Peru trip January 30 2015

Our trek through the clouds

First of all: before I came to do the Inca Trail, people told me that it is not something for lazy people. And that is true: it's not the easiest thing. But one of the most beautiful. We had 4 days of beautiful nature, the team was great and we had an amazing time.
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Peru trip January 29 2015

The saga

What a journey ! What can I say ?! I started already tired and with a huge hangover. Nevertheless, every meter walked, each step up and down, I found energy and strength in my mates and in the amazing and beautiful nature beauty's that walked with us along the whole trail.
It was a very pleasant journey, where I've ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 29 2015

Sexy ponchos hit the Inca Trail !

After a very early start from the hotel we made it to our first checkpoint of the Inca Trail. Our porters loaded all the food and other equipment in water proof pouches and off we all were. It was amazing what our porters could carry - food, pots, propane tanks, tables, tents and our large backpacks !
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Machu Picchu travel January 29 2015-1

I love sexy ponchos

Despite the rain, sore knees, aching muscles, it was an adventure of a lifetime. Incredible sites to see, a challenge just to complete, an excellent company. Chachy, our tour guide was amazing with his knowledge about Inca history and explanation of the Inca Trail.
The food was incredible too. We made new friends that we will stay in contact ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 29 2015

Un te de coca, por favor

We had 4 amazing days on the Inca Trail with our guide Chachi. We all were really worried if we were going to make it all way through, but Chachi had always some positive and cheering words for us. The porters were amazingly fast an when we arrived at the campsite, dinner was already waiting for us, prepared by a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 29 2015-2

Searching for my ancestors

I love the Inca Trail for several reasons. It's my grandfather's country. He was an Inca and Spanish beated him to dead in order to get some information about gold, money and property. He did not speak. I always felt the suffering of my grandfather and this is the reason why I did the Inca Trail.
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Peru travel January 14 2015-8

Inca Trail

My wife and I had a wonderful experience with this tour group. It was a four day trek that felt like an easy walk thanks to our guides Juan Carlos and Ronnie who looked after us really well. If it were not for these guides, our trek would not have been so enjoyable.
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Machu Picchu trip January 13 2015-8

I survived the hike

Incredible trek. As an incredibly scenic and physically challenging. But the best part of the trip were the first class guides Carlos and Jorge Luis and awesome porters - men among men. Trip of a lifetime. My son and I had a great time. The trail is like no other in the world.
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Peru travel January 24 2015-8

Sexy lama – Ullalla

It was a great experience walking the Inca Trail. Before the trek I felt unprepared and stressed because I had never done something like this in my life but so excited. As it went I loved being in the nature, the view from the mountain was incredible, we were lucky with the weather most of the time, rain and sun ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 24 2015-9

Great experience

The trek was a great experience. It was sometimes a bit hard but worth it. My favorite thing was the food - thumbs up for the chef. Breakfast, lunch, dinner everything was so good ! It was the best food I've tasted on my trip through South-America. I would do it again just for the food.
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Peru travel January 24 2015-10

A lot of fun

The Inca Trail was a great experience. It was very challenging at times (most of the time) but very rewarding. We were very lucky with the group, everyone was friendly and supportive and we had a lot of fun together.
Carlos was a great guide, he was informative and it clearly enjoyed telling everyone about the culture and the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 24 2015

Quad burn

The Inca Trail was a great experience. Day 3 was the highlight with fantastic views. All the stairs made for a good quad workout ! Food was great, good variety and plenty of it. Guide Carlos very knowledgeable and friendly. Tents - are a little short - anyone 6 foot and over cannot lay straight in the tent and needs ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 24 2015-3

Gorditos adventure

The Inca Trail was a great challenge with fantastic rewarded. The Inca Trail Reservations crew was a solid support team. Our guide, Carlos, was very kind and helpful. He was full of great information and really brought the group together like a family.
The porters were insanely strong and friendly. Every day we would wake up to hot tea, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 24 2015-2

Machu fun

What an excellent adventure ! Such a privilege to pound the ground the Inca's did, and see the amazing sights - from ruins to hummingbirds. King Carlos was a fabulous guide and the porters and chef - incredible :) This was one of my favorite experiences on my South American holiday.
Learning about the history - The condors, snakes, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 24 2015-2

Inca trek adventure

The Inca Trail was one of the most challenging and beautiful treks I've ever experienced.
Day three of the four day trek was gorgeous ! The farming terraces were breathtaking and so inspirational. Heading into the jungle from the top of the mountains was magical. Our guide, Carlos, shared a wealth of knowledge about Inca culture, and all the ... Continue Reading