Peru trip April 06 2017-3

Sexy llamas with huge backpacks

I expected less from the trip, to be honest, and would be happy even so. But the hike was beyond my expectations! If I try to come up with the things which impressed me the most, it will be:
1. The team. I was lucky to meet great guys -- all of my team were great people and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 06 2017-1

Up and down a lot of mountains…

Thank you so much to Cesar and the whole team for an amazing time walking the Inca Trail!!.
It was a challenging walk but Cesar kept us all in good spirits and provided lots of interesting information. The food was just delicious - I have done similar tours and the variety and quality of the meals tends to decrease ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 06 2017-2

Sexy Lamas survive inca trail

What a truly amazing experience. The last four days were so much fun, espcially because of the great guide and great composition of the group.
From the start, the guide (cesear) ensure de group cohesion which got us of to a great start and made sure we had a very social atmosphere throughout the track. I round ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 06 2017-6

Sexy llamas in Peru

The trail has been great. The weather is the only thing that could go wrong, as the crew is excellent.
However, we were lucky even with that, as we got rain just one of the days and only in the morning. Everything is greatly organised, with the porters having everything prepared for us every time we got to the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 02 2017

The trail is as important as the destination

I decided to do this trek with in mind to deserve to be in Machu Picchu like the incas was.
I didn't expected I was going to appreciate more the trek than the Machu itselves. The guide, the porters team, and the partners we had made my experience unforgettable. Such laugh and emotions we had!. Arrive to Machu we ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 02 2017

A Lifetime Adventure!!

The project started 3 months earlier as a will to visit Peru and Machu Picchu Inca site. While doing days of researches on internet, we decided to choose Inca Trail Reservations to bring us to our goal.
Planning is not easy to do at distance and months in advances. There are so many factors you not control, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 02 2017-6

The Fellowship of the Ruins

The idea of hiking up not one, but two mountains can be daunting for anyone who does not usually satisfy their adventure side.
My group consisted of amazing individuals from all around the world. What happened to be an unlikely group of people, has turned into a friendship that knows no boundaries. Our guides, Raul and Jose, not ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 02 2017

Jose.. Jose.. Raul !!

When we first decided to come to Peru and hike to Machu Pichu, all I was thinking about was conquering the mountain.
But as each hour passed and more time I spent with this group and this company, I realized how lucky I have been. The service was impeccable. There are no words that describe the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 03 2017

That time I cried on a mountain

3 days ago I began a hike with 4 of my best friends up Machu Picchu - booked through Inca Trail Reservations.
I felt 100% safe, informed and comfortable at all times. The team (special shout out to our guide and all time legend JC ) went above and beyond to make this a trip of a lifetime ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 03 2017-1

JCs Auzzie bandits

Thank you so much JC, Jimmy and the wonderful porters for making our Inka trail adventure so rewarding and fun.
You looked after us all so well and made every trek seem like an achievement.
We loved the jokes and the funny stories along the way.
You have wonderful staff and I will recommend ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 02 2017-3

Yr in Machu Picchu

Amazing adventure with the best tour that I could ever go with . Great informative tour and Raul and Jose were amazing .
They were possibly the most attentive guides I have ever met in my life. They were kind and fun , and I am lucky to have had them . We had a great time and now ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 02 2017-1

Rain or shine

Our amazing adventure was very mdifficut and rewarding. The views were so spectacular and amazing.
Breathtaking in more ways than one. The first day wasn't too hard. We went slowly and finished in accommodations much better than normal. We stayed with kittens. The second day was extremely and supremely difficult. Very solitary but rewarding. Even though ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 02 2017

Testing limits

The trek is one of a kind and Inca Trail reservations made it a good experience. It was very well organized.
Our guides Raul and Jose were well informed and gave us good guidance. Each day was well planned, keeping everyone's pace in mind. The tents were set up before the group arrived at the base camp each ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 02 2017-1

Rain for days

It was a very nice trip, the porters and tour guides were very organized. Food was far better than expected and made the trip very enjoyable.
Guides were very nice and knowledgable. Some tents had small leaks but they were quickly fixed when brought to the attention of the tour guide. The morning of the hikes ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 02 2017-1

Thank you!

I wanted to come to MachuPichu for so long , finally I was able to do it and was amazing! .
And that was because the excellent service we got, tour guides, porters and cooks, the tour guides motivated us all the time and gave us great advices so we can have a better experience and avoid soroche. ... Continue Reading