Peru travel November 04 2015-13

amazing trip!

Our trip to Machupicchu was Great! In my opinion the four day inca trail is The best way to visit Machupicchu.
The view over The mountains was fantastic. We saw many different inca places and also the flora of The jungle is very impressiv. It was Great to arrive Machupicchu from the sungate.
This was an amazing ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 04 2015-6


It was a great experience for me to hike 4 days from kilometer 82 of the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.
I've never done such a hike before and especially not on this high altitude (4200 m). Especially from October on, you have to calculate with bad weather from time to time, but during the hike we only had ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 04 2015


This was one of the most amazing and memorable treking and vacation trips of this girls life!! Im so happy that my two girlfriends and i decided to tackle this epic journey through the Andes and Peru!.
What an incredible journey this was! Not only did we meet some really amazing new friends, found a new appreciation for each ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 04 2015

Please no more stairs

My adventure was extremely dificult at times but very rewarding. We met some amazing people, both locals & foreiners that i will for sure keep for a lifetime .
Seeing The ruins in person was an experience to remember. One of my favorite parts was having our meals each day With The entire hiking group . The views once ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 04 2015-10

four in a tent.

First things first. The porters man. If you think you are fit. You aint nothing vompared to these guys! Running up and down the mountain day and night. Truly impressive. You will be amazed.
Next. We have a big old climb day two. But when you get to the top. My o my. Day three is my favourite ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 04 2015-4

gringo :)

After the meeting i was more then ready to get going.. Joined the crew on the bus and could feel the warmth between everyone all ready. Juan carlos explained a few facts on the bus then the porters jumped on very friendly and extremely helpful towards me. Already things were starting to feel proper.
Got to the check ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 04 2015-3

can’t talk, breathing

what an incredible journey. The inca trail was full of humbling moments, feelings of accomplishments, great teamwork and connectedness.
My group went during the rainy season so it added a bit more challenges. However even the challenges only added to the sweetness of this journey. At the beginning of this trip I had skeptical ideas but during the first ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 04 2015-8

sexy lhamas

I loved this Trek. I have been In South America for over 2 months and this has been the most beautiful and fulfill in part.
Machu Picchu itself was beautiful and interesting but the best part was the 3 days before. The anticipation and first taste of The terrain on day 1 led on to 2 data of beautiful ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 04 2015-2


One of the best experiences of my life, made by the picturesque route, and the brilliant guide (Juan Carlos). As amazing as Machu Picchu was, it was equalled by the sites of the trail one shouldn't be done without the other.
The porters did their job fantastically and made the trip so easy for those on ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 03 2015-1


Great Salkantay Trek, great view, the way to the pass was stunning, sunny with scenery on the 6000 meters pics around!. Good Guide, precise, present, presenting peru and its culture! Great camp site, good tent and not too much people! 2nd day of Trekking a bit too long and a hard descent for the knees.
Very good ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 03 2015-5

lncan do it

One of the most incredible experiences of my life. The inca. Trail challenges you in ways that cannot be imagined, but rewards you along the way with breathtaking scenery, amazing experiences, archeological wonders, and many new friends.
Our Guide Johana was simply incredible, both as a motivator and as a person with deer knowledge of lncan culture. You are ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 03 2015-4

Experience of a lifetime

Hiking the Inca trail is not only an exhilirating experience that leaves you wanting more, also but one that tests your physical and mental abilities as well.
There are times where you may question your judgement for example the 3:30 am rise preparing for your descent into the mountains. Quickly you change your mind however when you first see ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 03 2015-3

Great Journey

The adventure was even more of a challenge than expected, but every bit of it justified the effort. The Inca Trail offered amazing variety of environments to hike through and see.
The porters are incredible and it's amazing that they can work so hard and still have the energy to make your stay in camp comfortable. Our guide, Juana, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 03 2015-1

Prestar atencion a las recomendac

El trip fue lo Maximo, pero muy difícil. Se Necesitan muy buenas condiciones para lograrlo. Tuve mucho dolor de rodilla ya que sufro de una lesión crónica y este viaje fue demasiado para mis rodillas, tuve que ir a caballo por bastante tiempo.
Si el segundo día se hubiera acabado la caminata a la hora del almuerzo me hubiera ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 03 2015

Para no olvidar

Tremenda experiencia para compartir. Invite a mis dos hijos a caminar el Sendero Salkantay con Inca Trail Reservations y me aplaudo Yo mismo por mi elección de destino y operador.
Esto no es un parque temático, es uno de los mejores regalos que no obsequia la naturaleza a los que aceptan el reto de caminar 54 kilometros ... Continue Reading