Peru trip April 11 2016-5

Amigos trek

Salkantay trek has amazing scenery!. The food cooked by chefs was delicious. Make sure to have lots of coco leaves and tea to keep altitude sickness at bay! .
Second day was the hardest but the most rewarding. The trick is to go slow and at your own pace.
The walk up to the glacier lake was tough ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 11 2016-1

Wild life

I went with my girlfriend. We had a great time on the Salkantay trek. The hikes took us through some incredible scenery.
We saw a glacier lake in which I took a swim. We saw the peak of Salkantay mountain and witnessed a huge avalanche in the distance. We saw the jungle and enjoyed the flora and fauna. The ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 11 2016

It won’t be that easy they said

Salkantay trek was an incredible journey to share with my family and friends. Together we survived rain, cold, bugs, and ouchy muscles with a very fun group that quickly became close friends.
Watch out for altitude sickness and make sure to drink lots of water. The guide was vigilant to make sure everyone was comfortable and voiced their ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 11 2016-2

Tough but fun

5 days of exhaustion but good times. Day one was chilled, camped in a beautiful valley and hiked up to a super beautiful lagoon.
The walk up is an hour of steep slog. Day two was crazy hard, nothing could have prepared me for the intense 12 hours of steep ups send steep downs. Views amazing along the way ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 11 2016-3

Team tendinitis

This was my first experience trekking and camping. I really enjoyed this trip and had so much fun getting to know other group members.
I don't think the hiking was as arduous or difficult as I expected. However, the second day was very long and many people in the group experienced altitude sickness and foot and joint pains, myself ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 11 2016-3

World Traveler

It was fantastic. An amazing experience of a lifetime. Paul, Jorge, and Lizette were fantastic.
The porter's were outstanding. Ezekiel the cook was terrific. His food was excellent. I would highly recommend them . They care about people and their needs whether you are slow , fast or experienced. They will cater to all of your needs. Next ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 11 2016-2

Machu Picchu is forever

This adventure was well worthy the money, the time and the sweat. In just four days our group of 17 went from strangers to friends in no time, bonding over the long days and early mornings while trekking miles and miles over mountains and under tunnels.
With the help of our spectacular guides, I will take the memories of ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 11 2016-9

Move your lazy legs!!!

Every tour company is walking the same trail - it's the guides that really make the difference from one company to the next.
Paul, Jorge and Lisette were not only knowledgeable about the trail and its history, but also hilarious and thoroughly amusing the entire time. Even when we were beyond tired and cranky, they were able to lighten ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 11 2016-4

East Coast Domination on the Inca Trail

While at first I wanted to take the train to Machu Picchu, my boyfriend convinced me that the only way to get there should be to do the hike - best decision ever.
From the amazing and magical trail, to the companionship of new and old friends (3 of us from MD and 2 from PA), and the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 11 2016-5

Blood, sweat, and Inca magic

By far, this trip was the most physically demanding thing i have ever done, but it was worth every minute.
Every day presented new challenges but amazing views and great memories. This trip was only possible with the encouragement of great friends and the best guides. No matter how tired I was arriving to camp each day, I never ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 11 2016-2

Inca Trailblazers

We traveled in a group of 17 ranging from 19 years old to 56! We made amazing time due to the great guide, Paul, and his assistant guides Lisset and Jorge.
Ezekiel, the head chef, made amazing food everyday in a very primitive, make shift kitchen. Tea time was a great time for us to share our stories amongst ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 11 2016-10

Dog Facing Mountain

In doing my research about this trek and everything that it entailed, I knew that I was in for an adventure.
The reality of what I have gone through has not only lived up to all expectations, but it has exceeded them in every way possible. I did the most difficult hiking that I have ever done in ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 11 2016-4

Where llamas are made sexy 😏

Came to the trail expecting a great time, and my expectations were beyond exceeded by the other people who were in my group, the amazing porters, the impressive chefs, and the hilarious and fun guides.
Saw some of the most beautiful parts of the mountains, inca city, ruins, Machu Picchu, as well as the jungle! Despite having never struggling ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 11 2016-9

La mejor caminata

Ha sido uno de los viajes más increíbles de mi vida, una experiencia totalmente nueva y enriquecedora. Las mejores vistas panorámicas que he visto. Un viaje lleno de historia y aventura. Con paisajes de ensueño y largas caminatas que se disfrutaron bastante. Un buen grupo y guías muy amables, divertidos y serviciales, se compartió mucho con ellos y con los ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 11 2016-11

From sexy lama’s to ladies of the night

The inca trail was an experience of a lifetime. Seen some beautiful nature and inca runes, met the nicest people and had the most amazing time.
I loved to learn more about the interesting inca culture and the other crazy stories of our guide. We had so much luck with the weather and had a good look at Machu ... Continue Reading