Peru trip August 07 2015-1

The best experiences of my life

Overall one of the best experiences of my life . Ronny and Marco were great guides that
shared their knowledge of the local flora and fauna . I greatly value what i have learned about Peru and its history .
I will never forget the things I have seen and done during my time here . ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 07 2015-2

The beautiful landscape

IT was a really nice trip with very good guides . Sometimes it was hard to walk that , but because of the beautiful landscape it was really good . The food was very delicious and the people are very helpful .
In addition i met a lot of nice people at this trip . It was a very ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 07 2015-5

incredible !!!!

The Salkantay trek with Inca Trail Reservations was incredible , between the trails and the
people , I had and amazing time in the last few days .
The food was great , the guide knew a lot of and he was great fun !!!. He talked us through the tough parts of the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 06 2015

Un trek magique !!!

Un trek magique ! je crois que c'est un incontournable . L'equipe du Treck a ete formidable et incroyable . Ils ont travaillé du Treck a ete formidable et incroyable . Ils ont Travaillé tres fort pour faire de ce moment un moment magique , unique et inoubliable , Attentionné, disponible et passionné notre guide Carlos a su personaliser ce ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 06 2015

Great trip

It was a great trip loved It. Are guide Carlos was the best he worked so hard to make sure every one head a great trip .
One thing that i did not like was that some people where so slow one guy was 72 on are trip so we head to what a lot for him. And It ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 06 2015

salkantay Trail review

I thoroughly enjoyed Inca trail tour. The Salkantay trek was easier then I had imagined. Only one day was a "tough" hiking day. The rest were relatively moderate (I am in decent shape and backpack often).
Our tour guide, Carlos, was fantastic. Super attentive and knowledgeable about the history, flora, and fauna of the land. All of the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 06 2015-2

A great trip

It was a great trip. Carlos and the cooks and horsemen were amazing! They certainly made the trip. Beautiful scenery, easy walking, good food.
I thoroughly enjoyed hiking the mountain passes and would have loved a couple of longer days. Carlos worked very hard to accommodate a group of very differently skilled hikers. He ran back and forth all ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 04 2015-3

Awesome !!!!

The food was very delicious. Not once was I ever hungry. The chefs, favian and David, somehow made amazing food with seemingly no supplies.
Campsites were very good. The had all the facilities you would need and they were always beautiful. I saw the Milky Way for the first time at the campsite on day one. Nature was beautiful. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 04 2015-2

City Slicker’s Jungle Adventure

Grueling but amazing trek! You will see snow capped peaks and sweltering forests. The accommodations are great - this coming from a hard core city boy.
And lastly,!! Best tour guide ever, highly recommend! The food was amazing, we had an international chef accompany us on our trip, and every meal of every day was an amazing surprise. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 02 2015-1

Lizandro, a gentle and caring tour guide.. The trek was OK too.

In the beginning we enjoyed a nice flat trek, with delightful views of the Salkantay Glacier, that evening we were treated to Dinner of "Chicken" I suspect it was Cuy Anyway, it was tasty and warmed us up for our hike up to the Salkantay Pass, this was surprisingly easier than I expected, however, I am super fit and something ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 02 2015-5

Llama havin laugh

Overall very impressed with the trek. Lizandro, was very knowledgeable and kind, staying with the group (or me as I was a little slow).
The group size was good, not too many, and not too few, a nice balance of people, of varying levels of ability, but at no point did I feel I was holding anyone back. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 02 2015-2

Brilliant trek, recommend it to anyone!

Lizandro was a brilliant guide! He was patient, and fun, made light of any situation, especially when we were struggling. He let us go at our own pace, and hung back with us if we needed a rest.
The hot springs were lovely, and relaxing. The trek itself was beautiful, tough at times but an amazing journey. Food ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 02 2015-1


The Salkantay trek was amazing, we walked really close to glaciers (although we didn´t climb them), lakes and inside the peruvian selva.
Though quite tireing the views were really breathtakling, so I would suggest everybody to do this trek to Mach Picchu! Also the guide and the cook were great, we always ate so much good food.
I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 03 2015-3

Tres beau treck

Un tres beau treck sur le chemin Inca nous permettant d arriver sur le site de Machu Picchu. Un trek trop encombre par de nombreuses personnes ainsi qu'un sens de l'hygiene qui laisse a desirer .
Neanmoins, malgre ces limites techniques, en lui-meme le trek est agreable, il y a de magnifiques paysages, notamment le troisieme jour. Par ailleurs, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 03 2015-2

Un trek inoubliable

Ce fut un tres beau trek, malgre la difficulte du deuxieme jour, ses nombreuses marches, un denivele de 1200 metres, on a pu profiter de tres belles vues et d'une flore tout a fait superbe.
Le premier jour etait tres calme mais c'est surtotu le troisieme jour dans la foret qui m'a plu. Les guides sont tres sympathiques, encourageants ... Continue Reading