Machu Picchu vacation April 21 2017-1

Pain is beauty :)

This was the most challenging, yet most fulfilling experience of my life! The camp set up was amazing and the food was delicious! .
All of the staff was very friendly and helpful. The guides were informative and made sure you were comfortable. Everyone in the group bonded and cheered each on. It was physically and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 23 2017

Beautiful Mountains

This trek was amazing!. But be prepared for the altitude. I got very sick for the first two days but Paul and Jimmy were very accommodating.
They were constantly checking on me and talked to the guys on the trail to get me a horse to the next camp. I was better just in time for the hot ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 23 2017

The avocado hot dog

The Salkantay trek was an awesome experience. You get a diverse exposure of Peru, from lakes to the Andean mountains and the tropical forest.
The incline hike on the first day was a challenge due to the altitude sickness. However, the view was breathtaking seeing the snow caps on the Salkantay and also hearing the Avalanche. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 23 2017-2

Sexy Chicas

This trip was truly amazing. The geography is absolutely beautiful. I can't even describe how beautiful this place is.
Paul and Jimmy were great! We wouldn't have been able to do this trip without them. They were very helpful, keeping us motivated and pushing us along the path when we were very very tired. Be sure to bring ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 21 2017


This was a very challenging but fantastic trek. We met great people from all over the world.
Paul and Jimmy kept us safe and comfortable. This is something every adventurer should do atleast once in a lifetime. The food was ah-mazing, I have no idea how the cooks prepared the great meals while on the trail, but they ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 23 2017

Mosquito Bait

The Salkantay trek was wonderful with great people and awesome guides. Even with with the altitude sickness and the mosquitos, it was worth every bite and pulsating headache.
The Andes mountains are breathe taking for those who desire adventure and wild beauty. The stars, biting cold, and guides who teach the Peruvian lore of their ancestors only magnify ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 19 2017-1

Inca stairway to death and resurrection

Amazing service from porters and guide. Great hot meals each day. Our guide was Victor and he was very knowledgable about the trail and Machu Picchu itself.
Don't underestimate day 2 through Dead Woman's Pass. It was the most physically strenuous day that I can recall, esp with the big pack on your back. Incredible views ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 19 2017

Best leg workout ever

Best leg workout of my life. Victor, our guide, was very informative and helpful. The cook and the porters were amazing.
They set up the camps and had food ready for us every lunch and camp night. It was an experience of a lifetime. I will never forget the grueling 4 days. The payoff at the end was amazing, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 19 2017-2

Going to hell for 4 days

It was a life changing experience climbing to these high elevation mountain passes. As our guide Victor said, the trek was like paying for all your sins.
I was struggling for breath and fitness and was regularly the slowest person in the group but Victor and our porters were very patient and helped me beyond what ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 19 2017

Un viaje inolvidable

El viaje fue espectacular, supero todas mis expectativas y fue muy emocionante, la atención y el valor humano fueron de lo mejor.
Espero poder repetir esta experiencia. La comida estuvo excelente ya qui pudimos probar los sabores de Perú en el camino del inca. El clima fue de lo mejor y estuvo muy como do. El ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 19 2017-3

Old mama did it!

Amazing is the word! I was told it would be hard and it was, even more hard than I thought.
But it was so worth it! Fantastic nature with spectacular views and perfect weather, sunny every day. The food vas perfectly balanced for our needs, I'm impressed of the work all a of the staff did. And ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 19 2017

Great ‘family’ experience

This was such a great trek! . The trail was tough sometimes, but we had a fantastic guide and porter team and our small trekking team got along and stayed together so well that it made for a really great time.
The trail was full of incredible views, between the panoramic mountain views and the awesome ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 17 2017-2

Equipo Cocaman!

A viagem foi ótima ao todo. Todos muito atenciosos e prestativos! Além da caminhada ser incrivel, Ever nos explicou sobre a cultura local, a história dos lugares e até mesmo nos contou sobre sua vida e nos apresentou a amigos locais, tornando a nossa viagem visivelmente uma experiencia singular e diferencial.
Mateo foi sempre muito atencioso ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 17 2017

Equipo Cocamen❤️ (the best)

This trip was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. Apart from the amazing views that the Salkantay trail provides, our guide, Ever, was the best.
He taught us all about the Inka culture, in a very careful and detailed manner. He also answered to all of our questions and was very patient and well ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 17 2017-1

Equipo Cocaman

The trip as awesome. The guide team was exceptional and provided the best experience ever. Mateo, the cooker had always an smile, and gave us warm, delicious food.
He was very kind and polite with all of us. Ever Suma, our guide, was very attencious. He provided what is probably one of my favorite trail trips of my ... Continue Reading