Machu Picchu trip June 08 2017-5

Shiza Salkantay

A really amazing trek. I was surprised at how hard it was and how the altitude sickness really affected people. Our guide helped me through my sickness. I thought the food and three porters ( chef and assistant and the horse porter did an amazing job. All in all I had fun with a great group of strangers. I wish ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 08 2017-6

My Salkantay trip

I really enjoyed our trek. The cook and crew worked really hard to make our trip comfortable and enjoyable. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and the trek was well organized.
My favorite meal was the lomo soltado. My favorite night of campin was the first night when the full moon reflected against Salkantay mountain. Zip lining ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 05 2017


The inca trail was one of the highlights of our 2 month trip to south america . Having done the colca canyon and the rainbow mountain as a warm-up , the inca trail was not as tough as thought .
Though the second day was demanding, the group atmosphere also driven by our guide made sure , no ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 04 2017

Easy peasy

We hiked the Salkantay trail as alternative to the fully booked Classic Inka one. What a good choice! Sleep at 4200 mt., no other people around, with a breath taking night view of the Salkantay peak. Reaching 4630 mt. and descending into the jungle.
Hike to the Lachtapata ruins and have a first glimpse of Machu ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 04 2017-2

I was the sloth

The first two days of the Salkantay Trail were the hardest and I walked slowly because of the change in altitude.
However, the whole group did very well. The scenery was breathtaking and Paul, our guide, was full of interesting stories and information about Peru, the flora and fauna and the people. His passion for Machu Picchu was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 04 2017-1

We are leaving in 10 minutes!

First of all I have to thank from the bottom of my heart the crew that allowed me to experience this unique adventure!.
It is hard to describe how I felt when I made it to our first camp at 4400 meter of elevation. The view of the Salkantay during the starry night was unbelievable, it seemed ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 04 2017

Adventure Loca

Everything I had imagined about the Salkantay Trek and Machu Picchu came to life the second we started hiking.
The elevation on the first two days made the hiking more difficult but walking slower gave me the opportunity to take in and enjoy the indescribably beautiful view. The sense of accomplishment when we reached the highest ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 04 2017-1

Sharing a Pisco with Angie

The overall experience of the Salkantay Trail was great. The guides were both prime and full of interesting stories and knowledge about the region.
Every day they showed us and made us try things to complete our experience in Peru. We saw amazing animals, landscapes, ruins etc. The food was also amazing, keeping the whole group satisfied and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 05 2017


Very accommodating to my allergies and I had lots to eat. It was very tiring but the group waited up for each other to catch up.
The people along the way were friendly, as well as a very friendly cat. The view was nice and the heights didn't scare me like I thought they would. I actually felt ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 05 2017

The Fellowship of Machu Picchu

Absolutely amazing. Our tour guide and porters were beyond incredible and I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone and certainly do it again.
Even though the hike was difficult and physically and mentally demanding, no one was impatient with me. Instead we encouraged each other to keep doing better. I'll also never forget how hard our porters ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 05 2017-1

Ez pz

Could have done it in one day my bois. The food was outstandingly healthy and amazing, the group we were a part of was very friendly.
There was something for everyone on this hike. There was a constant sense of humor and a relationship was built with everyone there. The porters were animals, incredible watching them carry over 30kg ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 04 2017-2

Prachtige tocht

Het was een heerlijke tocht om te doen. De eerste dag was echt wel het zwaarste, veel wind en regen en op het kamp vroor het.
Maar Bij het halen van de top op de tweede dag weet Je waar je het voor doet! Ik had nog nooit de jungle gezien dus dat was what mij echt verwonderde. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 04 2017-1

Barre tocht

Het was een geweldige ervaring, maar zeker geen kattepis. We hadden best bizarre weersomstandigheden en was soms best heftig.
Maar wat was het de ervaring waard! Echt een bijzondere ervaring die ons altijd bij zal blijven. Inca track, bedankt voor de goede verzorging van zowel materiaal, eten als fijne begeleiding. Me bereikt veel bijzondere plekken op ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 04 2017-3

Unforgettable Inca trek

We have been planning this trip for a while and we are so happy to have chosen the inca trail reservations company for this trek.
This trek was tough, the first day was ok, the second day was very hard but there was a huge sense of achievement getting over Dead woman's pass. The third day was also ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 04 2017-2


I booked our Inca Trail adventure with Inca Trail Reservations after a recommendation from a very good friend of mine.
She said that they made her trip thé best ever. I havé to agree. From the introduction meeting at the office to the béer back in Aguas Calientes five days later they havé been amazing every step of ... Continue Reading