Peru trip November 22 2016-5

Sexy llamas

Let me tell you a bit about our experience with The Inca Trail Reservations. I would like to say that Rony and Juan are great guides. They help us a lot during the trail. We enjoyed our journey with them. Thanks to both! The Inca Trail is though but worth it! .
The nature is amazing, very ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 22 2016

Inca Trail Reservations

I had an experience of a lifetime with Inca Trail Reservations. I had both Ronnie and Juan as site guides and they made the experience that much more of a pleasure.
Their experience with the Inca Trail gave our group a memorable time. I learned about Inca Culture while taking breathtaking pictures capturing my adventure. I have ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 22 2016-6

Sexy llamas

Our experience on the inca trail has been unforgettable. The scenery is really beautiful and we enjoyed wonderful landscapes.
Despite the difficulty of the trail, the whole trip exceeded our expectations. Rony has been a great leader providing valuable information, history facts about the Incas and clear directions.
Juan has been fantastic, sharing his ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 21 2016

Non-forgettable Inca Trail

Wonderful trail. Initially worried much but when times went by it was most comfortable journey ever. I had a couple of trails.
Nepal. Kilimanjaro and this. As I expected. Afraid a lot of worry on the strange world but as expected. It was marvelous and wonderful journey. excellent guide and support. like home trail.
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Machu Picchu trip November 21 2016-1

Enjoy Inka adventure!

Hi, my name is Joon Park. I really enjoyed this wonderful Inka trail trekking! I completed this adventure on November 24th. This was during rainy season but weather was so wonderful that I could enjoy view of every Inka sites! Don't hesitate to challenge this adventure! Our tour guide, cook and porters are alway ready for helping you guys. They ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 21 2016

Gringo-ing hiking

I thought this was a well-paced hike and a great way to immerse yourself in the Inca experience.
The hike was not easy at times, especially coming from below sea level to 9-12 thousand feet at times, but the reward is in the journey. The scenery itself is stunning and even breathtaking at times, but there are ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 21 2016

Gringo slimmer

I enjoyed being briefed the night prior to the start of our adventure. The company did a fantastic job informing us of what to expect and explaining the itinerary.
Our tour guide provided us with valuable stories along the way and was well versed in the history of Peru, The Incas, and the territory; making the experience ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 19 2016-5

Melhor experiência da vida

Frío, esforço, cansaço Tudo compensa o que a trilha inca vai te proporcionar: história, cultura, belas paisagens e amigos, muitos e grandes amigos, nunca terei como agradecer essa fantastica experiência que ficará para sempre marcada em minha vida.
Obrigado por realizar de uma maneira mágica um sonho, de uma forma e professionalismo que jamais poderia imaginar, no ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 18 2016-3

Absolute delight

The Inca Trail was an absolute delight! . My guide was very knowledgeable and was able to stimulate the faster members as well as the slower members of my group! The equipment (only tent and sleeping mat for me) was fonctionnal.
The porters were very sweet the whole time and our cook prepared amazing dishes in big ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 19 2016-1

Una aventura de roca

Primero es una experiencia que nunca se olvidare, tremenda su gastronomía panoramica .
El Guía muy profesional en su trato stencil lesson y calidad lo único que sugiero es una mayor cantidad de Beatriz's banks en la experiencia del día que en la vida nunca se podría olvidarte .
En esta experiencia se transportista ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 19 2016-1

Mid life crisis adventure

Once up on a time a Heard working Woman decided there must be more to life than taking good care of her family.
She decided to push the limits of her ability and hike the Inka Trail. Which she did...It was hard very hard. So much harder than she ever imagined. Luckily she met wonderful people ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 19 2016

Dream come true

I come to do one of my dreams, climb the inca trail, funny if you think I am going to ride the train and get there Machu Pichu.
No, I one to see what really is, lots of steps, lots of tears lots of wonderful views, I have he opportunity to enjoy this new friends new adventures, yes I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 19 2016

The journey

Wow what an amazing journey! .Day 1 started out very easy and relaxed. A very nice and easy walk we wonderful food and company.
Day two was by far the hardest but also very enjoyable. Reaching the top was amazing and we sat at the top for a long time!. Day 3 was the most beautiful ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 19 2016-3


Hiking the Inca Trail was one of the best experiences of my life. If you are looking for challenging yet safe and supportive adventure.
I highly recommend choosing Inca Trail Reservations. Our guide, Victor was outstanding. He was knowledgable and always accommodating. Victor was also funny and made learning about the trail and the history very fun ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 19 2016-4


It was really nice. I had the chance to met wonderful people. The four day treck is nice and I believe that It is accessible for everybody.
The food was really good. The first day is pretty casual, you start to walk later in the day and get to the camping. By the way the camping sites ... Continue Reading