Peru travel March 15 2016-4

Lactose Intolerance

The entirety of this trip was dedicated to my grandma and my parents' incomplete dreams. It was always their wish to trek up to Machu Picchu but due to different circumstances they were unable to achieve this. So their dreams became mine.
This has been the most physically and mentally challenging trip I've been on thus far ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 13 2016-7

we are the best team

This is the first time in my life go hiking for such along time (usually I just spent out one or two days go hiking and carried much lighter stuffs).
I will confess that I didnot expect this trial is so challenging but I met the best team - best guides, porters, teammates. I gained a unique experience that ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 13 2016-1

Best trek ever. Hakuchu!!! xD

The trek was really good. Victor is a great guide. His explanations was clear. We felt that he really likes his job, taking care of people and making sure that everything goes right for every one. Marco was very friendly and helping too.
The meals was very good as well, and well fournished. We was really taken good care ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 14 2016-1

Was a weird Peruvian trip

Bottom line: good scenery, good guide, good porters, and good weather. Marco our guide was a true believer of passing on the culture and took every opportunity to instill in us the values and beliefs of the Inca. Actually one of the things he taught us was that inca meant "King" and wasn't the name of the people, but I ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 14 2016

They aré the insiders!

Top notch operation! Tour guides passionate and historically knowledgeable. Everyone genuinely cared and put customer enjoyment first! Best experience of my life.!
Food like on a cruise ship, yet in the middle of the wilderness! This company had an "in" with best camping spots and best porters, cooks. They will take care of you! Picked us up ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 14 2016-1

Amazing experience!

I really don't have enough words of praise for the experience I had over the past four days and three nights.
The Inca Trail Reservations was beyond organized and accommodating to everything we needed for our trek. Our guide Marco was incredible, his knowledge of Machu Picchu and the history of the ruins and the spirit of the mountain ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 14 2016-4

Somebody give these guys gold stars

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. If it was not for Marco and our chasquis this trip would not have been possible for me.
After getting sick the first night the team went above and beyond in healing me physically and mentally. The chasquis were such an inspiration to me and encouragement always laughing and smiling. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 14 2016-2

Amazing adventure

Amazing adventure, physically and spiritually. The guide Marco, chief, and the porters were all awesome.
Overall the experience exceeded all my expectations. I would recomend this trip to my friends and family. In fact once i get home i will recomend the inca Trail and this specific company to any one who i hear wants to come to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 14 2016

Great Job

The entire trip was incredible. From the hard work of the chaskis, to the knowledgeable guide Marco, all of my expectations were met and more.
The food was amazing and unique. The tents and camp accommodations were as good as any at home. The camp sites all provided incredible views. Marco was a great guide who took ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 13 2016

what goes down must go back up!!!!!

I never knew how hard it would be to complete the Inca Trail, and I would of never made it if it wasnt for encouragement and support from awesome guides Victor and Marco and all my new friends we made from all over the world. Not only did Victor support and inform us throughout the whole trail but he brought ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 13 2016

vamoosh amigos lets go!!

I have never done a trek like this before and when booking I knew it would be tough but didnt realise just what a big challenge it would be.
Victor and Marco were very encouraging and when times got tough, especially on the second day, they both kept me motivated to keep going and get to the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 13 2016-2

Great time !!!

It was very nice, too expensive especially when I learnt how much others tourists paid, and don t tell me our porters get a better salary !!!
I didn't t like the office girl who try to save some money on our pick upend has been rude to me.
Beside that, the staff was amazing, porters, cook, and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 13 2016

It’s all worth it!

I never thought I could finish the entire trek. Doing my first hike in Machu Picchu made me realize the literal meaning of the old saying, "attitude determines altitude."
This was one of my toughest and challenging experience of my life; thanks to much motivation from the guide, I completed the entire journey. Although the challenge was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 13 2016-7

Crossfit :)

This Is the first time I try this kind of hiking trip. Victor and his team took good care of us. Four day of hiking is not easy, I can not finish it without their help.
The chef cooked us different food every meal. The guide stayed with me when i am falling behind. They also ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 13 2016-4


I really enjoy the trip with hiking in the inca trail, I have so much fun trekking, making friends along the way, enjoying local food in Peru, watching the stars at night, talking to the locals, learning Spanish.
The guides did a very good job, explaining the history of the inca's, making sure we are in good condition, walking ... Continue Reading