Peru trip December 19 2016

You will never want to touch a Sol again.

The guides made sure that everyone in the group was always having a great time. The food was AMAZING!.
It was always exciting to see what would be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never once went hungry. If the chef entered Iron Chef he would probably be the winner. I was able to get a much ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation December 19 2016

Amazing experienca at the inca trail

I was just having one of the best experience in my life by entering the inca trail with this special group and especially the team (Paul and Marco as well as the kitchen team and the porter)!!!
Everything was organised in a propper way and thy have being taken care of us all the time.
The guidelines and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 18 2016

Hiker Trash

My fiancé and I decided to spend our Christmas vacation doing something special this year.
I have always wanted to see Machu Picchu so as a couple of adventures we decided why not hike our way there and learn about the history. From the start when we booked our trip through Inca Trail agency it was a pleasant ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 18 2016


I had such an amazing experience! From the time I booked the trip until I got to see Machu Picchu, Inca Trail Reservations did an amazing, thorough job.
After I booked the trip the Inca Trail Reservations agent answered all of my questions and was a great source of information. The travel agent also spoke perfect English which was ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 18 2016-2

Four days of goodness

The Inca Trail was absolutely breathtaking! Before going on the hike, I have heard amazing things and seen pictures of inca ruins, but being on the trail was a whole new experience.
The process of the hike was enjoyable at every single stage. We walked through landscapes that changed with the altitude, from mountain passes to jungle trails. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 18 2016-1

Escape from civilization in comfort

What an experience! Great views of the Andes Mountains, visits to different archaeological sites of the Inca civilization, and learning about the local flora and fauna.
Visiting Machu Picchu itself, while eye opening, is only one small part of the experience. Learning about the other Inca sites and the history of the Inca civilization greatly enhanced the historical value. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 01 2016

Civilización incaica

El camino inca es una experiencia fantástica y cautivadora; el paso por paisaje fascinantes junto a los restos de los templos santuarios de la civilización incaica que salpican todo el camino es una experiencia única .
Una experiencia que aún el esfuerzo físico ya que hay dos pasos de montañas exigentes , el aprendizaje sobre esta civilización ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 01 2016

Experiencia inolvidable

El camino Inca ha sido una experiencia inolvidable .Desde su inicio me cautivo la atmósfera misteriosa y su ambiente amigable .
Todos esperábamos disfrutar de 4 días mágicos y a posterior puedo confirmar que se obtiene mas de lo que esperaba . Cada manifiesto de civilización Inka , cada camino , cada campamento , ha dejado la más ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 05 2016

Viva coca tea

This trek was absolutely amazing. Could not have asked for a better experience. Not only enjoyable but one of the most rewarding experiences I've had the privilege of doing.
Each day on the trail was an incredible adventure. Seeing the inca sites along the way coupled with the incredible views of the Andes was absolutely mesmerizing.
... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 05 2016

One does not simply walk to Machu Picchu

From the beginning to the end perfect organization!. Great crew, awesome food and service.
The trail was exactly the right difficulty. Best thing was the hot tea de coca in the tent every morning! . Unfortunately it was raining really hard at Machu Picchu. But we saw some really nice inca sites before, so it was not too bad. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 05 2016

Shit happens

I wasn't able to do it. I joined the group at Machu Picchu this morning. I really liked the tour and we got good informations about this place. Nice background infos you will not get if you do it on your own.
I would like to say thank you for this short but special trip! I ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 03 2016

If only I had known!

If I had know how difficult the trek was I probably would have just taken the bus to Machu Picchu!. But , it was worth it. My daughter, 15 years old, spent part of 2 of the days vomiting along the Inca Trail. But she too survived! My son, 12 years old, fared much better.
The ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation December 03 2016


This was the hardest and best thing I have ever done. When given the opportunity to do this from a friend from Peru, I didn't have to even think about it.
My dad, step father, was a master carpenter and taught me all that I know about construction. I wish I could have shared this experience with ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 03 2016-2

I almost died but I’m okay

Very fun and stressful on the body. Almost died but I made it, had so much fun. The view of Machu Picchu is so beautiful, it ,makes it all worth it even if you almost die.
Many beautiful sights. My body hurt after day 2 but will be worth it on the last day makes the pain ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 29 2016

Great experience

The briefing was very informative !! . The guide , Jorge Luis was truly the oest , so carried and knowledgable . The guide was very knowledgable , we all learned a lot of valuable knowledge . The food very good .
Our chef was awesome , you will need the help with carrying your camping stuff ... Continue Reading