Machu Picchu travel September 12 2015-4

Best hike everrrrrr!

My experience with Inca Trail Reservations was nothing short of being 5 stars. Going into this trip i was extremely nervous and doubting whether I could do it.
However i was immediately out at ease by Raul and his amazing team of porters. I am still in awe of how hard these folks work to ensure all our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 08 2015

Views gorgeous

The trip was well organized and a lot of fun. The food was delicious. The physical work was worthwhile and rewarding.
The Inca Trail is by far the best way to see Machu Picchu. The porters were all respectful and professional. The views were gorgeous. I would do another trek with Inca Trail Reservations.
The hiking was ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 07 2015-3

Salkan-tired and loving It

I had an amazing trip with Inca Trail Reservations. Every aspect of this Trek exceeded my expectations.
The cooks were very skilled. I looked forward to several delicious multicourse meals each day after a nice day of hiking. The scenery was phenominal - ascending steep mountains with ice caped Peaks, descending them through the clouds into the jungle, and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 07 2015

Highlands, jungle, oh my

It is hard to describe the experience. Going from the mountains to the jungle in just one day and seeing how much the scenery and experiences change is incredible.
Going over the pass between the Humanti and Salkantay mountains was one of the highlights of the trip and maybe my life.
The trek is hard but our guide ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 07 2015-2

Amigos.. wore the same shirt for 4 days and smelled Bueno

The trek was amazing! The guide was awesome and personable there are several options for the Salkantay trek but incatrailreservations had the best camp sites, food and people! I loved the awe inspiring views of the steep peaks and jungle. The cooks cooked great food and were great soccer players.
The trek made this an incredible lifetime experience. I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 07 2015-1

Seeing Machu Picchu in style

I had an amazing time on the Salkantay Trek adventure! All of the Inca Trail Reservations staff were extremely friendly and helpful .
Setting up the Reservation was very easy. The cooks, horseman, and Guide that came on the Trek with us were helpful in every aspect. The food that was prepared was delicious. Our tents and equipment always ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 07 2015

Im the slowest hiker ever

This trip was incredible. Everything surpassed my expectations. The reservations and communications from Inca Trail Reservations were very fast and helpful .
The food on the trek was amazing. And Raul, our guide, was the best! He was a great guide with the different skill levels of hikers. He was funny and kind. And I always felt informed and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 07 2015-2

Told the cook Te Llamo!

We had a fantastic trip! Our guide was excellent and made the Trek unique and fun. There were lots of campsites at each stop and we always had the nicest one.
I would absolutely recommend this company. The guides and cooks really made a difficult hike fun and special.
The correspondence before the trip also made it much ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 07 2015-2

Apu Salkantay!

Doing the Salkantay Trek with incatrailreservations was a great experience. Our guide Raul was simply amazing.
The food was fantastic, the trail beautiful, and everything was well organized. Playing soccer in the mountains of the Andes with the locals after having summitted the trail was probably one of the most fun moments I've had in some time. I felt ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 07 2015-5

Keep smiling on the Incatrail

It's impossible to describe everything in a few sentences but this is a must-do for everybody.We had the luck to be in a wonderful group ,organized by 'Incatrail reservations '.We had 3 top- guides who were there for us all the time.
Our main guide 'Chachi' was the best you can wish for.
He looked after everyone ,gave ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 07 2015-5

one big family on the Inca Trail

It was a wonderful journey, we had 3 great guides and a fantastic group. They felt like family during the trip. We called ourselfs the sexy chaci's. Everything was organized so well.
The guides made this trip so great for us, they waited always for everybody and we made a lot of jokes during the days to keep on ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 06 2015-2

Warning: Inca Flat is not the same as normal flat

Three words: so. worth. it. From start to finish, this adventure was all I'd hoped it would be. (And that's saying a lot for an optimist who has had this on her bucket list for nearly a decade!).
The Inca Trail was as stunning in person as it appears in photos, and the trek was physically challenging as ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 06 2015-3

The Inca Trials

I had a great experience hiking the Inca Trail with this tour company. It was a very challenging trek and the support of the guide and the AMAZING food at each meal made the challenge more doable.
It was the most challenging physical adventure I have done.
I had done some hiking before, and I had trained VERY ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 06 2015

This isn’t glamping.

A friend invited me on this adventure. I'll be honest: I did very little research, preparation or training.
I had very few expectations, except the email said we would be woken each morning with tea in our tents. What wasn't mentioned is that the tea would come between 3 and 5 in the morning. It also didn't mention that ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 06 2015-2

This trail doesn’t mess around!

when researching which Macchu Picchu trail company to use most people just recommended the company they used, but they had nothing to compare it to. I would say that the important things are: reasonably sized group, led by a knowledgable Incan guide, and good food! I experienced all three on my trek! Juan Carlos was an informative and helpful guide. ... Continue Reading