Machu Picchu travel May 13 2016-6

Alex, Alpacas, and Altitude Sickness

I've been looking forward to this trip for a couple months now, and it turned out to be even better than I expected. Standing at the Salkantay Pass was one of the proudest moments of my life.
Chachy, Elvin, and Anthony were all extremely helpful, skilled, and knowledgable about the area and the hike. If I ever decided ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 13 2016-2

Trying to be porter

I enjoyed the guide and the awesome scheduling and information. The food was delicious. The porters were fantastic and funny.
Raul was very funny and I enjoyed joking in Spanish with us. It was unfortunate that my friend canceled but Raul made it feel like I had a good buddy with me the entire time. I wish I ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 13 2016-1

Bucket list experience

We have been wanting to go to Peru and hike the Inka Trail for a while. We finally did it and Inca Trail Reservation really made our trip! .
They were very friendly and helpful. Our tents and mats were always set up when we arrived as well as tea or happy hour. The three course meals each day ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 13 2016-4


We met a wonderful family on our trip. We had had a group of people of various nationalities that we are now as I write this sitting having lunch and bevies to celebrate an experience of a life time.
Our resident Aussie called us 3 Canadians the canadiana's. Soooo much fun and such an experience. Recommended for everyone who ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 13 2016-1

Great way to celebrate!

What a great way to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary! This company was fantastic! We had an amazing, knowledgable guide (Raul Coronel); fantastic food and friendly, hardworking porters.
The tents were new, the mattresses we rented were very helpful. We had a small group and that was perfect! We were able to hear what we was being said and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 13 2016-3

Loved it!

Let me start by saying that I hate any physical activity, yet I loved the trip. I did not prepared for the trip and this was my first hike ever.
The most important thing is having a supportive group when doing this hike as it will test your patience. Our tour guides Bernardo and Raúl were ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 13 2016

I did it!

Adventure is a must on everyone's list! Girlfriends and I were a bit scare of traveling alone but once we got to the tour company they made us feel welcome and safe.
Experience is physically and mentally challenge but Raul and Bernardo were very helpful and friendly made this experience fun and a little less painful with their jokes ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 13 2016

I think I can…I think I can!

Amazing time with our new Peruvian family!. Everything was coordinated to the last detail with nothing to worry about except getting your butt to the sun gate on the 4th day.
The food was delicious and the porters were nice, friendly, and impressively fit carrying our bags, tents, dishes, and food while wearing sandals and still ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 13 2016-1

The best birthday ever

The hike, experience was an ultimate adventure. I enjoyed every moment. Our tour guide Raúl, was our fearless leader who motivated us to overcome our fears and keep going.
The porters were the backbone of our trek, clapping and quickly providing us with a form of hydration at each break. The chef cooks amazing food. He ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 08 2016-2

5 Day Salkantay

The 5 day Salkantay trek was one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures that I have ever embarked on.
Not going to lie, it was extremely tough and both mentally and physically challenging, but arriving to the magical citadel of Machu Picchu was worth every exhausting step! Along the way, there were amazing, awe-inspiring moments that kept me ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 08 2016

Finding Myself

I have never been to South America and was a little intimidated having to hike so far.
I must say that the trip has not been as difficult as I thought it would be, but with that said, this is one of the hardest things I have done in my life. Throughout my adventures around the world ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 08 2016-3

Surprising but….

I feel honored to get the opportunity to see this beautiful country through the Peruvian point of view and experience a challenging, but fulfilling, adventure.
I loved learning about the history of the Salkantay trail, the Incan people and their history and living and being within the beautiful Pachamama for 4-5 days. At the same time, meeting people from ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 08 2016-4

Struggle bus

I started the tour pumped for what is to come, but definitely not prepared for the intensity of the hikes.
The first two days were challenging yet every scenery was rewarding. Unfortunately, I became sick with stomach upset after dinner on the second night, and so could not enjoy the remainder of the trek as much as I ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 08 2016-1

Lazy Legs

The journey started with a mad rush back to Cusco to get to the rescheduled "before meeting" which we missed.
Needless to say, I had no idea what we were in for while waiting outside of our Cusco hostel at 5:30am for our bus to start the salkantay trek. Each day I was truly impressed with the beauty of ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 08 2016-1

Miracle on Ice

This was truly an adventure of a lifetime. I did this trip with a couple of my close friends and it was a great experience.
The trek was a great way to bond with my close friends and be able to meet new people as well. For myself, it was the first time reconnecting with my college roommates since ... Continue Reading