Machu Picchu trip Jul 23 2012-4

trek with Inca Trail Reservations

After crossing the top of the hill at the Sun Gate overlooking Machu Pichu my breath was taken away at the sight of the city below. This view was not something that was merely paid for. It was earned. Through the four day trek with Inca Trail Reservations I had the chance to catch a real glimpse of what the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 16 2012

Inca Trail Honeymoon

My husband and I hiked the Inca Trail for our honeymoon and it was one of those amazing things that you do in your life that you probably don´t need to do again. We were in moderate physical shape but we definitely could have prepared more. It was challenging but worth the effort. Our group was small, 6 people, and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 08 2012

a great experience became a SUPER one

what could have been a great experience became a SUPER one thanks to Ramiro management and great team of porters specially Mr. Christopher who surprised us with his fantastic cooking. All the porters were more than accommodating and went beyond their way to provide your need.
looking back, I would have taken a knee strap for ... Continue Reading

Peru travel Jul 07 2012-1

A spiritual experience

Walking the Inca Trail was the trip of a lifetime. I am not the fittest person but it was a goal I set myself and was determined to achieve.
We set out from Cusco to our starting point at Piscacucho, after a quick breakfast in Piscacucho we got back in the private bus and drove to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation Jul 07 2012

Camino Inca = Awesome

El Camino Inca was a once in a lifetime experience. The guides were helpful and knew alot of information about the Incas and the area. They also helped me to practice my Spanish. We had a great group of people and spent the evenings playing frisbee or card games. Emphasis was placed on the group staying together.
... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 05 2012

A Walk of determination

My wife and I have had a fantastic four day experience walking the Inca Trail. We met up with our son David who had done it about six weeks previously and raved about it and was so keen he was doing it again with us. The weather started off fine although not hot and sunny it was comfortable to walk. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 05 2012

Inca Trail with Poncho

I have just returned from an amazing four day experience walking the Inca Trail. I was excited to be doing it as it has been a dream of mine for years, the people we were with were great and the two guides were really helpful and supportive especially to me because I struggled most of the way and walked slowly ... Continue Reading

Peru travel Jul 04 2012-1

the Salkantay Trek

I will recommend the Salkantay Trek to anyone interested in traveling to Peru and Machu Picchu. The service was great and everyone in our group had a blast. I was able to rent a warm sleeping bag and the company provided us with comfortable mats and dry, warm tents. They were quick to help arrange flights and other tours in ... Continue Reading

Peru travel Jul 04 2012

Salkantay trek – Neil & Robyn Page

The trip was great, the walking hard on the 2nd and 4th days but worth every bit of sweat and hard breathing. The climb to Salkantay was difficult but worth it in the end, great scenery of the snow capped mountain and surrounds.
On the 3rd day we followed one of the many mountain rivers for the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel Jul 04 2012

Salkantay Trek – Lachlan Page

This trip gives you the opportunity to experience trekking through farmland, alpine scenery, snowy mountains through the Salkantay Pass, tundra, cloud forest and finally through humid jungle and finishing with a nice walk along the river and train line to Aguas Calientes. The different landscapes and scenery along with the the differences in altitudes and temperatures makes Salkantay in particular ... Continue Reading

Peru travel Jun 17 2012-1

The Inca Trail experience

This will attempt to decribe what is indescribable. The Inca Trail experience through Inca Trail Reservations and Castle Travel.
You can read all the books and watch video but without the benefit of the experienced and professional guides like ours - Victor Garcia and the amazingly dilligent, cheerful spirited, meticulous preparation throughout, and amazing meals of his ... Continue Reading

Peru trip Jun 17 2012

Machu Picchu hiking experience

My father and I very much enjoyed our Machu Picchu hiking experience. Our guide Victor was extremely professional, funny, personable and capable. With only four hikers, our group was very small, which both has it's positives and negatives. On the positive it allowed us to quickly pack in and pack out as time is extremely important with the number of ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 22 2012

Incredible journey!

I arrived back in Cusco a few days ago after hiking the Salkantay and can´t stop thinking about it and wish it wasn´t over. What a magical experience! I hiked with my brother and we were fortunate enough to get placed in a group with 4 other young adventurous folks who were fun, hilarious and down to earth, plus we ... Continue Reading

Peru travel Jun 18 2012

Inca Trail with an Ideal Guide

This journey was brutal but absolutely worthwhile. Our guide, Ramiro, was very knowledgeable about Incan history, having studied anthropology at University. Very down to earth, poised, and well-respected by all staff and other tour group guides (nicknamed ¨Professor¨) Aside from any rote spiel, he gave us great perspective about the Inca trail, life in Cusco, and cultural nuances which made ... Continue Reading

Peru travel Jun 18 2012-3

Machu Picchu Winter Solstice

This was a once in a lifetime experience. I liked that our group consisted of only five trekkers, making the experience more personal. I never felt like another ¨cattle in the herd¨ which is the banality of most guided tours. Instead, we got an intimate approach to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu led by our patient and encouraging guide ... Continue Reading