Machu Picchu trip May 16 2016

Sexy Condors

The entire experience with Inca Trail Reservations company is amazing. Right from meeting Henry during our briefing when we were explained what to ware what to bring, we knew we are in good hands.
Henry explained and provided us with duffle bags, we even got a free hot chocolate, at 6 am, we met our team and our journey ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 16 2016

Sexy Condors

The entire experience is unbelievable. Starting from the first meeting with Henry at the office we knew we are in good hands.
He explained us the time we would be picked up from the hotel, the cloth to bring, the boots to ware. We got the duffle bag. We went back to the hotel, pack our stuff, ... Continue Reading

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Sexy Condor

Hello Machu Picchu, I am glad I made one of the best decisions of my life to come and visit you. I really enjoy all the moments we share as group of sexy condors commanded by our super condor Henry.
The entire three days journey was fantastic and full of new things for me, I learned a lot ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 16 2016

Flight of the Condor

The trek along the inca trail was breath taking. For four days and three nights we have been in the capable hands of Henry the guide.
He is as charming as he is knowledgable and provides some fascinating insights and a calming present along the route. The scenery is indescribable, so I won't even try, but your ... Continue Reading

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My Andean Family – the sexy condors

I had no idea what to expect on this trip as it was my first trekking tour experience, but my expectations were not only matched but greatly surpassed. The guide, the food, the group - it all came together to form a truly incredible once in a life time trip. Our guide, Henrry, was so kind, funny, generous, and knowledgeable. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 11 2016

Though but definitely worth it!

Three months of travelling in South America and this was one of the highlights! The whole tour was well arranged, the guide Juan Carlos was great and the food provided by the cooks was delicious!.
Every meal was very well prepared and there was plenty of choice. The route you walk is a fun because you see several different ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 11 2016

Over 80 km of sheer joy!

The Salkantay trek was one of the highlights of my 3-month-trip trough South America! Juan Carlos was an excellent and awesome guide.
He told us all the ins and outs of the environment and the life of the Incas. The two cooks that travel along with you were very friendly and served us the best food you can ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 14 2016-1

Dinner with Vijay

I had a great time with Jorge and the entire crew including the porters and the chef. They took care of everything from arriving in cusco until the end of my trip.
Our guide was very knowledgable fun to be around and the food was amazing !! . I would recomend Inca Trail Reservations to anyone looking ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 11 2016

Amazing Experience

I had such an amazing experience on the trek. The views were absolutely breathtaking. Our guide, Juan Carlos, did a great jib of keeping us motivated, staying organized and helping us reach our destination having a great time.
I appreciated his positive attitude and how informative he was, always willing to answer questions and walking with us. The food ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 14 2016-6

No air no air

בכללי- הטרק היה מהמם, לא קל אבל בהחלט שווה כל מאמץ.
את היום הראשון התחלנו באיחור של שעה שקצת ביאס אותנו אבל הצלחנו להשלים קצת שעות שינה בדרך לתחילת המסלול. הלכנו בערך שעתיים למחנה שם השארנו את התיקים ועלינו ללגונה מהממת עוד כ5 קילומטרים (הטיפוס הראשון ומאתגר ביותר..) , כשחזרנו ארוחת הערב הייתה כבר מוכנה, אכלנו והלכנו לישון (זה ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 14 2016-1


הטיול היה מצוין
רוני היה אדיב ורציני
תיאר בפירוט תשובות על כל השאלות שנשאל
מקומות הלינה היו מורים ונוחים מקום לאוהלים היה בשפע
האוהלים ביום הראשון היו קטנים
לא התאימו לשלושה אנשים
כמו שביקשנו
היום הראשון החל באיחור וזה לא בסדר !
היום בו עלינו למקום הגבוה היה קשה במיוחד גבולי ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 14 2016

Worth the walk!

So glad I did the Salkantay Trek. The beauty of the landscapes exceeded my expectations and were well worth the time and effort of getting to them.
This was my hike of this duration so I was pleasantly surprised that the trek was relatively easy for me. Of course that would not have been the case without the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 14 2016-1

מסע ההשרדות האישי שלי

מסע ההשרדות האישי שלי
אני אתחיל ואציין כי הירק הזה שבחרנו לעשות היה מבחינתי מסע מופלא טפומאתגר במיוחד
התחיל בפגישה עם מדריך במשרד בקוסקוס שעבר איתנו על כל המסע והסביר מה אנחנו נעבור בכל יום
הנהג ביום הראשון הגיע באיחור של שעה!!!!!!
הגענו למקום המפגש יצאנו לדרך והתחלנו ללכת בנקודה הראשונה
הנוף היה מהממם הגענו ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 14 2016


MP was another of my bucket list items! Very happy t have finally completed the Inca trail. While there are a host of companies offering the 4 day adventure, Inca Trail Reservations have organized the tour very professionally.
The guide George (hor-he) looked after us very well. I struggled with altitude on day-2, but George took ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 13 2016-6

Hanging with Jesus

The trip was great in terms of balancing time spent hiking and time spent eating and resting.
The trip was a great balance of environments and sites. The days were long, but it is worth it. Chachy is a fun and good guide who can l lead any size group. Elvin was a phenomenal chef, and Antony was ... Continue Reading