Machu Picchu travel June 05 2015

Incredible Experience with Carlos

I have been always dreaming about doing Machu Picchu adventure and would definately recommand Inka trail Reservations.
I have had to pleasure to get to know Carlos the King of the Mountain and his chefs, porters and rest of the team,They have been amazing during these difficult 4 days and they have made the experience a memorable. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 05 2015-2

My experience salkantay

I highly recommend booking a trip through this company. I completed the four day salkantay trek which i also recommend for great views and exposure to peru's outdoors.
There are a few great things that diferentiate this company from the others. I had a great tour guide, Lizandro, who made sure everyone in the group had ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 04 2015

Amazing and tiring

My personal experience was amazing and never short of mysterious and magical. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather the entire trip.
I couldnt have imagined seeing and experiencing so much in only four days. I felt challenged physically, and mentally.
Learning a lot about myself and others on the trip. The vistas were incredibly gratifying, and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 04 2015-2

Awesome Amigos!

The hike was thoroughly enjoyable !!!. Our guide Victor was encouraging & positive and i liked the fact we had a nice small team of 9 hikers.
We managed to see Machu Picchu twice because of our group's awesome and accelerated pace! Most important tip:bring a pair of walking poles with rubber tips - they helped me massively ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 04 2015-2


"Best team!" Really enjoyed the trek with Victor as our guide always encouraging, patient and very funny.
Day Two was punishing (normally the hardest day and we were trying to cover part of the next day's scheduled route as well) but he got us through it. This enabled us to see Machu Picchu twice, together with the opportunity ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 04 2015

Excelente Amigos!

Victor is a humorous guide with lots of motivational phrases to encourage the group. We had a small group of 9 hikers which made the trip more personal.
Because of this, we were able to accelerate the hike and saw Machu Picchu twice over the final 2 days. The 4 day Inca Trail was tough but totally worth ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 04 2015-4

Still made it even with a spained ankle

Having sprained my ankle 2 weeks prior to the start of the hike, i was very worried about my ability to complete the 42km journey.
Knowing that by completing the hike there was a possibility of causing more damage,i decided to attempt it anyways. This was a very good decision.
The journey was far more enjoyable and challenging ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 04 2015-6

Trace the foot steps of the quechua people

This 4 Day hike is a must do for the fit and healthy. We hiked up thousands of steps to reach 4,200m and the view was breathtaking. Seeing Machu Picchu was an incredible reward after 3 days of 5am starts, below zero nights, a Day of altitude sickness, hours of ascending and descending with aching muscles.
However the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 03 2015

Great trip!

One of the most incredible hikes I've ever done. A big thanks to our guide Raul Cornel and the porters.
The first day was fairly easy coming up to basecamp. After lunch we took a hike up to Lake Humantay for an incredible view and a quick dip in the freezing water! I thought the water would be ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 01 2015

Condor adventure

The experience will bring me back for future treks while living here in peru. The climb to the glacier lake was a great way to acclimate to the trek ahead.
First night was cold below zero some complained about rental equipment not suitable for these conditions. Fortunately I had my own tent, sleeping bag and thermarest. Highly recommend ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 01 2015-1

Sweating in the cold

We all jumped in the bus and headed up the hill, anticipating the trek aheAd of us. On the first day we trekked up to a Glacier lake, and i, as normal, went too hard and too fast. Exhausted three quaters of the way up.
The views were breathtaking and it was definitely a surreal experience. You look up ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 31 2015-1

Fantastic experience

Machu Picchu in May 2015, with Inca Trail Reservations. At first we had a briefing in the office of the agency where we met our guide Rony. He gave us all the information we needed before starting the trail.
The 4d/3n trip was a fantastic experience: the landscape,the different vegetations, the inca buildings ,the lamas, and at most the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 31 2015

The scenery of Machupicchu :)

This 4d/3n inca Trail was fantastic. It was a once in a lifetime experience. The scenery and the landscape is amazing. During these days the landscape changed a lot. It was quite impressive to see so many different landscapes in such a short time.
The trip was very well organized and the team (rony, our Guide / Raul, our ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 27 2015-5

Los Raulitos

It was a great adventure along amazing landscapes there was time to hike, to appreciate,
to have fun, to eat, to rest.
Our guides was very knowledgeable of the places,the history, the history , the culture and
the places where we passed by Although we kept a good place, there was always time to
stop ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 28 2015-6

Sexy Lama Crew

We had the most amazing time.The hiking was tough on certain but we were ready for it. The guides told us what to expect each day.
The food was great as well. I am a vegetarian and the chefs made special meals. The camps were all set up when we had a long Day of trekking. The Guides were ... Continue Reading