Peru vacation October 12 2015-1

amzing adventure

I am a lazy girl, not use to physical activity, so of course haven't do any training before the trekking. I make up my mind to do It in last min, they gave me a detail briefing, that helpful to prepare myself.
During the trekking, It is not surprise I was the last one. It was so lucky to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation October 12 2015

A good one¡

a bunch of people quickly and nicely mixed together on a 5 days trekking.All the parts where made like a dress:fun,action,good food and always a good spot to enjoy our meals and nights.
We had the luck to get trough many different landscapes as high mountains, jungle, pampas, train walk path,ecc. Even everyone got a different speed on the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation October 12 2015-1


the Salkantay Trail was such an amazing experience! Booking process was very easy and straight forward.
I was picked up at the hostel and then our group of 11 headed to the start if the treck. Especially the second day was very challenging but so rewarding when We finally reached the bottom of the Salkantay glacier.
We camped ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 12 2015-1

Amazing time

This machine you gave ME Erased everything get a better iPads or get a key board. But this trip was life changing experience I learned so much about Peru and the life style here.
I never knew this much about the inca culture and the way they lived and all the theories about their existence. The trip made me ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 12 2015

My new Familia in peru

I had a wonderful experience on the salkantay trek. Each day was a different adventure. The trek was challenging at times but the views at the end paid off.
The snow covered Salkantay mountain and the lush vegetación in the south were just a few of the amazing things we saw.
Our guide was the best. He shared ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 12 2015

Fun times on the dusty trail

had a great time with Victor has our knowledable Guide. The Trail was challenging and rewarding at the same time.
The cooking crew also always had warm tasty meals for us 3 times a day. The camp sites were well maintained as well. We were lucky with beautiful weather throughout the trip. Salkantay Mountain was absolutely beautiful and the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 11 2015-1

A Real Adventure

Genuinely one of the best but most challenging things I've ever done. The Inca Trail team were amazing, very encouraging, hard working, accommodating, and a lot of fun!.
The Trek was difficult in parts but the scenary and sense of achievement definitely made it worth every minute. It's been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation October 11 2015-1

From Hiking Newbie to Hiking Expert

This was truly a once and lifetime experience. As someone who has never hiked múltiple days or camped (a City girl), inca Trail Reservations took very good care of me and my group. The views are breathtaking and hikes were challenging but it was all worth It to experience the inca Trail the most original way. We were blessed with ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation October 11 2015-1

Hike or die

the trip was amazing from The start. I have never had Such a challenging and rewarding experience all in one.
I would like to come back and try a longer trail! The Guides and porters were Great and i thank them so much. I doñt thanks i would have survived without them! When we reached Machupicchu, The views did ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 11 2015

sexy alpacas

Everyday was really hard. I was not prepared for how difficult it would be. But the patience of our guide Ever really helped as well as having the porters set up everything.
The food was delicious especially the soups. Every difficulty was worth it at the end. The views were beautiful the entire hike but the feeling of accomplishment ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 11 2015

Team Sexy Llamas

The 4 day hiking trip was ver y challenging but yet rewarding. I would like to recogiendo and give a Special thanks to the portero and our Guide, Ever, who were extremely helpful and organized .
Their service and really made The diference in our experience and Ever has belén truly a delight duran our Expedition in showing us ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 11 2015-1

Up and down, round and around crazy adventure

what a trip¡ from start to finish this trip was wonderful. The Guide - Ebar was fantastic, he made the journey unforgettable.
I met fantastic people on this trip who i hope will be life long friends. You bond with people on this adventure. We laughed and sweated over 4 days. The scenery is more beautiful than you can ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 09 2015-2

Don’t pass this up!

Just do it!!!! There is no other way to see Machu Pichu! I can't say enough about the staff of inca trail reservations.
The chefs cooked a huge variety of healthy, energizing meals that had a very luxurious feel despite being out in the wilderness. I'm still amazed at what they were able to create on the fly! Our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 09 2015-1

The most amazing trip ¡¡¡

i had the most amazing trip with inca trail reservations! The five days of walking was so hard but at the end of the day very rewarding.
This was the last leg of my trip but i couldnt have asked for anything better. Our guide jorge was so amazing and very helpful. He was so informative with every aspect ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 09 2015-3

Salkaytay experience ,The Best!!

This was wonderful experience and hard work. It surpassed my expections. Jorge luis is the best guide. He is so experienced and knowledgeable.
He gave us information on the Inca and Andean culture. Our group was wonderful as well. We all respected each other and also had alot of fun. The food was wonderful! Compliments to our cooks.
... Continue Reading