Machu Picchu vacation August 17 2014-3

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

The Trek was spectacular, the Salkantay Pass was stunning and really worth the effort to get up there! An absolute highlight.
Each day we saw quite different scenery with our fabulous guide , Carlos took the time to explain. He described the many different animals and various plants, fruits and flowers. He also told us many stories about the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 17 2014


Salkantay trek was an amazing experience! The landscape is stunning and it was really fulfilling to master the task of walking up Salkantay mountain.
Our staff, especially our guide Carlos , was perfect. We got a lot of explanations about nature and culture, we had very nice food and were treated very friendly and warm. So getting up very ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 17 2014-2

Salkantay trek

Bellissima avventura in mezzo alla natura incontaminata! Molto dura, in particolar modo il secondo giorno, il che però rende il tutto molto più gratificante. I panorami sono davvero mozzafiato e lasciano senza parole.
La partr che ho preferito è senza alcun dubbio quella del secondo giorno dove abbiamo scalato il monte Salkantay, arrivando ad un'altitudine di addirittura 4650 metri. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 17 2014-3

Salkantay Trek

Awesome trek with Carlos ! He was very informative, funny and a great guide !
The Salkantay pass was incredible with the lagoons being highlights of the trip !
I thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness of the night 1 campground, the lagoon, the stars at night were fantastic and waking up to seeing the sun rising was amazing.
... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 16 2014

Salkantay trek 5 day / 4 night

Excellent trip! It was definitely a trip of a lifetime. The staff were extremely helpful and gave awesome advice throughout the trip. The guide was amazing! The scenes were amazing!
It is incredible to experience different weather conditions from day to day. On one of our days we experienced snow covered mountains, and in the following days we experienced ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 16 2014-1

Salkantay trail 5days 4nights

I really enjoyed the whole experience on this tour. Thought that the scenery (route) was amazing and would not take any other route.
Our guide Raul was excellent. He showed patience, humility and great character over all. He understood everyone's needs and understood that different people have their own pace of walking, attitudes and handled every situation in ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 16 2014


The trip was great. There were lots to see and the experience can not be put into words. The guide was very educated about the trails. He even educated us about the history of Peru and its wildlife. He was able to answer all of our questions. He participated with all of our activities and was well involved.
The ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 16 2014

Salkantay Trail 5 days 4 nights

This was a once in a life time amazing experience that I hope to come back to and will suggest to all friends. The scenery and trek were beautiful and rewarding. The first two days were tough but it was great to accomplish the hike and get to see the beautiful mountains as well as the lagoon and come back ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 11 2014-3

Salkantay 4 days / 3 nights

I enjoyed seeing: the glacier, the condors, and the Inca monuments. Quite seriously, those are easily the best part of the trip.
The hikes are difficult on your knees, and be careful to apply lots of sunscreen and mosquito spray. You will definitely need it in the humid jungle environment.
I had a good experience with both my ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 11 2014-2

Salkantay Trek 4d3n

My adventure on the Salkantay trail was one rife with excitement. Our journey began as all great ones do, in the back of a van at the wee hours of the morning. As dawn spread her rosy fingers across the land, we met our guides and fellow travelers. A beautiful friendship was born. I could not have asked for a ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 11 2014-1

Salkantay Trail 4d/3n

Note: Alternate titles include "The Raultimate Adventure" and "No, I seriously want more Lomo Saltado"
In seriousness, the trip was well managed and expertly led by Raul Coronel. Like Odysseus, we were far from home when we embarked on the quest. We also had very little Wi-Fi, so Homer would have had a field day with this voyage.
... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 11 2014-1

Salkantay trail 4d/3n

A tough and very rewarding hike for the over 50 set. The second day is touted in advance as very difficult, and though that's somewhat true, it is certainly well worth the effort.
The glacier is gorgeous and you get beautiful views of it all morning. The hike to the lagoon on the first day is a great warm-up ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 15 2014-3

Love mountain

I love hiking the mountain. It is uphill - I keep fast walking. It was good view of the mountains such as Llactapata, Phuyupatamarka, etc.
Juan was brilliant because he was explaining us ( 6 people ) about places we visit, history and learn a bit BSL ( British Sign Language ). Also, he has good gesture for deaf ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 15 2014

Worth it!

I'm with my deaf friends, we were concern about communicating with Juan, but he did an excellent job to communicate with us by write down on paper also speak slow for us, he made sure we understand everything about Machu Picchu.
He was so caring to make sure of my mate who was struggling to walking on mountains, he ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 15 2014-2

My Machu Picchu adventure

Hello my name is Sindhuya but short name is Sindy and I am deaf. It was my first time trek to Machu Picchu in South America. That's massive challenge for me and I knew it, I couldn't cope with it but I was bravely through. I walked uphill and downhill which I can't and too frighten/fear but Juan Carlos helped ... Continue Reading