Machu Picchu trip September 04 2017-1

Pedros crew

The Salkantay trek to machu picchu was an amazing experience. Our tour guide Pedro was very helpful and entertaining. The trek itself is very challenging and very enjoyable.
The scenery was breathtaking from the high mountains to the rain forests and waterfalls. It was always good to relax after a long day with chef Ronnie's delicious ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 04 2017-5

Picturesque Views Well Earned

Salkantay trek adventure is amazing, led by an awesome crew guided by Pedro. The trek is well designed to accommodate everyone's own pacing with picturesque views every step of the way.
The first day was probably the most demanding, we visited a beautiful lagoon on the mountains after a short but difficult uphill hike. The hike ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 04 2017

Pedro’s Crew 2017

That was the hardest, but most rewarding experiences of my life. First day was the most challenging as we hiked the marvelous and sacred Humantay Lake as a "warm up". We ended the day with an in-tents living arrangement near the top of Salkantay. The cold weather couldn't take away from the beautiful moonlight and stars in the mountains. Snowcapped ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 04 2017

Rasta mon vibrations!

Wonderful trek. Would recommend this for anyone looking for a majestic experience. Definitely do the zip line. Bring warm clothes for your first night, and layers for the rest of the trek. Hiking from Salkantary down into the rainforest is spectacular.. Wonderful views of the mountains as well as the rainforest. Pedro is very informative and a great guide. The ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 04 2017-2

Pedros biggest fan

Great trek, it was my first real hiking experience that required multiple days and i couldn't recommend it more.
We got perfect weather for all the major destinations along the trail. Peru is an absolutely stunning country and i will definitely try to make a return some day. Salkantay mountain is breathtaking and totally worth the uphill climb. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 02 2017


Amazing experience, This tour requires a decent amount of cardio training in order to be comfortable the first day, but the rest of the trip is fairly pleasant.
The camps are comfortable and the food is absolutely amazing and in generous quantities (cooked meat, vegetables, carbs and a lot of soup).
The tour guide, Juan, was very helpful ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 02 2017

Only 30 minutes

I loved everything about this trek, it was challenging both mentally and physically. Juan is an amazing tour guide he was fun to be around and always made us feel safe. I recommend people do this trek if they want a challenge, make new friends, and have a life experience they can talk about for a lifetime. The food was ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 31 2017

Don’t worry amigos, just enjoy

It's my first trekking experience and I can already say that it will be hard to match. There is not one thing I would change. The porter, the cook, the horseman and most of all Juan (the guide) were absolutely incredible. I will recommend this trek and this company to many of my friends and family. I will miss Peru, ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 02 2017-2

Aye aye Paloma¡!

This trek was probably the hardest but also the most rewarding and beautiful piece of adventure I had the priviledge of experiencing.
Thanks to Juan, what was supposed to be hard and terrifying became fun and thrilling. We all feel we had the best guide (and friend) possible for this journey. Peru is filled with magic ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 29 2017-1

Blood sweat and tears

The Salkantay trek was an amazing experience. It was pretty tough in places but it was worth it. The scenery, from glacier to jungle was stunning. Our guide Eloy was great at encouraging when the trek was hard and took the time to explain different points along the way. The food was brillaint and accommodation very comfortable every night. Very ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 27 2017


ITR did a good job overall, but could be more helpful with logistics.
Our guide Franklin was excellent, helpful in every way! Franklin is a knowledgeable guide, very familiar with Cusco, the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, and Aguas Calientes and many other trails in Peru. Our cook and porters were excellent, friendly and fun! The food ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 29 2017


This very challenging hike was made easier with a great team to support us, from the tour guide to the porters (tigers) to the phenomenal cook.
Inca Trail Reservations also helped us plan for the trip ahead of time and took care of the small details such as transportation and equipment rental, so that we could focus on ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 29 2017


Excellent experience overall! This was my first multiday hike and would not have made it without the staff.
Our guide Franklin was very knowledgeable and helpful, the cook Ronney made some first class meals (especially considering the limited resources to work with, and I cannot say enough about the porters that literally carried the team on their backs! ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 28 2017

Best experience ever!

We had an amazing experience wth the inca trail reservations tour company!. They were highly professional, knowledgable and fun.
Our tour guide Paul was outstanding and our assistant guide William was very patient and kind. They made sure everyone got to the camp safely every day. Also big shout out to our porters and chefs for ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 28 2017

All aboard the pussy train

The best (and most challenging) experience of my life! . Completely worth the challenge, not only was the food, porters and views amazing but our guides Paul and Willie were funny, caring and really positive in moments where I could've thrown my walking poles down and cried! .
The organisation of the trip was flawless from start to ... Continue Reading