Peru trip April 29 2016-6

Peter Marcus Matthew

For me it has been one of the best experiences of my round the world trip if not the best, everything has been perfectly organized and has gone smoothly from start to finish. The people of inca trail has been absolutely amazing both porters and guides, Paul, Marco and GianCarlo have been amazing and I have loved their happy spirits ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 29 2016-9

Ohh Pretty Picture

My one hope was to have an amazing guide and group, I got both. The new friends I met will always be a part of my travel memories.
Paul, Marco and Johncarlos are absolutely and made this trip even more memorable. I cannot explain in words how great they are. Paul is so quick witted and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 29 2016-4

Keep on smiling

Before starting the inca trail I didn't really know what to expect. I followed my two friends Stef and Chris because they were so enthusiastic about this trail.
I expected that it would be hard, but I didn't thought that it would be so hard. Thanks to this trail I realized I can handle a lot more ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 29 2016-2

Belgian Bullet

This was a truly once in a lifetime experience! Everything was perfect, we had an amazing group, and the guides where the best.
Special thanks to them! Paul is the best storyteller ever! He taught us so much about the Inca's. The first day was easy peasy. Second day was harder but I loved the challenge. The second night ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 29 2016-2

No pussytrain for us

This adventure was perfect, thanks to many lovely people like our guides, The porters, the Cook, thanks to the nice weather and thanks to the great group.
I would definitely recommend Inca Trail Reservations to other people because The food was so great,the guide Paul could tell us interesting stories in a very fascinating way, he is truly a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 29 2016-3

Fun and games in the Andes

Hiking the Inka Trail with Inka Trail Reservations has been an amazing experience. Not only was I lucky enough to end up in a group of only the nicest people, also our guides, Paul, Marco and Juan Carlos were the best. They made this not only the experience of a life time but also heaps of fun.
And ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 29 2016-5

Had a blast!!

Had an absolute amazing time with this company! .
They were all very patient and accommodating with my bout of altitude sickness when I felt like dying and giving up. All of our meals were great too! Would recommend! The crew was all knowledgable and very funny. Also very easy to talk to. I knew that the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 28 2016

Still walking!

We had lots of fun walking the Inca trail. It was challenging, but we had a great group of people, so pulled each other along. Our first guide Edwin was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and kept us informed the whole time. Ronaldo the second guide was also great. The porters were amazing. How they go so fast no one knows. We ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 28 2016-1

Los Aventureros

I've been backpacking for over two years and this has been by far one of the top three most memorable experiences of my entire trip.
As a South American, I've never felt so proud of the our indigenous roots. Special thanks to the entire crew. The porters worked incredibly hard to make sure that we were taken care of ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 28 2016

We love inca!

We planned this for months! We wanted to do this trip of a lifetime and had been planing for months!.
We decide to go with inca reservations because of the good reviews! We where very happy because inca reservations really looked after us! We had an experience of a lifetime! Edwin our guide really looked after us and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 28 2016

Dream team adventure

I had amazing time during Inka trail. The landscapes, the people, the atmosphere were just indescribable.
Apart from that, the food which we had been offered was delicious. I was lucky to share this experience with awesome people. I was amazed by the hard work which porters and our guides put into this trail to make I would ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 28 2016

Trolley Dolly’s Machu Picchu adventure

We have done Inka Trail with Inca Trail Reservations. It was an adventure of a lifetime. Beautiful views along the way and amazing nature.
We absolutely loved it. On top of that everything was organised perfectly. We were looked after in a great way, had amazing chef and porters. Our guides Ed and Ronal had amazing stories for us. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 28 2016

Adventure of a life time!

We where so excited about this tri and had been planning it for months! We decided to g with inca reservations as we where impressed by the wonderful reviews!.
We where not disappointed! Inca reservations looked after us well! We got a wonderful experience hiking the 4 day trek! We met beautiful people and saw amazing nature ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 28 2016-2

Made it!

Wonderful time with exceptional guides and porters. Very nice staff and the best food I've had on the trail.
I'm vegetarian and usually that means you get a plate of rice.mon the road with Inca Trail Reservations you get delicious plantains, tempeh, porridge, eggs, and plenty of veg. The hike is very challenging, but it's worth it.
Gorgeous ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 28 2016-3

I made it!

Had a brilliant time, Edwin and Ronaldo were very knowledgable, the porters were great and the chef cooked us really tasty food.
The trek was hard work but very rewarding. The scenery was beautiful and we learnt a lot about the history of the remains on the trail. The tents were very comfortable and spacious. The toilet facilities ... Continue Reading