Machu Picchu trip December 03 2015-2

Review of THE adventure

Quite an adventure.. We first booked it with my friend Jimmie thinking that it was gonna be more of a walk than a hike, well, we were wrong.
We actually red the reviews after the booking and some people were speaking about a 6 months training, well we had not trained at all but we did much better ... Continue Reading

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The trip on the inca trail was a once in a lifetime experience. The first and last day are very easy. The other days are challenging but the views are amazing.
It is the best idea to come outside of the raining season so you get the best views. The guides with this trip were very informative and helpful. ... Continue Reading

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Amazed in the Andes

At first I thought the goal (Machu Picchu) was the high point of this adventure. Boy I was wrong. During the four day trek with Inka trail I experienced things I never thought I would. I got to know lovely people (it's amazing how quick you bond with people during something like this) and I also got to know Inka ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 03 2015

Inca trail experience!

My experience with Inca Trail Reservations has been amazing! Before the trail started I didn't really know what to expect, the only thing I knew I wanted from it was to see Machu Picchu at the end!
The trail turned out to be a fantastic trip, starting relatively easy day one with the knowledge that day two ... Continue Reading

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Wow, that was tiring

Wow, that was tiring. Not just long but all uphill or downhill. Not much flat. The whole route is spectacularly scenic.
There are no boring bits or areas that are messy. It is all very unspoilt and natural. The food was amazing. The porters really do do a great job. The loads they carry are unbelievably and to think ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 03 2015-2

Stairs and llama stuff

My trip on the Inca Trail was fantastic in no part due the great efforts of Inca Trail Reservations and their exceptional team of porters,band guides.
As someone on the fence about the entire trip I cannot recommend their services highly enough; their staff of guides were extremely well versed and experienced.
The camping experience was well ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 03 2015

Amazing adventure

An amazing adventure. The porters who carried all the supplies are truly impressive. One of the hardest working group of people I have ever seen.
Our guides, Victor and Marco were excellent.They assisted us with any issues that arose and were extremely helpful explaining all of the history of the Incas and the surrounding area.
The food ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 01 2015-6

Blood, sweat and steps

The inca trail is almost certainly the hardest challenge i have completed. The first day was great, the lunch and first hike was good to meet the whole group.
A highlight was the highest football match i have ever played. Andean Messi was unstoppable! Day two was very hard i have never seen so many steps in my life. ... Continue Reading

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The Andean Messi

The inca trail section of the trip from the day we started walking could not have been better. The guides were terrific and the porters unbelievable.
The food surpassed all expectations and kept us going each day. Weather was perfect.
Absolutely loved playing football with the porters after day 1, nice to get to know them a bit ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 03 2015

Maravillosa experiencia

Maravillosa experiencia. Desde nuestra reunión en Cusco, Víctor y Marco nos brindaron una atención excelente.
Aclararon todas nuestras dudas sobre la aventura. El primer día de caminata fue relajado con subidas y bajadas suaves para acostumbrarnos al camino. El segundo día (más duro), la caminata dura aproximadamente 7 horas y es bastante fuerte.
Las pendientes tanto de subida ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 26 2015-4

This great !!!!!

¡¡¡ This trek was great !!! , this company Inca Trail Reservations is very professional , the food is gread , Its was incredible experience . . . .
The service is great , i really was very surprosed by the level of customer service we received .
The guide was excellent , he was very knowledgeable in ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 02 2015-4

Diegoperu :)

Muy buena experiencia, recomendable . Los porteadores hacen un trabajo excelente, igual que los guias .
La comida estuvo buenísima a los cuatro días volvería a hacer lo en el futuro.
Mi esposa y yo Estamos muy felices, regresamos destrozados pero felices y satisfechos. Viva Cusco y los caminos del inca. Bueno me. Justo Demasiado.
La ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 02 2015

Hola :)

I enjoyed my adventure with inca trail reservations. I would like to see the porters get more money since they do so much work but are underpaid and poor.
The porters and the guides are very hard-working.
They are very kind, generous, and knowledgeable. I could not have done this trip without the porters. The guides make ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 02 2015

Cali girl on the Inca Trail

This was such an amazing experience to share four days in the mountains with ten other peeps from around the world. Macchu Picchu has been on my bucket list for a while, and I'm thankful to have been able to check this off the list this year.
In all honesty, the sights along the trek were even more amazing ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 02 2015-2

I love Machu Picchu!!!

I really enjoyed the experience. The guides were great and helped me achieve my dream of experiencing the inca trail and visiting Machu Picchu.
Both Miguel and Marco were very knowledgeable and patient. They handled our group very well even though everybody was very different paces. They were very great in caring for anyone and making sure nobody ... Continue Reading