Machu Picchu vacation July 13 2017-2

I survived

Every second gave a breathtaking view.Absolutely unbelievably inspiring.The people involved were all polite , funny and extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
I would highly recommend both this trip and this company as everything was just perfect with lots of extra fascinating facts and star gazing together with tarantula hunting.The amenities ,tents, food ,information before and during all ran ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 13 2017

Davy Jones

The trip was fenomenal. There is no better way to experience the trail tham with this company.the guides are super!.
Paul breaths the mystery amd passion into the inca trail. He gave us a real glimpse of the in a history, so no tourist bullshit. We slept at great places and the food.Oh man.
The food ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 13 2017-2

Unbelievable Inca trail

I had no expectation as to what to expect from the inca trail, but from the beginning the scenery was outstanding and this continued throughout the four days up to the end at machu picchu.
The scenery alone however would have been nothing without Paul and his guides. Paul brought humour and his own personal views and accounts ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 13 2017-5

Blister free

I had a great time with Inca Trail. They went out of their way to make sure that the hike was just the right speed and with helping me find plenty of orchids.
They food was excellent and felt great after the tea times. Paul took us on numerous side hike and adventures that really helped the trip ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 13 2017-4

The Lord of the Lamas

Really awesome tour. Great stories and explanations by Paul the tour guide. Would have been a different trip without him.
Would recommend this tour to friends, families and solo travellers. The perfect trip to be able to tick of a few spots on your bucket Iist- climbing through the mountains following the Inca trail and discovering ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 13 2017-3

Feeling like an Inca already

The most incredible experience of my life, the entire trek is stunning with spectacular views and the actual hike is very doable with the amazing and energizing meals they provide.
The guides are hilarious, helpful and make the group a family after the experience. The dreaded second day isnt as bad as it is made out ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 13 2017

Not the stairs that take your breath away

We didn't know anyone going into the hike, but by the end we became family. Our guides, Paul, Jimmy, and Jackson made the trip incredible.
They had so much information about the different sights along the way and made the trip a once in a lifetime experience. At night we had the breathtaking view of the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 13 2017-1

It’s not the height that takes your breath away

It is not the altitude that takes your breath away; it's the jokes our guides (Paul, Jimmy, and Jackson, who are 100% amazing).
have been making; it's the squatting into a hole at every restroom - if there is one; it's the camaraderie built up with the family you form on these treks; it's the past ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 12 2017-1

Peruvian flats are everything but that

This trip was filled with surprises and wonder. My husband and I did not know what to expect but we were blown away by the hospitality of the crew.
We woke up each morning to a gentle tap on our tent for coca tea to wake us up, top tier service and authentic meals every day. Ever was ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 12 2017-2

Chichis High

Limping to camp after a long day of trekking in the Peruvian sun was the high points of the trip. And we got it 3 times! .
The porters applause as we arrived at lunch and dinner was motivating. Ever, our guide, was great , more knowledge about ancient cult res and traditions than i if my own! More ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 12 2017-3

Bug bites and sweat we go trekking to Macchu Picchu

It has been a very pleasant and memorable experience, most specially the knowledge we gained throughout the trek.
Ever has been very knowledgeable of every subject regarding Inkan culture, history and tradition. The crew is very commendable in taking good care of us and keeping the group fed with with great food. Thanks for everything for the memories and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 12 2017-2

Unforgettable Adventure in the Andes

I have nothing but good things to day about all the staff that accompanied us on our trek to manchu picchu.
I did not know about porters and was wondering who would carry our stuff. When i found it was the porters who carried it I was amazed. These guys need to be paid more. Our cook was ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 12 2017

No trips on this trip!

The tour was brilliant!.Our guide, Ever, was patient, loved to have a laugh, and was full of knowlwdge - he covered everything from history, to all landmarks and archelogical spots, to the plants and animals.
It is evident that he is repected by other tour group leaders we passed and by his cook and porters. The ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 12 2017

Burn in the buns!

This tour was awesome! Amazing food and wonderful workers. The porters and cook cheered us on when we arrived at camp every day - really we should have been cheering them on for all their hard work.
Our tour guide, Ever, was super knowledgeable, kind and patient - he taught us all about the flora, fauna ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 12 2017-3

So many stairs

This was such an incredible experience. From seeing the mountains all around us, sharing stories with the group and our guide at our excellent meals, to making it to the top of Dead Woman's Pass- this has really been a trip I will never forget.
Coming from living in a city for the past few years, the sky ... Continue Reading