Peru travel May 22 2017-2

Sexy llamas do Salkantay 2

I came on the trek without expectations because it was booked by a friend. It was one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences I've had.
The first day was tough but we had the most spectacular views, even with the rain. Our guide did a fantastic job of keeping us motivated at the altitude and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 22 2017-3

Fast and furious ep 10

Realy enjoyed my trip. We survived the first day and became closer as a group. Loved juan Carlos and william as guides.
Hopefully i'll be able to keep in touch with my fellow hikers. The weather was kind of a bummer, but juan Carlos and william kept yours positiva. Spirits seré raised after we passed the summit. Lots ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 22 2017-8

Sexy Llamas do Salkantay

The Salkantay trek was tough but rewarding. We saw diverse landscapes and made new friends.
The first day was really challenging, but as with many things we really appreciated our hiking once we had made it over the Salkantay summit. Altitude is no joke. We really struggled on the first day but it was also a bonding experience. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 22 2017

Death on day 1

The first day was horrible (after lunch) only because I got sick. The rest of the trek was amazing.
The views were great and Juan Carlos was an amazing guide. Overall, I had an amazing trip and am very glad that I booked my trip with Inca Trail Reservations. We had bad weather this week. It rained each ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 22 2017-4

Llama Pichu

The first day was difficult at altitude but got better over time. I loved the company and the guide - the zip line and hot springs were great excursions in the day.
The hike was hard but worth it. I really wish I could do it again. Always be prepared as the Boy Scouts say. This ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 20 2017


Where do I even begin?. ! This trek blew my expectations out of the water. While more challenging than I had initially anticipated.
I enjoyed it EVERY STEP of the way!. With the professional guidance of our tour guide Cesar, I some how found the strength to pull through and complete the trek. The 3 daily meals were all ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 20 2017

Amazing experience!

The overall experience of the trail was great! It was really nice that our group was very small (4 tourists).
Although the weather was not great (lots of rain on the second and third day), the trek was very doable for us. The porters took really great care of us, they offered to help us with everything. The ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 20 2017


We really enjoyed our inca trail! . The food was incredibly good (especially when considered the circumstances for cooking are not so easy along the trail). Jose, our guide, was very helpful and we also improved our spanish a great deal.
A possible improvement could be the time of the departure of our train. It will leave at ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 19 2017

Who knew?!

This being my very first trek, I had many new and exciting discoveries. It was a wonderful experience!
The scenery was astounding. From the first night, high in Andes where the backdrop included snow and rock and a clear sky in which the stars were incredible, to trekking along the river and seeing the beautiful greenery, fruit, and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 19 2017-1

Paul’s Pisco Passion

This trip will definitely remain in my memory for the rest of my life. The first day was a challenging trek up to a glacial lake and then on to the glacier itself.
Acclimatization was the most challenging part of this day but with the guides expert advice on how to chew coca leaves and their ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 19 2017

Puff the magic dragon

The trip was excellent. The first section into the mountains was the hardest as we acclimatised to the altitude but from day two it got easier as we started to head downwards. We saw a huge tangle of micro climates from near arctic to temperate and tropical as the altitude varied through the trip.
The organisation was superb, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 19 2017-5

Authentic Experience

I don't have enough words to describe this experience. Very well organized company. In case you have any question you get prompt reply from Aleli. Top! You have your own account were you can check all the details. From day one this was an authentic experience. 5 days/4. Night treck, all crew extremelly friendly and helpful. Paolo our guide was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 19 2017-1

Inka-redible Journey

Amazing trip, great tour guide with a fun group. From trekking next to an inspiring glacier to pisco fueled story telling the trip has been excellent.
Our heroic tour guide Paul was never short of a story, joke or fascinating piece of historical information. Now we have reached the end of the trek the immensity of the sense ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 19 2017-3

Pisco for you

I have to say the Salkantey hike was the best multi day trek I've been on. The views were unlike anything I've ever seen.
Our guides Paul and Jimmy were amazing. They were very helpful and incredibly knowledgable of the history of the inca people and the surrounding mountains. The food given by our cooks was a total ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 19 2017

Twins leave America

This was a remarkable trek with lasting memories. Trekking through the different microclimates was an amazing experience.
The most memorable moments are the Salkantay mountain, walking to the Salkantay lake, and humantay lake. I always thought the blues and greens of Hawaii were the most beautiful I've seen, but the colors of Peru have left an ... Continue Reading