Machu Picchu vacation September 24 2015

Great trek with great people

Jorge was a great guide - he is very knowledgeable about everything relates to this trek and Peru history.
The cooks are great too, we had the chance to taste many different plates from the traditional Peruvian cuisine. All in all, this was an awesome experience, and I recommand it to everyone. The weather was not always at it's ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 22 2015

Chachi and Omar’s minions

such a great experience,I don't know where to begin. From the day before you start the trail you are invited for a briefing to meet your guides and to take away all concerns. The next morning the adventure begins first day is pretty easy.
The optional trek to the lake is a must-do! The first signs of altitude sickness ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 22 2015-1


First of all a big thanks to the team that supported us. The guides, cooks and camping team did a great job. They made the trekking a lot easier facing the cold, height sickness, the little buggers, the "5 minutes" climbs .
The trekking itself was great. Nature was simply stunning from time the time and our international group ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 22 2015-1

Julien P.

We did the 5 days and 4 nights trekking in September and is was amazing. Sometimes it was really heavy with hiking up, but the guides were always helpful to the group.
The food was amazing!! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were always different.
Specially the guacamole was amazing! The 4th day we also did the ziplining and I ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 22 2015-4

Johnny Walking to Pacha Mama & more

I had a great time during this trip: fun was perfectly combined with hard work, the moral of the team was always high, good humor was always with us regardless of the circumstances. Everyone - including the team members & the organizers - had his/her special scent to make our days & evenings brighter. I am feeling lucky & very ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 22 2015-3

Getting high (4600 m) without drugs

I had a great time during this trek, despite of my aching feet from the climbs. The scenery was beautiful. The guides were great, and very patient with us, they answered all our questions with a mix of humor and professionalism.
I liked very much the stories and legends of the inkas, learning some quechua words and expressions. The ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 22 2015-2

condor pee works just as fine as deodorant

At first we thought of doing the wellknown Inca trail, but when researching we discovered an alternative trek being longer, harder and less touristy.
Qualities which immediately made me forget about the Inca trail and already made me dream of hiking the Salcantay, even if it still was six months away. Now, after having lived the dream I can ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 22 2015-1

We keep walking

it all started in a morning at 5 am, I think, in Cusco. We started to climb the mountain with a bus LOL. After that the lady horseman and the man horsman together with the chefs took our bag packs. The Family was ready, after 5 minutes of hiking family already needed a well deserved break.
So we ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 22 2015

Inka experiences

Lovely guides who interacted well with the group, asked us often how we were doing, brought some natural medicine for those who had trouble with the height such as a yellow kind of alcohol you had to smell.
i would advise to bring also medicine for height disease, next to some coca leaves(this doesnt work for everyone ) and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 22 2015-2

Something to write home about!,

my experience with Inca Trail Reservations on the Salkantay Trek has been one of the best experiences of my life! It was by no means easy, but like many things in life, some of the hardest tasks to accomplish provide the greatest rewards.
It was very well organized, the food was amazing, and the guides were friendly, informative, and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 22 2015

20 Peruvian minutes.

Inca trail reservations has been an amazing experience, The food was amazing, our guides were fun and knowledgable, they truly took care of us asking how we were feeling to teaching us about the local traditions.
They even picked us fresh passion fruit right from the jungle! They truly took care of us, we ziplined, visited the hot springs, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 16 2015-3

Biggest accomplishment I have ever done!

WOW! What an adventure, like nothing I've never done before. Starting to talk about this trip with my friend's over 3 years ago and now for it actually to happening is amazing.
It hasent been easy trying to organized everything with us living in 3 different countries. Finally arriving in Lima everything has been really nicely organized. We did ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 16 2015-2

Test your limits

Amazing guides. They are always happy. Delicious food with GF options. :) Gorgeous views. The trek was challenging and it will tested me, but worth the effort.
I met great people from around the world. Lots of laughs& smiles. Also tears and pain. The group was amazing and helpful. The hot springs were wonderful after three days of hard ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 16 2015-1

Please take our picture!

The pain, the lack of air, the heavy breathing and the extreme beating of the heart, it is all so worth it! .
The guides are amazing and their humor and the way they motivate makes the trip even better. Carlos was our guide and he is such an amazing guide, always happy. The food is great, got nothing ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 16 2015

Well planned wicked adventure

if i knew what i was up for, i would have turned around at the lima airport. But i did'nt, and soon i look back on the greatest achievement so far in my life .
And a lot thanks to our amazing guide carlos- what a champ!! Always a smile on his face and super helpful in every situation. ... Continue Reading