Peru travel January 09 2016-1

El Gringo Gigante

This Inca Trail experience was wonderful from start to finish. Our guide Juan Carlos was both knowledgeable about the trail and the sights along the way and fun to boot.
The team of porters and the group chef were amazing as well, always having camp and/or meals prepared exactly on time.We got so lucky with our weather considering the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 09 2016

A adventure you don’t wanna miss!

I have been wanting to walk this inca trail for a decade, I'm so pleased with Inca Trail Reservations.
I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a thrilling , knowledgeable well organized trek to the amazing Machu Picchu . Snakes and ladders is an old time fav for me , this was right up my alley food was ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 09 2016-2

First trail in my life

First day I was scared to do this trip because I had a problem with altitude. On the and off the they I was happy I made.
The second day was hard but it was worth. The last day I couldn't expect more. One word amazing. Your crew members were excellent through all days. They help as in any ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 04 2016-1

Machu Picchu was as I imagined

I enjoyed the inca trail from the 4th to the 7th january 2016 . The team was great, the porters made an amazing job , our guide was very cultivated about Inca culture and cheerful on the hard paths. Machupicchu was as imagined it !! . The food was very varied each day and delicious .
I regret that ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 08 2016-10

Camino del Inca con descanso.

El día 8 de enero nos embarcamos en la Aventura, ya programada hacía tiempo, de realizar el camino del Inca caminando para llegar al Machu Pichu. Particularmente lo inicié por interés, curiosidad y para saber mas a cerca de nuestra historia latinoamericana.
Tomamos un colectivo, con mi novio, Beto, y nos dirigimos hacia el camino para comenzar el recorrido ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 08 2016-3

En el cielo con los apus

Soñé estos días por mucho tiempo. La experiencia fue hermosamente sublime, creo que es inenarrable; imposible describir cada historia que nos abrigo en las alturas sagradas del camino del Inca.
La historia de nuestros antepasados, su cultura, su lengua, su arquitectura, su farmacopea la sabiduría estelar de los hijos del Sol poderoso !!!, Cada comida del majestuoso Perú, cada ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 08 2016-1

Super Dope Inca Trail

It was a lot better than I thought it would be! The hike wasn't too bad and everyone was very encouraging including the porters!.
Our guides were very involved and liked hanging out with us and the porters. We also learned a lot about the culture behind the inca's, not just the facts. When our guides told us this ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 08 2016-1

Funny Title

Going to Macchu Picchu has been something I've wanted to do for as long as I have known about it and getting there by the Inca Trail was an extremely unique and rewarding experience.
Inca Trail Reservations was awesome and exceeded all expectations. Food was excellent and impressed me for every meal - how do you bake a cake ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 08 2016-7

I have funny face! kk

I came to Peru with great expectations. I enjoy tracking in Korea. I heard Inca tracking and I want to go Cusco for Inca tracking.
This trail is so wonderful. I have seen wonderful things. Particularly Inca ruins gave me a big impression. How did they create such a culture!! It's so amazing!!
So Inca trail reservation ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 08 2016-3

Kissing to the porter

I took the special Trail for four days. When I started the trekking, I really want a come back home.
I had a lot of concerned about this trip and it should be the greatest challenge in my life. In the end of the Trail, i was choose e by Paul to give kiss to the head of porter. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 08 2016

Really old stuff and stuff

As with many steps into the unknown, (in this case regarding tour groups) equal parts excitement and nervousness are expected, and many questions arise:
Who will be in our group? Who will be our guide? Will the experience live up to my expectations? In this case, all questions were answered with beyond excellent results and our expectations exceeded further ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 08 2016

Wonky Donkey

I couldn't have asked for a better guide, the perfect mixture of leadership and friendship... The trail itself was tough at times but unbelievable, really special.
Of course we got lucky with a nice group and pretty good weather, but the incredible food and the kindness of the porters alongside the passionately informative guiding of Paul made the trip ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 08 2016-7

The Bucket List Hike

The hike was absolutely incredible and by far blew away any expectations I had! The crew we hiked with was great everyone was very friendly and bonded throughout the journey. What made the trek for me was our guides Paul and Marco, they were super knowledgable and made it fun.
Their stories and history that they shared a long ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 08 2016-9

Stairway to Heaven

The Inca Trail was an incredible experience! The tour guides did an excellent job of relating Incan history in an interesting way throughout the trek.
The Trail was challenging yet so rewarding when accomplished. Anyone can do this as the guides allow you to go at your own pace. The food throughout the trek was very good ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 08 2016

The best treks

Had an amazing time trekking the inca trail. It was a lot of hard work and think I will be aching for weeks but the views you got throughout were amazing.
I have never been in such varied scenery, one minute you a trekking through the Andean mountains and the next you are trekking through the cloud forest. ... Continue Reading