Machu Picchu trip September 17 2016

Inca trail complete!

What an amazing experience!, We had a great time, will definitely recommend it to my friends !.
The food and hospitality was fantastic. The views were amazing. The trail was hard work but a great experience. Our guide was great. He shared plenty of information and history about the Inca's, their history, language and way of life. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 17 2016

Dirk Diggler

Joolz and i had a fantastic experience with Markos and the Chaskis. We were shown all of the Inka sites, and told about their history and culture. Something that I will remember for ever.
We were blessed with great weather when we reached Machu Picchu, and took some fantastic photos with the amazing scenery.
It's incredible to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 16 2016-1

Amazing Perú Vacation

My wife and I booked and completed the 3 night 4 day Inca Trail Hike through Inca Trail Reservations.
This company is phenomenal. You cant beat the prices and services. Our guides Rony, Marco, and Mary were extremely knowledgeable, and went out of their way to make us comfortable and happy each day of hiking. I ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 16 2016

Inca Trail Hike

This was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it was a great experience. I thought our guides were great at setting a good pace but also stopping. I appreciated the encouragement and help from Ronny and Marco when I was feeling sick with altitude sickness on day two. I felt they were very knowledgeable about Inca history ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 16 2016-7


Ronnie y Marco han sido unos guias géniales han creado un gran ambiente en el grupo, estaban ayudando siempre y ayudando siempre a la gente y sus explicaciones han sido muy completas y amenas. Thanks a lot!!!!!.
El camino ha sido exigente Pero el final increible. Ha sido una Gran experiencia inolvidable muy recomendable complétamente . ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 16 2016-2

The mountain beat me

I was so ready to take on this adventure but unfortunately, the altitude was too much for me and I had to come back down.
Marco, one of the guides, walked me back and got me to a bus. On the their last day, I was able to meet with the group at the Sun Gate and join them ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 16 2016-5

Dropping like flies

Came to Peru with 2 friends for a wedding in Cusco and after the wedding the three of us where going hike Machu Picchu.
One friend was sick and not feeling well since the first day we arrived and flight back home early. The other friend started the hike and within and hour and half had ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 16 2016

Prépare for muscle burnn

The Inca Trail probably something I would never do again but an experience that was totally worth it.
My feet, calves, and quads right now are burning, but the beautiful scenery (especially day 3), the delicious food (I have no idea how they were able to make some of that food), the neverending stairs, the people you ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 16 2016-1


The adventure was overall amazing! . Walking through the villages day one was pretty cool.
Saw one set of ruins and some other amazing views on the way. The guide was very good at watching our pace and explaining plants animals etc along the way. Day 2 was a killer for sure but the view at the top ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 16 2016-2

Dios Mio lets squat!!!!

Hi guys!!. My name is Christine from California USA!!!! Me and my friend/coworker named Shirley and my awesome boyfriend JR went to peru to hike the inca trail with the company Inca Trail Reservations!!.
The company was so professional, fun, and so friendly and nice, beyond our expectations!!. I am very happy that I signed up with ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 16 2016-5

The worst 4 days of my life!

They told us to put a funny title, so I put "the worst 4 days of my life" LOL! 😄. It is though, but it's all worth it!.
With the people I did the hike with and the tour guides as well. Ronnie, Marco, and Maria took really good care of us up there, they are all ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 16 2016-3

Stair master trail

I came into this hike with minimal hiking experience. I have done some day hikes and live In the Rockie mountains.
This was my first over night hiking trip i have completed. The first day was 12.5km and we saw our first inca ruins and passed a lot of local Villages and farmers. The second day was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 16 2016-2

Inca Flat

This was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life! Thé Inca crew, porters and guides, fellow hikers, and my familly all contributed to thé gréât success of this hike.
Day 1 was à nice light introduction into thé difficulties to come, slept great and was well refreshed for day 2. Day 2 is by far ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 16 2016-2

Llama life

Coming into the trip I wasn't sure what to expect. I was blown away by the amazing views and trails and the friendly guides tell you about everything!.
This was such a rewarding trek up (way up), down (way down), over rocks and through tunnels. I trained a bit prior but I worked my butt off for ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 09 2016-9

Excellent trail

The guide were excellent ! ! , they were very knowledgeable, always kept us safe and were funny and nice . I'll miss our guides .
the food was incredible !!! , I am still in awe of how they made all of the delicios food , The gear was great !! and the tents were picthed very well ... Continue Reading