Peru travel July 22 2017

The Horseman and friends

I had a truly incredible time on this trek of a lifetime. The briefing was very thorough and made me feel comfortable. Our guide, Henrri, was amazing from the start. Simon and Tomas made sure we were well fed and properly nourished the whole time. His cooking was impeccable and kept us on our toes, in the best way possible. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 22 2017

So so cold

The experience has been totally awesome. From start to finish the quality of the trek in every detail has been outstanding from the tour guide to the horseman to the chef.
The attention to detail and the knowledge that our guide Henrry had was fantastic and really added another dimension. The cooking was also amazing given the limited ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 22 2017-1

An outing with al sexness

I had an amazing time on this trip. It was fantastically well organized from the briefing in cusco to the organization of the bags which were transported by the horseman, not to mention the stunning food provided by simon and thomas.
Henry our tour guide was a great guy. Good humor and was very insightful and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 22 2017

Altitude 🤘Sickness🤘

Trek was fantastic. Food was delicious, everything went smoothly, kitchen staff was so friendly, and Henry was a brilliant guide very knowledgable, helpful, fun, funny, and professional.
The only negative thing I have to say about the tour is this 100 word review. A bit forced, and we're not even at Machu Picchu yet, but whatever. Ok, still ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 22 2017-1

Altitude sexness

Our trek was a fun adventure braving the cold mountain, bonding over roasted marshmallows and lost rum. We became a tight knit family on the way to Machu Picchu!.
Henry was a great, caring guide that truly cared for our group. He even lent me his socks when i couldnt them warmed up during our morning hike. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 21 2017-2


First time in Peru and i tackled the hardest hike I've ever done. Trained for 6 months at sea level and hoped that i wouldn't die on the mountains.
Started at low altitude by the river and slowly worked my way to the peak. I didn't get altitude sickness, break ankle, or die! Plus there was great food, entertaining ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 21 2017

Lama cola

Everything perfect. Great guide and great porters. Was expecting to be hungry for most of the trip but the food was perfect and lot of quantity.
Amazing views and it was great that everybody could go at their own pace. Cesar was really funny and kind the whole trip, so was Derex. The porters were really funny and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 21 2017-2

Crapping on the Inca Trail

All around a fantastic adventure. The entire crew of guys was extremely energetic and positive the entire trek.
Cesar and Derex were extremely helpful the entire time as well as extremely friendly. I definitely consider Cesar to be a friend after this trip. I absolutely recommend the trip to anyone interested. Plenty of amazing scenery and animals along ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 21 2017


For me this was an amazing experience. Had been planning it for a long time and had built a lot of anticipation and the trip did not disappoint.
Simply breathtaking. Our guides Cesar and Derex were really great. They were both very prepared about the trek and were ready to answer any question that we had. They also made ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 18 2017

Watching birds with Everth

We felt v ery well informed , he explained all our options and made us exalted to begin . Awesome , he answered all the questions and asked .
Another things and really liked an that he gave us a lot of freedom , everyone just walked his own face . Also had a lot of ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 17 2017-1

A gay day in Peru

From day one everything run like clockwork, i would highly recommend this company to anyone, very professional in every respect. The trek is so well organise from our tour guide Juan Carlos to the cooks ! .
The food was amazing how they provide this on a mountain side is unbelievable . The trek route is excellent . We ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 19 2017-4

Heaven and underworld

Inca trail was excellent. Day 1 was pretty easy. It had small scale ascent and descent. Day 2 was most difficult. It was uphill for 5 hours.
But the dead woman pass was awesome at 4200 metre. U can see the glaciers on one side and a valley on another side. Then u go down to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 19 2017

Downhill – the descent into hell

The trek was existing, exhausting and adventurous. To be true i enjoyed the hike through the inca trail more than the actual Machu Pichu site itself.
Specially the moment when we reached the top of the hill and sight there was just spectacular. The food was simple but delicious( though it could just be that I was just ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 19 2017-1

Break your legs on the stairs trail

My first backpacking experience turned out really well. A knowledgeable and experienced guide and a really good chef made it easy to survive.
It was a gradual increase in difficulty each day which in the end made it feel like we have accomplished something. It was good to know the history of the incas while exploring the mountains, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 19 2017-1

Meeting pachamama

Tiring! but oh so satisfying. The porters and tour guide took really good care of us. The chef cooked really tasty food.
There were some communication problems but nothing major. Anybody wanting to come here and do the inca trail is recommended to learn basic Spanish. Every day was an energetic beginning and reaching a campsite at the ... Continue Reading