Peru vacation January 20 2015-1

Hermosa tortura

Quiero agradecer por este momento tan especial que me llevó retar mi cuerpo y mi mente para lograr este hermoso desafío. Vale totalmente la pena realizarlo. Soy una Amazona y lo logré ! A los guías gracias por regalarnos su tiempo y paciencia, cada una de las explicaciones reflejan el conocimiento y amor por la cultura Inca.
A la ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 16 2015

A friendly trip to Machu Picchu

Overall, my "Caminata" to Machu Picchu was fantastic. All of my expectations were met and more ! The guides, Marco and Raul, were more than friendly and helpful; they were also incredibly knowledgeable about all Inca ruins, history, and traditions. On our last day, they even knew to wake us up a little bit earlier to get an early start ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 14 2015-4

Much amaze, many “awesome”

I was so happy to be able to do the Machu Picchu hike this January. To explore the Andes mountains by exploring the Inca Trail, seeing many fantastic ruins and old buildings along the way, was a dream come true.
I was afraid that the hike would be too hard, and that I would have to give it up. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 14 2015-1

Receiving an overdose of vitamin D

I have heard many stories about this historic wonder from friends and online. I was excited and apprehensive about this trek because of the long distance that we have to cover in four days. However attending the information session helped with my fears - Juan Carlos was very helpful and provided many helpful tips for the hike. He went through ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 14 2015

Wandering a Wonder of the World

I started this trip not being too sure of what to expect. I can say honestly that I was quite unprepared, and not even sure of my own itinerary. However upon arriving in Cusco, Inca Trail Reservations were very well organised, informative and helpful. As soon as we arrived in their office, they informed us of our itinerary for the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 14 2015-2

Shorty who finished the hike

This was definitely one of the most amazing and memorable trips I have completed in my life. This was actually my first: hike, sleeping in a tent, not showering for a few days and continuously walking four days straight without Internet.
The first day was more difficult than expected due to carrying my pack. However, second day was most ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 07 2015

Achieved a life goal

Amazing experience ! Life goal of trekking to Machu Picchu achieved. Our guides Raul and Grober were fantastic, knowledge of the area and information shared with us was invaluable ! The trek was very challenging and the guides helped me all the way to achieve my goal of reaching Machu Picchu.
The porters are an inspiration, carrying all our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 07 2015-1

Tough but terrific

This was a truly fantastic experience ! A hard slog but very well worth it ! The guides were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and very attentive to our questions and needs. The porters are incredible and deserve all the praise they get. The chef on our tour was a genius, able to make different soup and dishes for every meal that ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 13 2015

Our guides, best teachers

This trip was a blast. I was lucky enough to be in a group with my dad, uncle, cousin, and friends, all led by Carlos (el sensei) y Jorge (Jerry el chivito). They led and helped us through the trail, teaching us all about the significance of the ruins and symbolic architecture.
I want to especially thank Jorge for ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 13 2015-3

I made it at 59 years old

I am a relatively inexperienced backpacker who ran four miles three times a week (with additional conditioning) for about two months, and realized I was not in the best shape for the 4 day trip. I am also 59 years old. The Inca Trail Reservations tour guides were monitoring my situation constantly and making accommodations for my personal situation.
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Machu Picchu vacation January 13 2015-9

Time travel successfully executed

My Inca Trail adventure was incredible. This trip took me to the most beautiful countryside on Earth. I was surrounded by soaring peaks and gentle grasslands interrupted by wonderful waterfalls that floated into rushing rivers. I collected some impressive vertical mileage along this 4 day journey that amounted to miles, not just thousands of feet.
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Machu Picchu vacation January 13 2015-6

Journey to the clouds

I had the most amazing time on this trip ! I loved every moment. My boyfriend and I decided we wanted an escape from the hectic city life of Manhattan, New York, and this trek was exactly what the doctor ordered ! The rolling landscape, the smell of the fresh floral scents, the hazy foggy mornings that cleared to a ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 13 2015-10

Epic !

El campamento fue una experiencia maravillosa. Y todo se hizo muy especial con la ayuda de unas personas tan atentas y amables. Los chicos de Inca Trail Reservations son realmente dedicados y orgullosos de enseñar las riquezas del Perú - siendo yo nacida en Lima, Perú estoy muy orgullosa de ellos y de este país tan bello ! También sorprendida ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 13 2015-2

Church everlasting

By far, my most memorable experience in Peru so far has been traversing the Inca Trail with the wonderful Carlos - "King of the mountains". I would recommend this trek to anyone. I have backpacked a bit before, but day 2 of this 4 day hike was one of the most exhilarating days of my life. So intense and so ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 13 2015-3

Above and beyond

We really enjoyed our Machu Picchu trek. Carlos, Jorge, and Victor were excellent guides showing us an awesome time on the Inca Trail. The chef and porters were also great in helping to prepare amazing meals for us and having our camp set up every night !
The trek was so beautiful, I would recommend it to all of ... Continue Reading