Peru trip July 06 2016-1

Slowly but surely

The hikes were challenging but the experience was amazing. I was the slowest person and had the most difficulty with the altitude
However, one of the guides stuck by me the whole time and I made it. The food was great, the guides were amazing, the views were spectacular, and I would highly recommend it. My only ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 06 2016

I’m not clever enough

The 4 day trek has been great. Both Juan Carlos and Pedro were great guides and i had no fears or issues throughout.
The history lessons were great to put the hike in context. I would definitely recommend the trip to anyone. As an inexperienced hiker i never felt out of place or una le to do the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 04 2016-2

A Machu Picchu por Salkantay

Sin duda, esta ha sido nuestra mejor experiencia en un tour guiado. Gracias al equipo capitaneado por Rony , todo ha Ido sobre ruedas.
Solo nos hemos tenido que preocupar por andar. La organización ha sido perfecta, la comida abundante y buena y no ha habido ningún incidente. Solo les ha faltado que consigan que pare de llover.
... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 04 2016-6

Incursión andina

Desde que nos recogieron el primer día todo ha ido sobre ruedas. Se nota la experiencia y profesionalidad del equipo, perfectamente coordinado por Rony.
Ha habido muy buen ambiente en el grupo, respetando las diferentes personalidades y particularidades de cada uno. Se nota las ganas de agradar y de hacer bien el trabajo cuidando al máximo los ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 04 2016-1

Aventura inolvidable

Les cuento que fue mi primer experiencia de trek, por lo que puedo contarles que pasé por todos los estados de ánimo.
Desde el mal de altura, deseos de salir corriendo, hasta la alegría de poder llegar y maravillarme con paisajes hermosos. Una aventura mágica, de compartir con otros, y de encuentro con uno mismo.
Una vivencia con ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 04 2016


The last days have been great, I really enjoyed the hiking, the hot springs and the zip lining, even though there were more people than expected.
Our guide, Ronny was really good, told us a lot of interesting stories about the area and was always in a good mood.
The second day hiking as a bit boring, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 04 2016

Experiencia inolvidable

En realidad es mi primer trek y fue duro intenso , pero disfrutable a la vez, el servicio muy bueno, cocina excelente y los guías cuidando todos los detalles.
Estoy conforme con la agencia. En realidad no imaginaba la aventura , y la intensidad de los caminos, a a pesar de dejarme sin aliento y ganas de ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 04 2016-2

Salkantay ghost

This was a great experience and I am really glad that I booked my trip through the inca trail website.
The food that was prepared was much better than I expected and Rony was a very knowledgeable guide who had a lot to offer the group. I was very doubtful when I booked this trip because it was ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 04 2016-5


The trip was so much fun, made even better by the staff. Rony was very helpful when it came to any questions we needed answering, even if he was a bit slow walking most days. The chefs were great and I was surprised at the quality and variety of food we had. Everything was ready and prepared for us so ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 04 2016-1


Rony IS THE GREATest man i have ever met. he is Awesome. He has made my trip, a lovely man he deserves a pay rise. Thank you for making my trip special. I met lots of good fun people and enjoyed all of THERE Time.
I feel the trip was perfect a good mix between good ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 04 2016-2

Matt Great time

Great time! Rony was a very knowledgeable guide, and he was incredibly aware of the pace of the group.
Lots of fun, great food, memorable time. Thank you só muchões this experience!! Will not forget it ever. Rony is the best Guide i could ever ask for! Thanks again. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 04 2016-3

Trek enjoyable

I found the trek enjoyable , with geografic scenary throughout and very friendly and helpful staff .
I particulary liked the food which was delicious, varied and fresh. I appreciated the effort made to acomodate my dietary requeriment, whilst still making the meals nutritions and interesting through each day was explaned deady I could have been helpful to have ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 27 2016-1

Excellent trek

The guide Jorge was excellent . The went out of his way to show us the liltle things. He was incredibly supportative , I could not have asked for a better guide . All meals were great , the cook was incredibly good , always surprises us with the variety foods each day .
The briefing was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 27 2016-1

Trek enjoyable

We met and was given specific informatins on time and items we needed to bring with us and the map of where we world trek .
The guide Jorge was excellent, he gave us all of the informations we needed at all times . He kept us motivated and enjoying our trek letting us stop for pictures and wantins ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 06 2016-3

Mamma mia

I really enjoyed the inca trail. I've seen amazing places who I would never thought to visit.
The guide (Marco) was really kind and explained every details of the nature perfectly. The track was hard but I'll recommend to every one to try the 2 days inca trail. It was worth and if I'll have the chance to ... Continue Reading