Peru travel June 13 2017-1

Inca Trail 2017

We have had an absolutely awesome time on our Inca Trail adventure. The team were fantastic, the sights were incredible and the people we met and shared our adventure with were amazing!.
We can't recommend the four day trek highly enough: it was so full of fun and adventure. We will never forget coming down from the sun ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 13 2017-1

The Stairway to MachuPicchu!

At first I was very concerned and afriad about my ability to complete all 4 days (because I was sick), but with all the help of all the guides, porters and cook, they made it all possible! .
They were all amazing and provided myself and my girlfriend an unbelievable experience that we will never forget. I ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 11 2017

Amazing Inka ruins

The trek was absolutely Amazing . The guide Cesar was so easy to talk to and understand as they would tell you details about the Inka ruins .
The porters were crazy strong and lovely to talk to as well the good was great !! . The trail was tough at times but we had a great group and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 11 2017-3

An unforgettable journey of a 72 year old.

Everything was astounding. The mountain was beautiful and enormous but its size doesn't belittle you but make you feel a part of it. Everywhere there is life. Aside from the big green mountains and the icy peaks, I will always remember the rushing waters of the rivers that we passed on our way. The people are good and willing to ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 11 2017-3

The battle to the top!

Everything was amazing. We were really cold the first night and in the morning but immediately became warm after starting our climb.
The food and cooks were amazing. Very friendly and helpful if we needed anything. Our guide was the best - Evar. I am amazed at his ability to make everyone laugh but also tell ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 11 2017-4

Sexy llamas

This trip was so much fun!. Everth was a great guide, very even tempered and dependable throughout the whole experience.
The horsemen were very hard working and kind. The cooks were incredible and the food was amazing. All of the staff treated us with kindness and welcomed us into the group. We loved them!
My ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 11 2017-1

Sexy llama

Ever was the perfect guide which made the trek and overall experience great! The views and bits of history along the way were all breathtaking and I wish it didnt have to come to an end.
I had a little bit of altitude sickness but ever and the entire staff helped by providing hot tea coca ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 11 2017-5

Sexy llamas

The trip over all was an amazing experience. I had so much fun learning and taking in all that salkantay had to offer.
First day was cold. The second day was alot of down hill but the long days were worth it. Especially the second day. I wish our group was a bit bigger giving the chance to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 11 2017-2

Mama lama

Ever was great and we had an amazing time! The first day was spectacular. The lagoon was beautiful and it was nice to get most of the climbing out of the way on the first day.
The second day was my favourite because we saw the greatest variety of scenery. I love the mountains and Ever's ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 11 2017-1

Yogi on the Inca Trail

I absolutely loved my Inca Trail experience. It was challenging, but magical and spiritual. Our guides were knowledgable, personable, and encouraging.
I enjoyed learning about the history of the Incan civilisation, visiting many ruins, and spending time in the mountains. Our waykis were amazing, strong and hard working. They inspired me in so many ways. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 11 2017-2


The trail was very nice as were the staff. They were very accomodating and knowledgeable about the Inca people as well as the natrual phenomena along the way. The food was amazing especially for a camping trip. The waykis were friendly and also very helpful. The views we saw were very amazing and definitley worth the time it took to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 11 2017

Never knew a vacation could be so painful but oh so worth it

Machu Picchu can only be fully appreciated after hiking the Inca trail. It's difficult but without the hike you miss beautiful Inca sites, unbelievable scenery and the opportunity to meet friends from all over the world who encourage you and share in the pain and joy of crossing Dead Woman's pass.
The feeling you get after hiking for ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 09 2017

The great Salkantay adventure

i had the greatest time on the trail it was a grstandineat Machu picchu adventure ,the mountains were unbeleveable ,the food was the best i have had while i have been in preu,the 1st day was the hardest but the most fun lol.
The zip line was also a great time also .the last day at machu picchu ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 08 2017-2

Really great!

Great experience! I am really impressed and glad to have been with the others onto the Inka Trail.
Machu Pichu is more than amazing. It is phantastic. The combination of nature and culture, of hiking and sharing community, of knowlegde and spirituality is what I like. The guides, Eloy and Edson, were excellent. The porters und the cooks ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 08 2017-1

onece in a life time expierience

We planned for a long time to do this trail and had a wonderful expierence with our guides the porters and the whole group.
We felt always safe and well looked after. I had a knee issue, but was able to always walk in my own pace. The food was excellent, Each meal a new surprise. Our guide ... Continue Reading