Peru travel April 23 2015-4

Great sense of accomplishment

It was an incredible experience and I would recommend it to everyone. The hiking was amazing and the guides and people really made it special. I felt a great sense of accomplishment by reaching Machu Picchu and climbing Huayna Picchu.
There is something special about walking along the original Inca Trail that I don't think I would get doing ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 23 2015-5

Machu Phew (I need a shower)

My experience with Inca Trail Reservations was excellent. Our guide was very knowledgeable and humorous, he made the whole trip thoroughly enjoyable. Every meal we were served was absolutely delicious and the chefs were excellent in providing us all with a great variety. It was particularly nice being served traditional Peruvian food.
Sleeping under the stars and next to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 23 2015-6

A climactic experience

Machu Picchu was a once in a lifetime experience. Which was only made better by the incredible team and guide we had. The views and scenery were like nothing I had ever seen and the hardest part was trying not to walk off the cliff as I was constantly staring at the mountains.
Our guide was fun and insightful. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 23 2015-3

I need a massage

The Inca Trail was an experience that I will never forget. Day 1 was a fairly relaxing day with us just getting use to walking the Trail. Day 2 was a much tougher challenge and it really pushed us to the limit. But all the hard work was worth it when we reached 4200 meters and we could look at ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 22 2015

Was never so glad to drop 30 pounds

When a friend of mine invited me to come along a South America trip, including a 4 day trek, I agreed without thinking twice. After finding out a porter wasn't carrying my bag as I was told, I still brought my entire traveling bag.
While it may have been tough at times, the delicious food and friendly guide helped ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 22 2015

Llamas are awesome

It was an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heart beat. I was not expecting the meal and tent service that we had and it was over the top fantastic. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly and he went above and beyond to help us through this trek.
The cook and porters were friendly also ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 22 2015-2

Butt-kicking good time

My Inca Trail experience was absolutely amazing and incredible. Everything from my briefing with the guide the night before, to the pickup and drop off was great, and the staff couldn't have been better. Our guide was friendly, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help us with whatever we needed.
The food was delicious and I was stuffed ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 21 2015-3

4 day hike to Machu Picchu

This was an awesome trip. Group was great. Staff, porters and chefs did amazing job. Manny, our tour guide was very informative and helped us along the trail. Everything went smoothly. He made the adventure worth while. The food was exceptional. It was amazing that the chefs could prepare three course in the middle of the country.
The porters ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 21 2015-3

Aventura em Machu Picchu

Foi uma experiencia unica, fantastica e inesquecivel! A mistura das ruinas Incas com a natureza exuberante das montanhas e um caminho que realmente nos faz lavar a alma e libertar a mente. A chegada a Machu Picchu e o ponto alto da trilha, mas em toda caminhada a paisagen de rios e montanhas sao igualmente incriveis.
Os guias Manoel ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 21 2015

Walking the horse

Great experience ! Due mostly to Manny and Marco. They both went above and beyond. My first day was very rough (make sure all restaurants thoroughly cook your eggs). I had to rent a horse about halfway through the first day then sleep, sleep, sleep. The whole time Manny knew what to do.
I saw people walking back under ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 21 2015-5

Energy from coca tea, good nutrition, and great company

From the very start, the trail guide company was very courteous to my needs. I'm vegetarian and when I reserved my spot for the Inca Trail, I was extremely ecstatic that they offered options that suited my needs. There was enough food, each meal, to eat two meals. The coca tea delivered each morning to our tent, provided excellent energy ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 21 2015

4 days and 3 nights to Machu Picchu

Wonderful Adventure ! Grueling, challenging, and amazing ! Worth every minute and more. Every time you look around is a fantastic mountain view, steep cliffs, countless waterfalls, and wildlife. The Inca Trail group was fantastic. Well organized, surprisingly excellent food for the conditions, 3 meals a day, and water is provided, and they even had a birthday cake for one ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 21 2015-1

Great adventure trek

Having never been to Peru before and not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at Inca Trail Reservations. All the staff was very polite and helpful. By the time the trek started everyone was geared up for the journey !
We met many new people from Italy, USA, and Brazil. The group was great ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 21 2015-4

Trekkin the Trail

Not knowing quite what to expect, I was pleased by the Inca Trail experience. First off, the food was excellent. The chef cooked excellent meals along the way and we never went hungry. The porters are amazing and I could not imagine carrying the amount of weight that they do. With a 20 pound pack, I had sore shoulders by ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 20 2015-3

Susan’s adventure

I am Susan and live in New York. It was a great experience doing this Inca Trail. I can explore Inca culture and gain more Inca society knowledge during this trip through my travel guide, Americano. I challenged myself and gain life experience by finishing this Inca Trail. I love their service and everything related to this trip. Food is ... Continue Reading