Peru trip June 23 2017

Vamos a la Inca

Hiking the Inca Trail and seeing the amazing archeological sites with my husband was an unforgettable experience! .
We had an amazing group of hikers and we really enjoyed spending time together. Four different countries were represented in our group including United States of America, England, Spain and Peru. We spoke both English and Spanish on ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 21 2017

Inca Trail Adventure

First, I didn't know what to expect from this trip. I started off with an expectation that it would be an awesome experience and from day 1 I was more than impressed and thrown back. The guide was very knowledgeable as well as personable.
Throughout the whole trip he became a friend and I felt he ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 21 2017

Hell of the trip

It was really a difficult, physically challenging the ring, long trip,I did not expected that to be so difficult and stony but the guide Ever made it happen for me, he was by my side at the most difficult moments.
The adventure helped To understand Incan culture, the journey of " stones". The guide was very knowledgeable of the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 21 2017


Bueno, voy intentar en mi mejor español. Fue una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida! El camino de las Incas fue lo mas bonito que hice.
Tuvimos mucha suerte con el guía Ever que es muy profesional y tiene mucho conocimiento de la historia de los Incas. También ayudo mucho a todos en el camino que no ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 21 2017-1

Inca flat

It was a very fun well organised trip. Every single staff member involved was working very hard to make our trip amazing.
Although our pick up was late, and there was a misunderstanding about our luggage by the end of the first day i managed to forget this and i enjoyed the trip. The trip was very challenging ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 20 2017-4

Survival boot camp

A truly amazing and fun filled experience. Raul was an excellent guide, provide great entertainment and education on inca culture throughout the trip. I don't have words to describe how wonderful the food was.
We were amazed by the amazing variety and quality of food served in the middle of nowhere.
The porters were ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 20 2017-3

Awesome trip

The trip was awesome. Everything was planned. Our porters and trip guide Raul were very helpful and supportive. Raul shared a lot of knowledge about inkas and its history, very informative. The food was amazing. Everyday we got some new dish to eat. The coca tea in the morning was amazing. I throughly enjoyed every part of this trip, every ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 20 2017-2

Don’t think just do!

What seemed like a daunting trek through foreign Peruvian terrain was quickly challenged by our team of incredible porters and our knowledgeable but wildly entertaining tour guide.
Despite early rises, questionable toilet facilities, and severe doubtfulness as to the durability of my calves, the exquisite scenery and my attained sense of pride made everything worth it. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 20 2017-6

I’m A Survivor!!!

Incredible experience!.Definitely a once in a lifetime experience, one that i definitely would not have enjoyed as much without the amazing crew from Inca Trail Reservations.
Raul was our guide and he did a phenomenal job, followed by the great effort from the porters and superb food cooked by the best cook. Raul you are the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 20 2017

Inca sky walker

This trail, the inca trail, was an amazing, challenging, exhilarating experience that took me completely by surprise.
The views, people, archeological site, service and of course machu picchu, were absolutely amazing. The service provided by the porters and our guide Raul were top notch. The porters were always on time and the food was always delicious. I really ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 20 2017-1

Incaredible experience

I approached KM82 with trepidation. Was I fit enough? Will my arthritic knee survive those Inca stairs that seem to go on forever in the pictures posted by smug bloggers? Will I collapse from blinding headaches at 4,000 m from altitude sickness? Day 1 was a breeze. Day 2 crossing Dead Woman's Pass and descending those killer stairs was indeed ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 20 2017-2

Machu Pisco…hic

This was a challenging journey. What kept me going was the enchanting ecosystem of the Andes. The sounds, flowers, moss, mist was ethereal.
Our guide, Raul encouraged us gently along the way. The porters carrying mammoths on their backs, smiled as they passed us and set up camp and delicious meals by the time the weary ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 20 2017

Salty Slug

This camping trip was by far my most enjoyable one yet. With beautiful scenery, the help of hardworking porters, and spacious tents, my camping experience was both thrilling and comfortable.
Special thanks to the cook who surprised me with exceptionally delicious vegetarian food, and to the tour guide Raul, who is both knowledgeable and humorous. I highly recommend ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 20 2017

And i thought walking trail was easy

You can always prepare but sometimes you can never fully prepare. This is one of those experienes and i am glad i did it. Our whole inca trail team was awesome supporting us helping us as needed. Ceaser our guide was a wonderful support as we were not in the best of shape. The beauty of the whole trail is ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 20 2017-1

Bring your walking sticks!

This was an amazing experience! Beautiful yet challenging (if you are not so fit like me, start training a couple months in advance), this trek has so much to offer.
We met great people both in our group and along the way. Cesar, our guide, was absolutely invaluable, with his good humor and magic bag of essentials. He ... Continue Reading