Machu Picchu trip November 28 2016-2


Absolutely amazing trip with these guys. Everything you'd want from an inca trail trek. Tough but definitely worth it.
Great food provided. The tour guides are awesome, great banter during the whole trip. The tour guides also provided a great perspective on the history side of the whole trek/inca civilization, which was great.
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Peru travel November 28 2016


Had an amazing time with inca trail reservations. Tour guide was very helpful and friendly and made sure he explained the historical sites properly.
They had detailed knowledge of the trail and Machu Pichu. Also ensured everyone stayed together at all times and made sure everyone was safe. Food was good for the hike, well prepared ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 26 2016

The No Shower Power

The Inca Trail has so far been my favorite experience of Peru. I have done some hikes before and have always been fond of nature walking and the like, but never on this scale. This hike is massive! However, the 4 days of trekking the 26 miles (or so) with all the varying degrees of scenery and climates makes this ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 26 2016

Do the Inca Trail

The Trail was fanstastic. The Guide was really kind and explaned a lot. The food was amazing, we even had cake one night.
It is defently worth walking the 4 days. Even thoght the bathrooms are sometimes not the most welcoming ones ;) . All in all i would do it again. Best experience on mytrip so ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 26 2016

Awesome experience!

The whole experience with Inca Trail Reservations was awsesome !!. Right from the start the hike was very well organised and we had a small group.
Manuel our guide was insightful, helpful and great. He made sure the trip was heaps of fun and as good as it could be. He also took us to the best ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 23 2016-6


The Inca Trail Reserations team was incredibly welcoming and kind to our large group of students.
The guides were eager to teach us the history of the sites and very willing to answer any and all questions. Our guide was passionate about what his work and the people he represents on his tours. I never had a need that ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 23 2016-2

Once in a Lifetime Experience

This experience was truly once in a lifetime. Seeing Machu Picchu was obviously incredible, however actually hiking the Inca Trail, learning all about the complex ancient culture, and ending our 8 hour hike walking up to Machu Picchu was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in my entire life.
The guides were absolutley incredible, ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 23 2016-1

Breathless (but maybe from the altitude)

My experience hiking Machu Picchu with Inca Trails was incredible. It was definitely physically demanding; I have never done such a challenging hike.
The altitude alone was a little challenging, as oxygen seemed a little less readily available. But the guides are incredible knowledgable and kind- they help you go at whatever pace you need and encourage ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 23 2016-5

So thankful for choosing Inca Trail!!!!

When planning our trip to Peru, Machu Picchu was a must. We researched many companies and decided on Inca Trail because they planned all of our transportation, lodging, and food.
I was hesistant to have to use a tour company to experience the Inca trail, but now with the experience I had with Inca Trail, I could not imagine ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 23 2016-1

Don´t forget to look down too

The hike up Machu Picchu is filled with gorgeous scenery that will distract you from pesky rocks and other uneven ancient paved roads that are out to trip you.
So remember not just to watch the amazing rolling hills and mountains and the sheer drop down the valley but also the tiny little rocks in front of your feet. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 23 2016-3

Beginner machu pichu hike

This trip was one of the most incredible expierences of my entire ife. I havent hiked much in my life but because of this trip, that is going to change.
The guides were incredibly helpful and knowledgable about all of the places we visited and learned about, and were able t oanswer all of my questions. I ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 23 2016-6

One Breath, One Step at a Time

Machu Picchu has been on my bucketlist for as long as i can remember. I got the chance to facetime my family in the city and show them up close the history behind the amazing city.
Day 1, we hiked the shortened Inca Trail, it was a tough but beautiful hike. The second day we went a hiked around ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 23 2016-2

Getting eaten alive during the time of my life

I would highly recommend using Inca Trails to do the Machu Picchu hike. Despite getting eaten alive as I decided to wear shorts, the hike was totally worth the 8 or so hours it took our group of 15.
We had experienced hikers as well as first timers and everybody had the time of their life. Our tour guide ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 23 2016-4

Worth It!

I was a little nervous before starting the trek, as I am not an experienced hiker. Yes, it was hard work, but completely worth it.
I can not imagine just taking the bus up to Machu Picchu instead of hiking the Inca Trail. We got to explore many ruins that I did not even know existed. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 23 2016-3

Thought I was dying, but so worth it!

I had such a great time hiking the Inca Trail. Our guide, Paul, was very friendly and helpful.
I am not an experienced hiker, and had only ever done one before, and though the hike was difficult for me, I made it through and it was so worth it! Hiking for 7 hours and then arriving the way that ... Continue Reading