Sexy Dirty Dozen

Henrry and Jimmy are amazing!!! The trek was so beautiful and the fact that Jimmy and Henrry also shared the Andean culture with us was very special. I feel like I have not only gained friends but brothers. The trip was amazing to say the least. I can't wait to get home and recommend these two and this trek to ... Continue Reading

El Pinguino

I had the best time with Inca Trail Reservations. Our guides Henrry and Jimmy were very professional and gave us great insight into Incan and Peruvian culture.
Jimmy is a great assistant guide. Whenever we had trouble or issues on the trek, he would be there to lend a helping hand.
The chefs did not disappoint once. ... Continue Reading

Sexy Dirty dozen

I chose the Salkantay Trail because it wasn't as full and popular as the other options. It was the perfect choice, as I was going for a deeper and closer connection with the packs mama and myself. Precisely because of that I felt so lucky To be in such a warm group with great, unique and lovely people. On top ... Continue Reading

Dirty dozen

Overall it was a great experience! I would recommend it in a heartbeat.
Henry and Jimmy were both very knowledgeable and patient. They both accommodated the "not so fit" trekker and was very patient with me when I struggled with altitude sickness.
The deep knowledge provided by Henrry was insightful as we come across various flora, fauna and ... Continue Reading

Sexy dirty dozen

I am so happy to have chosen this group and company. I have felt so comfortable the whole trek despite not having trekked much before. Jimmy and Henrry are fantastic guides and we have learnt so much, never felt pressured and always felt cared for. The support staff, namely Raoul and Walter were amazing to make sure our stuff and ... Continue Reading

The amazingly awesome trip

The trip was guided by Henrry and Jimmy and their enthusiasm was completely incredible. Henrry shared his expertise with the Inka culture and knowledge of the the Salkantay trail and was beyond perfect with his explanations and information.
Jimmy kept the group up beat and interested as well. Jimmy was extremely helpful throughout the entire trip and both ... Continue Reading

Sexy Dirty Dozen

The initial nerves were settled immediately after meeting Henrry, Jimmy, Walter, Raoul and the support crew. To say they are a credit to the company would be an understatement. They completely made my trip, and I was overwhelmed by the support system in place!! It has felt like I have spent the past 5 days as part of a family. ... Continue Reading

Dirty dozen

Great adventure!
Henrry had been an awesome guide, he shared his passion with the group and Jimmy had been a great "body guard" throughout the entire trek.
Love the campsite, especially the first one :)
Wonderful crews and had a great time with the group.
The trek was hard on the first day but it was ... Continue Reading

Camping dummy and Inca addict

It is literately my first time to camp, or hike more than 6 hours. I don't know how to set my expectations. And I think it's fair to say that now my expectation for future hiking/camping trips are sky high. During the entire trip, I felt that I'm challenged and surprised in a fantastic way. The four day hike is ... Continue Reading

Survival words

I had never camped prior to this trip, nor have I hiked for more than half a day. So when I booked this trip, I had no idea what I signed up for. But the guide and the staff team made almost everything easier. The guide is professional, knowledgable and enthusiastic about the Inca heritage, and has a great sense ... Continue Reading

Lifestyles of the tired and happy.

We had just gotten off the bus and it was raining. I was prepared to have a soggy start to our adventure. Within ten minutes the slight rain had stopped and everything just kept getting better after that. As we hiked towards our first lunch stop our guide Juan Carlos told us about the local flora, fauna, and ruins. We ... Continue Reading

Stairway to heaven

I could not have asked for more on this trek. The guides were knowledgable, the food excellent, and the porters more than efficient. We are avid hikers in the United States and we even learned something new from the porters about hiking downhill. I have gained an awesome respect for the Inca civilizations and how they thrived in the Andes ... Continue Reading

Speedy gonzales

Everything about this trip was exilerating, exhausting, rewarding, and well i could not imagine a better experience. Do not get me wrong the trek is hard even for someone in great Shape. But the views aré so worth it, Machu Pichu was not the highlight for me, it was the quiet secluded inca runes where only the hard working hikers ... Continue Reading

Speedy Gonzalez

Everything was great! It was all well organised and everything ran smoothly. Our porters and guide gave 100% effort to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. They really cared about us enjoying the hike. I was quite impressed with how everything was always set up and waiting for us at our camp sites. But the most impressive thing was ... Continue Reading

Speedy Gonzalez

The trip was 100 times more than I expected. The food was excellent, and every day the sights were better and better. All of the camping equipment was up-to-date, and the porters were always polite and efficient (and not to mention very impressive. Our guide, JC, was very knowledgable, motivating, and always let us trek at our own pace. Those ... Continue Reading