Machu Picchu trip June 29 2017-2

Glamping in Peru

This trek was by far the hardest trek I have ever done, but most rewarding. The first two days I thought I wouldn't make it but Raul and Jimmy (best tour guides ever) was always behind or in front making sure we made it to the finish.
They made the trek enjoyable. My favorite part was when we ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 29 2017-1

Holy Altitude Batman

I was unfortunate enough to get a sever case of altitude sickness in Cusco so I unfortunately had to miss most of the hike.
The company was great at working with me to help me find other options, but naturally lost my money. They allowed me to add on another tour but it did cost extra. The day ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 29 2017-3

Hikes and camps

I highly recommend this experience . I had an amazing time exploring Peru with some fantastic people. This trek is only for people that are open-minded, ready to push their limits, and share a passion for exploring the unknown.
The staff made everything feel smooth and easy, from setting up tents to cooking delicious food. They ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 29 2017

Best Trek with the Best Guides

Hardest hike I've ever done in my life but by far the best experience I've ever had. The views were stunning, the food was amazing, and the guides were nothing less then extraordinary.
Raul and Jimmy made freezing weather warm and humid, bug ridden locations fun! I'm so happy my first time in Peru was with ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 29 2017

Despacito down the 14km hill

Fantastic experience!! Amazing crew and the best guides & family (LOVED THE FOOD)!.
I fell in love with Peru through this trip, and will love to come back! Cannot thank the group enough for all of the hard work, fun, and kindness! This was definitely a trip to remember; a one-of-a-kind experience. I highly recommend this to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 29 2017-3

Can I pet an alpaca?

Overall great experience on this trek. The tour guides were very helpful and would always inform us of each days activities or change in plans.
In addition they were helpful in helping people that lagged behind by motivating us. Jimmy would also capture out memories by taking pictures throughout our trip.The whole chef and his team ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 25 2017

You need to do this

My wife and i undertook this adventure having very little experience with this sort of trip.
From the start our guides were wonderful helping everyone, from the most experienced to the novices with a terrific attitude. The horseman carried the bulk of our gear making the trek all the more enjoyable. Our cooks were amazing. The ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 29 2017-2

We have to climb that!!

This trip was very enjoyable. I had a lot of fun an saw a lot more than I ever thought I would. The trail was very difficult but I was so rewarding at the same time.
I never thought I would be climbing to the top of a mountain or be traveling through the dense forests of the Amazon, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 25 2017-1

Buenos Dias. Coca Tea ?,

What am amazing trip! We had the time of our lives. We heard about this trip from a friend and we were very thankful that we took their recommendation.
The service was terrific and the food was outstanding. Our guides were wonderful and kept us motivated and laughing the whole time. The horsemen were also fantastic. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 29 2017-1

Are we done yet.?!!

This tour was beyond amazing. Everyone was accommodating and friendly. The food was amazing and better than anything we could have imagined.
Even through the tough parts we had fun and kept the humor going!! I highly recommend this Trek Group. Each day is so different from the day before. We started with a tough hike ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 26 2017-7

Peru rocks!

We started the Salkantay Trek thinking that it would be impossible. The mountain views were stunning and incredible, but also extremely daunting.
Your legs are sore, but every step is worth it. The views are absolutely stunning and unlike anything I have seen in any of my previous travels. There is going to be sore feet ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 26 2017-10

High altitude knockout

This was a really great experience! When I found the trek online I didn't expect it to be any challenge at all.
I had been on a few treks but all on lower altitudes. It really surprised me on the first day, how difficult it turned out and how much focus and energy you needed to get to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 26 2017-2

Not a vegetarian

The service has been great during this trip. The horsemen were great, much like the cooks and the guides. Cusco > Lima ever time. Cusco > Aguas Caliente as well. It has been fun getting to know our group during this vacation. I wish i lived in Peru, but i guess i will settle for California. Thank you very much ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 26 2017-1

Calves of steel

The most beautiful place I've ever seen. When you see photos on the internet it is a thousand times more amazing in person.
It was so rewarding and physically challenging but our guides Jimmy and Ronny were so wonderful and they made sure everyone was taken care of the entire time. We had good meals and coca tea ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 26 2017-5

When a dream comes true

It was my childhood dream to get here. I fell in love with Peru in high school. I have never thought I would ever make it. Then I met Adam and he said, let's go. It happened one year ago, and we are here. It's the biggest adventure of our life, we'll tell stories about this journey for our grandchildren. ... Continue Reading