrstÜndigen Anfahrt und einem leckeren frühstück haben wir unsere wanderung gestartet. Der erste tag war sehr entspannt, wir konnten das schöne wetter,die tolle landschaft und einige Ruinen genieben. Mittags wurde uns ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 26 2016-1

Inca trail – CHECK

Inca Trail Reservations was a fun and well organized tour. I was in a group of 16 people and every person was amazing.
The guides were informative and always lending a helping hand. Raúl and frank were amazing !!!. The food, accommodations, equip,met and sites were all great. The hot tea was a treat and the porters ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 26 2016-4

Fun, blisters and friends

It was the most amazing experience with the fantastic guides and the new people who became very good friends.
The food was super good and fresh, cooked from scratch. The inka trail was at the times a bit hard but it worth every moment of it and the new friends were supportive to each other. The tents were always ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 26 2016-2

Sexy lama :)

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. The food was absolutely delicious. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was amazing.
Hot tea was delivered to our tent every morning and we had cake on The last day. The hiking was beautiful. The tour guides (Raul and Frank) were extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. The porters were fantastic. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 26 2016-4

Super Amazing Inca Trail

This definitely goes into my top ten travel adventures. Everything so well organised and I was blown away by how hard everyone involved worked to make our experience the best possible .
The office that sent us all the info, the guides that led the group and kept us motivated all the way along, the porters who had an ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 26 2016-5

Amazing adventure

I really enjoyed the adventure with Inca Trail Reservations. It was something special. I really enjoyed The beauty of nature .
The Andes is one of The most beautiful places that I have ever visited. I would recommend it to many people that I know, because it is a life time experience. You are trekking for 4 days and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 26 2016-6

Great hike

It was a great trail to do, good organized and a with a great group of hiking people !.
Day one was easy, day two was a hard climb, but adding a bottle of rum to get over the Death Woman pass makes the after party on the camping site only better. Day 3 was a long ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 26 2016-5

Chany :) :)

Tour was a great time, the guides Frank and Raul took great care of us, They always made sure we were a family " They were also very informative and full of knowledge, the Cook was totally amazing.
Out did himself for sure. Breakfast lunch and dinner was great always, the porters were too great and have such a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 26 2016-1

Super heroes!!!

One of the best experiences! Machu Picchu is simply not the same, you must walk those inca steps. Best guides, group and porters!!.
The porters will show you what true strength and being a super hero means! No joke!!! Our guides Raul and Frank are the best and will support you through out. Just choose this path to ... Continue Reading