Peru travel December 05 2015-1

Sexy llama mammas!

These are my thoughts and highlights about the trip. I am not a hiker but wanted to try this challenge.
The briefing the night before was very helpful in Knowing what to expect during the hike and very informative. I found the camping to be well planned and really helped with the hiking experience to have food prepared and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 05 2015-1

Fun in the rain

It was a true experience for us. Although it rained quite a bit during our 4 day Inka Trail trekking we enjoyed it a lot.
It was so much fun to be on the camino with our group Joanna was a super guide with a truly positive & inspiring spirit! . The food was divine ( looking at the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 05 2015

Sexy lamas

The hike was lovely. Hard but doable and you can go at your own pace. Beautiful viwes throughout the entire hike. The food was AWESOME.
I continued to be impressed at every single meal. Can I request to have the pumpkin cake thing recipe sent to my email? Gracias. Delicious! We had a very fun group. The porters were ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 02 2015-3

Lifetime adeventure : ) ;)

The Inca trail was an amazing experience , The Inca Trail Reservations provided a once in a lifetime adeventure . . .
Our Guides Marco and Miguel were great at deciding to make us camp closer to the control. They constantly looking after each one us , to make sure were healthy , told us what to expect with ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 02 2015-1

The trek was so beautiful

The trek was so beautiful , Inca Trail Reservations was very professional and organized.
It was good to change the plan to go to the campsite closer , I was over prepared for cold weather , thinks it would be helpful to let people know to bring an outfit for warn weather .
I greatly appreciate the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 04 2015-1

Once in a lifetime

The trip exceeded all expectations. The food was really good considering we were camping, showing us the diversity of Peruvian and continental cuisine.
We had amazing porters that carried an immense amount of gear that we may have taken for granted, and the tour guide was unbelievable.
Almost a part of our small eight person family that we ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 04 2015


This will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, just be prepared to leave your comfort expectations at home.
That being said, even without the hot showers, the food is fantastic, the group will hopefully be good and as hard as the four day trek is, you will find it more rewarding than just taking a ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 04 2015-6


Experiência fantástica. Recomendo fazer, mas precisa de mutton fôlego e disposicao. Muito boa alimentacao tambem.
Guia bem informado e comunicativo. Excelente cozinheiro. Achei que nao ia conseguir terminar o terceiro dia. 3000 degraus nao ha joelho que aguente! . O guia é muito amigável e experiente sobre o assunto, eu estava sempre atento a cada um de nós . ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 04 2015

Aventura em foco

Experiencia fantástica!!! São 4 Dias de uma longa caminhada com muitos degraus e escadas mirabolantes , mas com várias paisagens espetaculares . Não acreditei que conseguiria terminar o percurso , mas o estímulo de Superar seus limites te fazem querer chegar até o fim . .
A equipe é excelente! O nosso guia , Ebert foi muito atencioso e ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 04 2015-4


This has been on my "bucket list" for almost 20 years and I finally organised the time off to do the 4 day 3 night Inca trail trek.
Having just finished the trek I can say it was everything I imagined and more. I booked through Inca Trail Reservations. Xiomara was very helpful with the organisation of the tour, ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 04 2015-3

Nice to meet you Machu Picchu

An amazing experience, the inca trail is like stepping into the past, walking the footsteps of the Inca's! The landscape is awe inspiring changing going through grass lands and cloud forest with glaciers on both sides.
It wasn't a walk in the park, the altitude makes hiking quite hard but it is very worth the struggle and pain. Our ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 04 2015-1

Que Bonita

My experience was challenging but extremely rewarding. The company was excellent and everything was very well planned and informative.
I will definitely be recommending this to many people! The second day was my favorite part of the adventure ( as well as day 4 - arriving at Machu Picchu) arriving at the summit was an extraordinary experience that nothing ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 03 2015-6

It was a great experience

I had a great at the 4-day Inca Trail to Machupicchu. It was an amazing group with two excellent guides , Victor and Marco !!! . The both spoke very good english , had a lot of explanations and usefull tips and also they always took their time to answer our questions.
Also the trall was a bit exhausting ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 03 2015-3

Adventure time

This was the trip of a lifetime. The first day was very easy, a necessary warm up for the days to come.
We were picked up from the hotel by one of our guides early in the morning. We had a two hour bus ride through the country to the trail head. A few hours of hiking to the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 03 2015-5

Amazing life experience!

What an amazing trip! Amazing guides and all. I did the four day trip starting with a bus ride from cusco that took two hours.
The bus ride alone was quite enjoyable. Comfy and excellent views as we drove deeper into the Andes. Day one was excellent starting with a really cool cable bridge over a roaring whitewater river. ... Continue Reading