Peru trip March 14 2015-3

Once in a life time pilgrimage

The Inca Trail is such an amazing experience ! Love the scenery, the food and even the dangerous stairs ! Many thanks to our tour guides, and of course the cook and porters; without their help we would never have enjoyed the gorgeous food and the warm tents in the wild forest.
I love our group, in the four ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 14 2015-6

A real adventure

I loved the experience of hiking the Machu Picchu trail. I was surprised at how well we were taken care of by the entire staff. From the moment I booked my trip online, Patricia immediately began emailing me and providing all the information I needed. The guides, porters and cook were all friendly and made it a fun experience.
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Machu Picchu travel March 14 2015-3

Passed the exam

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was a physical test and the final exam was the last day. We all passed this test and were rewarded by an excellent view of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate. Waking up at 3 am was well worth it knowing that the end of the four day hike was near.
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Machu Picchu vacation March 14 2015-1

Vamos a la playa !

Had so much fun ! Such a great experience ! Loved the third day hike. It was indeed very challenging but it was very rewarding experience. I met some great friends. It was a wonderful journey. I was challenged both physically and mentally.
I still remember hiking all the way to Dead Women's Pass. It wouldn't be possible without ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 14 2015-9

Llama selfie

The four day Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu was breathtaking to say the least. From the first day you are thrown into an adventure of extravagant proportions that includes intense walking through vast mountainous landscapes with an abundance of and rich flora, the fascinating history of an ancient civilization, and you will have many, many chances to take a ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 14 2015-4

Inca Trail woop woop

Just finished the Inca Trail with Inca Trail Reservations and I have to say that I am positively surprised of how great a trip we had.
It started a bit hectic since I had messed up the dates, I came in to Cusco 2 hours after departure but the great personnel managed to figure out a way of picking ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 14 2015

Wundervoller trip

Der Inka-Trail wurde von Inca Trail Reservations durchgeführt. Der Trip begann am Abend vor Abreise mit einer sehr ausführlichen Einweisung, unser Guide (Gerson) war super lustig, entspannt und sympathisch. Der erste Tag begann früh morgens, wir wurden vom Hotel abgeholt und zusammen mit den anderen zum Ausgangspunkt unserer Reise gefahren, und dann gings los.
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Machu Picchu trip March 14 2015

Amazing Inca Trail experience

Our hiking group of about 15 people went with our guides Jerson and Pepe, about 15 porters and our chef Simon (the sorcerer in the kitchen) on this amazing trail. Although the weather was foggy at times, the trail was very beautiful and the view from most of the spots was amazing.
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Machu Picchu vacation March 13 2015-5

Machu mist

Epic adventure on the Inca Trail. The porters are inspirational as they fly up and down the trail always smiling and laughing. The guides are informative and with such good humor telling stories about mermaids. Football on the Inca Trail ? The food is unbelievable considering location - loved it.
The scenery breathtaking and the Inca ruins mysteriously awesome ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 13 2015-1

La mejor forma de conocer mi Peru

A mis 24 años tomé la mejor decisión para unas cortas vacaciones. Sin pensarlo mucho me arriesgué y inicié esta pequeña aventura en mi hermoso Perú. Ahora me doy cuenta que es la mejor forma de conocer y amar más a nuestro país.
Por 4 días, viví y sentí los mejores paisajes que Cusco me pudo dar. Conviví con ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 13 2015-6

Kiss of llama

Wonderful trip ! 4 days walking, under baking sunlight, in rain, in dark night with headlight... Sounds like a lot effort and big challenge, but it's all worth ! :) nice views on the way, hard working porters, super nice guide who told us a lot about Inca culture, and who tried to kiss a llama, lol.
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Machu Picchu travel March 13 2015-3

In the company of kings

The Incas were kings of their time, but we did not expect to be treated as such royalty as we followed in the Inca's footsteps 500 years later. Amongst dozens of tour companies and hundreds of people on the trail, our experience was anything but the standard package... we were always positioned in clear air on the path, amazingly finding ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 13 2015

The sexy river mermaids ?

According to our guide, mermaids may leave the river at night and come knock on your tent. Maybe too much coca tea?! Haha just kidding. Anyways, our tour guide was great and he made this experience as enjoyable and fun as educational. Thanks to him I learned so much and... he helped me survive the Inca Trail since he grabbed ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 13 2015-1

Sexy stinky llamas

I did the 4 day 3 night Inca Trail trek with Inca Trail Reservations. The trek was incredible, I expected great things from the trek from what I had previously heard as everyone knows the Inca Trail is a very famous trek. However, the trek exceeded my expectations.
The walk was beautiful, there were very many scenic photo ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 13 2015-2

4 day amazing Inca Trail

The 4 day and 3 night Inca Trail was an amazing experience. It's a 3 day long hike and the 4th day is just a walk of 2 hours and then you can discover and explore Machu Picchu. The company is just amazing, they take good care of everybody, the food is great and the crew is perfect.
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