Peru trip June 11 2015-3

To go or not to go

Three days after landing in Lima Peru, having a terrible cough, not eating enough and on time and a lot of things plans ahead. Who !!!! Is all i can say. Machu Picchu Trail trekking is yet to come.
Dont want to think about altitude sickness (can't sleep! upset stomach, short of breath, taking so much medicine to silence ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 11 2015

Barely Made It

First and foremost, I am not an athletic individual so my first thought of this adventure was "terrifying". After our first day, the hike and the camping, I was so proud of myself that I made it and did not hold anyone behind.
It was good to know that there was the other guide behind us at ALL times ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 11 2015-2

Best adventure

One of my bucket lists, checked! The best adventure in my life so far, 4day 3night Inca Trail experienced, I never thought that I could make it but I did it , it was hard but trekking for 4 days watching the beautiful mountains around you, it's the best thing ever in my life.
You will ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 11 2015-5

Greatest Adventure!!!

My greatest adventure yet!!! I learned a lot about myself on this trip and I won't be taking anything for granted after this.
We were fed well with very good satisfying food for the whole 4 days. Edwin and Jimmie were awesome, they were there all the way for us with encouraging words especially when the trail was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 11 2015-7

What stairs???!!!!

words in any language could not even begin to describe what this adventure meant to me , and how it will always mean to me. self discovery, mental and physical challenges both defied and defined my body and soul.
Thank you to the porters, aka our superhéroes for without them, this trip will never ever be possible. They ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 11 2015-2

never thought I’d make it!

This was a beautiful but challenging experience. The porters we had were amazing. From carrying all our things up the trail,setting up lunch then, tearing it down moving to our campsite and setting up our tents.
There was no way I could have done this trip without them. The chef on the trail was amazing. Making great food ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 09 2015-3

An adventure my feet will never forget

In a few days when I will look back on this trek there will only be great things to tell. Right now my body is sore and the thought about a good bed is on my mind. But what caused this was an amazing trek with some wonderful people and a passionated guide Victor.
The nature of ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 09 2015-3

Amazed !!

I decided I could travel into cusco to explore and I searched a few different options. Most of them seemed really fun, but Inca Trail stood out. I was wish washy on my dates but I decided to pull the trigger anyway.
Patricia was incredibly helpful and helped book all my shuttle service, hostel and accommodations while I ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 09 2015-4

My feet hurts

My treck was amazing. I must admit i was sceptical in the beginning, but the view, the people, the food and Victor our guide made my trip.
Victor was informative about the history of the different places but especially helpful doing the treck. My feet was really hurting the second/hardest day, but Victor García took my backpack and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 07 2015

Puma power

We had an awesome group - guide, cooks, horseman and hiking companions! Everything went smoothly on the hike and I enjoyed every torturous step of it! Our guide was on top of everything and super informative.The food was incredible and the cooks were kindly accommodating of my food preferences and allergies.
The first campsite was great, despite the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 07 2015

Pumas for life!

The hike was awesome! The second day was tough but definitely worth the while. The views were amazing, and the group was awesome! Victor was a great guide and was very informative and fun! i really enjoyed the camp and the food each night.
It amazed me that you could make such good food with so little resources. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 08 2015

canadians vs the trail

I did the 4 days 3 nights inca trail trek tour. We were a nice small group of 6. Our guide, Juan Carlos was very knowlegeable and funny.
He was always positive and honest which is much appreciated on a long hike. The porters were kind and frankly impressive. The meals were very good and there was always ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 08 2015

Porters are my heros

Making the Inca Trail reservation was very simple on your web site. We also had a lot of help before arriving to Peru to plan our activities.The trail itself was amazing, and the group with which we walked it was very enjoyable.
The porters were respectful, always smilling and present for us the whole way. The meals were ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 08 2015-3

Amazing experience

I had an amazing four days on the Inca Trail. Sometimes the hicking was rought but we saw a lot of beautifull views. Our guide, Juan Carlos did a great job.
He is so passionate by the history of the Incas. It was so easy for us to listen to him and appreciate all the history during the trek. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 09 2015-2

My adventure

In a way, my adventure was the best thing ever. I loved it. Our guide Victor was the Man. Our meals were delicious. Our cook Fabián was the Coochiwato. Hilario was hilarious and Alejandro was the best horseman ever.
This tour was real cool. I mean real cool. Don't pack snacks. You don't need them. Do pack a ... Continue Reading