Peru trip August 26 2016-3

Creepin in the springs

An incredible experience, will highly recommend the company to all my friends at home. Juan Carlos was a fantastic guide, and very helpful to me when I was struggling with altitude sickness on the second day.
He also was good fun along the way and was very knowledgeable about the incas and the nature along the way. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 25 2016-1

amazing trek :)

The guide was very patient , informative and encouraging , The food is amazing and so unexpected .
I really enjoyed we had only 8 people , very very nice !!! . The trek was wonderful !!. the views just kept coming and the guides were not only patient with our group , they were extremely friendly ,. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 26 2016

Lost In the Andes

I did a wonderfull 3 days trip in the mountains of the Andes !. From the glaciers of Salkantay and omantay to the jungles of the valleys.
I have seen some of the most beautifull scene and place i have ever see. I had the chance to meet some nice people from other parts of the world, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 25 2016-2


The trip was so good and exceeded all expectations. I would definitely recommend the company to any friends who are thinking about hiking the Inca Trail.
The food was so amazing, and the presentation beautiful as well - we took pictures of all our food because it was so pretty! The cook even managed to bake ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 25 2016


absolutely loved it! Surpassée expectation!!!
The food was so absolutely amazing. The chef and porters did a wonderful job. They were very fast.
The guide was very helpful at explaining the sites and for creating a positive environment. I l'idée the size of our team very much. I would not l'île it to be any bigger at ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 25 2016-2

Inca Trek

An unforgettable experience. Wonderful scenery and a thoroughly enjoyable adventure with a great group of people. Excellent food and very hard working porters. The guide really knew his stuff.
The first day was said to be a 'warm up' but there were still some steep challenges. The views made up for it. Day two began with ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 25 2016

Punishment and reward

This was an amazing adventure from start to finish. Our guide, Ever, chef, Joel, and porters took excellent care of us.
It is tough. Day two is the hardest day but once that's over it was smooth sailing. On day two you will be in the clouds! I would recommend this company. Even my sales person ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 25 2016

The last 30 min are steap

The second day of our adventure we had to go from 3100 meters to 4200 meters, it was a 5 hour journey and our guides timing was really good but for the last bit.
It was 1 hour and 30 minutes long and apparently the first hour was gradual then last 30 last minutes were the hardest. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 24 2016

Tired but smiling and satisfied

This was a really great experience . The cooks were great and our guide Eloy was extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable .
The zip line is a fantastic addition. Getting up at 5:30 is worth it for these experiences. Suggestions : better restaurant options. More information about distances each day before the trek begins . I am very ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 24 2016-1


Overall, I had fantastic trip and the crew was awesome. I especially enjoyed the mix of hiking in the mountains and the jungle.
I also enjoyed the extra activities of the zip lining and the hot springs. The trail food was delicious however the restaurants were pretty poor. It would better to go to a better restaurant ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 24 2016-2

Team Condor

This trek was an amazing experience that really pushed all of my limits. It was a lot of fun and had amazing food. The staff was very nice and helpful. They made it a fun and enjoyable experience.
This trek is very well laid out. I enjoyed the hike up the Salkantay pass as well as the many ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 24 2016-1

Team baby condor

The trek was amazing, especially the first two days!. Getting to experience the majesty of Omantay and Salkantay, walking through the pass and camping in the foot hills was awesome!.
The zip lining was also a highlight! Some of the best I've ever done! Hanging upside down while flying through a canyon was terrifying but very fun!. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 24 2016

Probably the best experience of m’y life

If anybody is thinking of hiking the Ince Trail to Machu Picchu, just do it! It is challenging but in the process you learn a lot about yourself.
If you are serious about going you have to book months in advance to secure a pass! This gives you heaps of time to build up some fitness that will ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 23 2016-1

Conquered the Mountain

An absolutely amazing experience. Once in a lifetime adventure. The tour guides and porters did an amazing job at keeping everyone comfortable even in the middle of the mountains.
The chef was great, really appreciated all the meals, he was very good with vegetarian options as well. The cake on the last night was amazing. Although the trek was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 23 2016-2

Cake at 4000m

I had such an unbelievably awesome time on the inca trail and it is an experience I will never forget!.
It was really easy to book through the Inca Trail Reservations website and you had the option to personalize your trip to whatever you needed, whether that be sleeping bags to rent or an upgraded train for ... Continue Reading