Peru vacation June 08 2016-4

No Pain No Gain

This trip will be one I remember forever. It was very demanding and rewarding. Best views I have ever seen. The guide Raul was very upbeat and accommodating. Fun guy to hike with. Gave out extra blankets and pillows when asked. Going from the high altitude mountains to the jungle was pretty cool. Also did zip lining for the first ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 08 2016-7

Are you sure there isn’t an escalator?

It is common to hear people say that the things they enjoy the most are the things they earned. The five day hike to Machu Picchu is no different.
This company plans all aspects of the hike and goes out of its way to ensure the trip is fun. All the food was surprisingly delicious and was ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 08 2016-2

Salkantay Soirees

Make no mistake; the Salkantay Trek is a grand adventure. Bring someone you love (since you'll be in close quarters for five days!) and prepare yourselves for views not to be missed.
At 15,000 feet, the Salkantay Pass is not to be taken lightly (or without real trekking gear), but the adventures are well worth it. After the alpine ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 08 2016-6

Mexican in Peru!

This trip has been in my bucket list for a few years now, and all I can say is that this has been the most adventurous trip I've been into.
The views while tracking were amazing and out of this world, I literally thought I was in Iceland when we were hiking to Salkantay. Absolutely loved ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 08 2016-4

Mountains to valleys and back

I can't speak to Machu Picchu yet as that is tomorrow but the Salkantay trek to Aguas Calientes was varied and covered a beautiful landscape.
The two first days were the most difficult because they were at high elevation but also wonderful mountain scenery. We hiked to a blue-green lagoon on the first day. Then we crossed ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 08 2016

We made it!

We were worried before the trip because it has been a while since we have done serious track. However, our worries went away very quickly.
The beautiful views, great people, excellent service and most of all outstanding guide Frank made the Inca Trail track unforgettable. It was absolutely amazing experience. Although it was not an easy track, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 08 2016

Altitude record – never too late

This Inca Trail trek came out very good. We had a nice little team with Canadian/French/Russian mix, became friends immediately .
Four days in Cuzco for acclimatization did a good service, because Dead Woman Pass takes a good deal of effort. The support them did an outstanding job. In our 30 years of active travels this was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 07 2016

Life Changing Experience

I will never find the right words to describe this experience! The beauty of Cusco, the Inca Trail, the Inca sites, the nature, and Machu Picchu all speak for themselves!.
Our tour guide Marco was kind, informative, and has a great love of his culture. We were fortunate enough to have him share his knowledge and love ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 07 2016

Trip of a lifetime!

What an amazing trip! All of the staff work so hard and the hike wouldn't be possible without their help.
The food was great! Our tour guide, Marco, was so knowledgeable and taught us so much about Machu Picchu and the Inca culture. I would highly recommend Inca Trail Reservations if you're planning on hiking the Inca Trail. It ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 06 2016-4


This trek was amazing. I enjoyed all parts and the staff was very nice and professional. Victor and Jorge were incredible.
The whole trip was very worry free and you really got to focus on enjoying the beauty of Salkantay. Couple things I would have liked would be more food for breakfast. I saw myself needing to snack about ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 06 2016-5

I <3 Victor

-The entire staff was so incredible! From the cooks to the guides, everyone was so kind and willing to help with absolutely anything.
-The schedule was perfect-- i really enjoyed the gradual increase and decrease in hiking difficulty/ day length
-The food was super good and loved the hot drinks at every meal.
- ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 06 2016-1

I love Peru!!

I loved my trek experience! The guides were super passionate and helpful throughout the trek and I really enjoyed all the services. I wish we'd had a little more protein in our meals -- I got hungry and didn't bring enough snacks from home. Also I wish the difference between the 5 day/4 day treks had been articulated better -- ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 06 2016-4

Salkantay trek 5 days

The hike was very beautiful and worth it! The first day we were picked up to late, what was really bad in the middle of the night.
After the hike we had a siesta on the campsite. This could be shorter, so that there more time to spend at the lake. The second day was doable ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 06 2016

Nos llaman chicas locas

Really loved the trek and the company.
Best parts:
- Victor and Jorge were amazing guides. They went above and beyond to explain Peruvian culture, Inca history , Quechua, and the trek. They always made sure to keep track of everyone and keep the atmosphere positive and encouraging. Victor did a great job juggling ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 06 2016-5

Salkantay adventure 6-10th June 2016

Very pretty hiking trek, absolutely amazing views. Would do it again. Path it not to hard, altitude is.
Food was really good, the organization tried to make different meals everytime, only breakfast could be more stuff to put on your bread than only jam and butter. I had altitude sickness and the guide (gorge) really helped me, he did ... Continue Reading