Peru trip June 15 2017


The trek was wonderful. The guide (Cesar) was awesome and the food was perfect. The porters were friendly and the company could not have been more pleasant.
The wake up calls were great (coca teas was a nice touch). Everyone was very encouraging and there was a great sense of community on the trek. The explanations of each ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 15 2017-2

Sexy puma 101

We had an amazing time. The trek was so rewarding and Cesar was great at motivating us and the food and the porters were fantastic.
Don't recommend climbing Machu Picchu mountain. Was exhausting and we missed the rest of the tour which we would have enjoyed more. So glad we caught the other sites some i enjoyed more ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 15 2017

Sexy pumas!!!!!

Had an amazing time on the trek and the guide and porters were so nice ! Would recommend to Anyone wanting to do the inca trail !.
We ate lots and lots and lots and had great service. The porters carry so much and are always smiling. Our guide knew lots of interesting facts about the incas, ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 15 2017-3

Sexy pumas

Had such a fun experience! We had such a great group and all the staff involved were amazing.
The first day was a perfect way to start easing us into the trip. The second day was much harder however you don't feel rushed which is great from an unexperienced hiker. The third day was amazing, really long however ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 13 2017

You can do it!

It was an adventure I'll never forget and am so happy I booked the trek. The views along the trek are stunning.
We saw many ruins along the way. The guides and porters are fantastic. The guide provied good background information and was very knowledgable, able to answer all questions. The food prepared by the chef is even ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 13 2017-1

Amazing adventure

What an awesome experience with Inca Trail Reservations! . I can't imagine seeing Macchu Picchu any other way.
The guides were great...knowledgable and fun. It's definitely a tough trek but they offer so much encouragement and really want to see you have the trip of a lifetime. The porters are also fabulous, clapping for us as we arrive ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 13 2017-3

On the trail to Machu Picchu

We had an absolutely incredible 4 days trekking the Inca Trail. We felt looked after by the team from the time of our briefing at the hotel to walking down to Machu Picchu from the sun gate.
Seeing Machu Picchu appear through the clouds for the first time was truely magical and something i wont forget. However the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 13 2017

The Adventure to Machu Picchu

On day 1, I was very concerned with what I had signed myself up for, but our guides were extremely encouraging and supportive, especially during the tough parts of the climb.
It was definitely a group effort to get there and the porters and chef also did an incredible job to make this journey possible! . ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 13 2017-1

Inca Trail 2017

We have had an absolutely awesome time on our Inca Trail adventure. The team were fantastic, the sights were incredible and the people we met and shared our adventure with were amazing!.
We can't recommend the four day trek highly enough: it was so full of fun and adventure. We will never forget coming down from the sun ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 13 2017-1

The Stairway to MachuPicchu!

At first I was very concerned and afriad about my ability to complete all 4 days (because I was sick), but with all the help of all the guides, porters and cook, they made it all possible! .
They were all amazing and provided myself and my girlfriend an unbelievable experience that we will never forget. I ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 11 2017

Amazing Inka ruins

The trek was absolutely Amazing . The guide Cesar was so easy to talk to and understand as they would tell you details about the Inka ruins .
The porters were crazy strong and lovely to talk to as well the good was great !! . The trail was tough at times but we had a great group and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 11 2017-3

An unforgettable journey of a 72 year old.

Everything was astounding. The mountain was beautiful and enormous but its size doesn't belittle you but make you feel a part of it. Everywhere there is life. Aside from the big green mountains and the icy peaks, I will always remember the rushing waters of the rivers that we passed on our way. The people are good and willing to ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 11 2017-3

The battle to the top!

Everything was amazing. We were really cold the first night and in the morning but immediately became warm after starting our climb.
The food and cooks were amazing. Very friendly and helpful if we needed anything. Our guide was the best - Evar. I am amazed at his ability to make everyone laugh but also tell ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 11 2017-4

Sexy llamas

This trip was so much fun!. Everth was a great guide, very even tempered and dependable throughout the whole experience.
The horsemen were very hard working and kind. The cooks were incredible and the food was amazing. All of the staff treated us with kindness and welcomed us into the group. We loved them!
My ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 11 2017-1

Sexy llama

Ever was the perfect guide which made the trek and overall experience great! The views and bits of history along the way were all breathtaking and I wish it didnt have to come to an end.
I had a little bit of altitude sickness but ever and the entire staff helped by providing hot tea coca ... Continue Reading