Peru vacation July 16 2016-8

Experiencia fabulosa

Quatro dias de Inka Trail foram inesquesiveis. A reserva pela Internet foi muito boa. Todas as perguntas antes da viagem foram respondidas muito rapidas.
Os guias foram fantasticos. A comida oferecia foi maravilhosa e rica. A organizacao foi perfeita. As imagens recebidas no percurso foram inesquesiveis. O tempo tambem ajudou. Gostei muito, apesar do cancasso, mas foi um cancasso ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 16 2016-2

Adventure of a lifetime!

Amazing experience! I will recommend this hike to everyone who wish for an adventure of a lifetime!!.
Beautiful nature, delicious food (especially the stuffed avocados!!), and exiting historic sites along the hike. Our guides was incredible, and shared a lot of knowledge about history and nature. The trail itself was a little though, so you should be prepared for ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 16 2016-3

Awesome Inca Trail and sexy lamas

The Inca Trail was just amazing!!. Stunning views throughout the hike and incredible Inca arceological sites and trails.
Could not have asked for better guides; stuffed with historical knowledge, stories, guiding skills and not the least humor. The food was a highlight of its own, with the chef somehow serving gourmet meals in the middle of the Andes. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 16 2016-7

Marco Paulo xxx

First of all I want to thanks Paul and all his crew. They are such nice guys and we had a wonderful time with them.
Paul is a really interesting guide and we learnt a lot from him. He shared all his passion of the Inca culture and I'm so grateful of it. The cook is amazing and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 16 2016-3

A lot of fun and sexy lamas

A real Adventure leads by passionated and passionating. It was so beautiful all long, so many different and magnificient landscapes, a luxury nature.
The Crew was formidable, all porter did an excellent job especially the Chef who did só much good meals. We just have to put our feet under the table. It was also an overpassing ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 16 2016-5

Une experience unique

Une aventure personnelle et collective incroyable. Beaucoup d'emotions partagées. Des paysages variés toujours plus beaux les uns que les autres, des lieux chargés d'histoire racontés avec merveille et beaucoup de passion par Paul, guide vraiment super. Un trek qui restera longtemps dans ma memoire.
Une equipe geniale, des porteurs toujours souriants, genereux, nous sommes traités comme des rois ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 16 2016-5

THE trek of a lifetime

I had the greatest time on the inca trail with my friends! We also met great guys for the best hiking experience.
Paul is the best guide ever! His kindness, unlimited knowledge, and passion for the incas and Peru 's history made this trek even more unforgettable! Landscapes were unbelievably beautiful!.
Paul, Thank you very much for your ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 16 2016-1

Adventures of the big chichi’s

I don't think I really knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this journey.
It was by far the most challenging hike I had ever been on before, but also the most rewarding. Day two was grueling, but totally worth every ounce of sweat. Making it to the end of the hike was ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 16 2016

Trek of a life time

I've been lucky to see some amazing things in my life but nothing comes close to seeing the view of Machu picchu from the sun gate after 4 days of hiking the inca trail.
This trek threw so many challenges and memories at me that I will never forget. Reaching Machu Picchu was one of the biggest ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 16 2016-1

The Marco Polo Adventure

Our trek started off great and only got better. The hard trek was well rewarded with beautiful scenery but wouldn't have been nearly as great without the enhancement the Inca Trail Reservations team provided.
The porters were amazing. They were nice and always cheerful. The main chef was a legend. He made some of the greatest meals I've ever ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 08 2016

Inca eventyr

Det var fire veldig fine dager. Maten var veldig bra, og vi spiste forett og hovedrett til hvert maaltid.
Siste dagen laget kokken til og med en kake. Turen er ganske tung, spesielt dag to og 3. Men det er fantastisk natur og masse aa se paa-. Det skjedde dessverre noe paa slutten av turen som gjorde at vi ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 14 2016-1

Life begins at 40 !!

I was looking for a new Adventure, something different, challenging and rewarding ... It was so much more than that.
What an amazing, once In a lifetime experience !! Peru is a beautiful place and im so blessed to have had this experience with 9 other cool guys !! The trail was very well organized. I am vegitarian and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 14 2016

Live your life. Don’t waste it.

Inca trail was mad! Mad mad mad. But I enjoyed it so much. We have passed a few inca sites, the scenery was beautiful.
Every day we were served yummy meals and at 5:30pm we had happy hour. Rony our guide was very attentive, he waited for us if we were late catching up the main group. I would ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 14 2016-3

Machu Pichu hike

It has been a great trip to Machu Pichu and doing the inka trail. It has been really though at some points but it has really been worth it because it has been an amaising experience and trip.
The best experience was that we were able to be first in line for the sun gate this morning thanks to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 14 2016

Amazing Trip

Our Inca trail Trek with Inca Trail Reservations was an amazing experience !!. My Fiance and I had a great time despite my being ill leading up to our trip and for the first couple days of our trek.
Our cook made me special tea, the guide, Rony, was very patient and supportive, the porters were very helpful for ... Continue Reading