High altitude adventure

Today we finished one of our best holiday adventures ever. We have completed the 4 day / 3 night Salkantay trek with a visit of Machu Picchu. The whole trip was an amazing and intense experience with a great group of 7 + Carlos (our great tour guide) + 2 cooks + one horseman from the mole para village.
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Amazing view trip

My Inca experience was awesome, I think the guide made it much better. I think we where a fun group, all the guys clicked and we really had a lot of fun moments. The Dead Woman's Pass was the hardest climb on the trip, but when you got up there it was totally worth it.
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When America realized Sweden is a superior country

All in all an excellent time ! Met a few new friends and some really weird Americans. Especially this one called James. But he was all right as well, did not ruin my trip. Other than the excellent guide, excellent porters, excellent food and extraordinary view. Unbeatable !
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Best trek of my life

I have completed various treks during my travels over the last 4 months. The Machu Picchu trek has got to be the best ever. The tour company Inca Trail Reservations planned everything to the last detail.
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Hiking with mis amigos

We had a great time with Inca Trail Reservations. The guides were very informative, funny, and kind, (Victor y Rony) but it was also nice that they let us go at whatever pace we wanted and could go ahead if we didn't want to wait, or take our time if we wanted, unlike what we saw from other groups who ... Continue Reading

Amigos on a mountain

This experience as a whole was a great time ! I met a ton of really cool people and really enjoyed all the hiking. I enjoyed the distances and difficulty of the daily hikes, as you were not forced to keep up with anyone or forced to wait up for anyone.
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Machu Picchu trek. Awesome !

We started our adventure in the start of March, first groups allowed to enter. The first day was a good test to your fitness but got to the first camp without any problem. The second day was the hardest but one of the most rewarding experience you just couldn't wait for the down phase were we stopped for coca tea ... Continue Reading

Big fishbowls barmy army

I didn't know what to expect from this trip with regards to how fit I'd need to be and how the high altitude would affect me and also with us being the first going out on the trail after the February closure due to maintenance.
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Amazing tour. Life experience

This was so an amazing trip with my fiance. It was our first big hike together and it was such an amazing tour. The guides prepared us each day what to expect and were always with us in case we needed anything. It was March 1st so it was the first tour and a bit rainy but the porters and ... Continue Reading

Steel city mountain man

This is an amazing trip. Please do not underestimate the physical challenge, but the trek is worth every step at the end when Machu Picchu awaits. All the porters, guide, etc. are great, if you like the outdoors and want to experience first hand a little bit of the "Inca" this trip is for you.
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My little pony

I was really worried when I first started because I have asthma and this was my first hike. The guides really helped us and prepared us to know what to expect. Victor and Ronny were amazing tour guides and I recommend Inca Trail Reservations to anyone.
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Learning experience

The Inca Trail Reservations group did a fantastic job. From the porters doing a really good job carrying our gear so we could sleep and eat in comfort. I really respected the hard work and effort they put in. The food was really good and not what I expected for trail food.
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Boro boys in Peru

Well, arriving in Peru, I was nervous. I had just recovered from breaking my tibia and fibula. Maybe this trek was the last thing I should have been doing but I wanted to test myself on my recovery.
The tour guides we got where Victor and Rony. Two awesome guys. I explained my situation with Victor and he was ... Continue Reading

A breeze through the Andes

The guides were very funny and helpful. Porters did not speak English however still tried their hardest to help when needed. I did not expect the food the cook made for us every meal. I expected the traditional 'trekking' meals you get while camping... freeze dried food and not tasteful what so ever, but we got the complete opposite.
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A relaxing jaunt thru the mountains

Day one, we started with a walk through some small villages' everything was pretty flat, and the day went quickly. Looking up at the mountains it was hard to imagine we'd soon be ascending them.
Day two, this was pretty much the hardest day of my life. Being a tall man, who's never been much above sea level, this ... Continue Reading