Peru vacation January 24 2016

The Great Adventure

Before begining the Adventure , I was slightly aprehensive due to the lengthy nature of the hike and the altitude. It became apparent quickly however , that there was nothing to worrry about as i was well taken care of by the tour company.
The sights were amazing and the food was over whelming. At some points ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 24 2016-1

Trekking successfully

We are very plased that have chose Inca Trail . Our guide Miguel and Marco are very and professional friendly , helping and complete the four day trekking successfully.
All start are very professional and hard working,They always set up the facility well before we arrived the campsite. Each morning We can have hot chocolate served to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 24 2016-4

The campsite perfect

Great breefing by Miguel,
Day 1: Little slow start , we reached the starting point after a nice breakfast. The walk was easy the campsite perfect !!! .
Day 2: Tough walk but hard good beakfast . We walked fast up slept on top for 30 min.
walking for rest of the group ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 24 2016-2

Experience was wonderfu !!

This experience was wonderfu !!. .Our guides, our team , our porters were unique and very professional . We also found new friends and challenged our limits .
The weather, luckily, was perfect and I even was able to visit Machu Picchu in a sunny day.
One of the best moment of my life !!!!!!!.
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Machu Picchu travel January 24 2016

I survived :) :)

Day1: We stared out on the first day on " the easy " part, but it was not as easy as they made it sound. The only things thent kept us going was coolness, kit that and the promise that lunch was just around the come.
Day2 : The day started slow , but soon we picked ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 24 2016-2

The ancient ruins memorious.

The trek was so well organized. The plan for each days was outlined very thoroughly and reviewed at the beginning of each day .
The food was excellent and the guides were very knowledgeable, not to mention funny . The guides helped keep everyone's spirits higth as day two is very challenging.
This experience has been ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 24 2016-1

Beautiful nature love downhills !!!!

We got good informations on the internet and the weekend the day before.
Day1: I was ready exited and the trip there by bus / car went well. The first day of walking what well and all the break and the pase was perfect for me lovely feed !! . Did not go to bed hundry.
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Machu Picchu trip January 24 2016-1

Good Trip !!!

We have been looking forward to walking the Inca Trail since we came to Peru. We were a bit a worried about the altitude since we never had been so high before.
The first day was a bit early to wake up , but we managed . We took the bus from Cusco for a few hours. It was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 24 2016-3

Excellent trip

Very efficent ours pick up on day !! where we are taken to a caffe for breakfast, after this we left for our deshicition to begin the trek .
The trek started quickly and we passed through cowrrol eficient after an easy days treking we went to our fast camp. The feel was excellent. Our second day ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 25 2016-5

Bringing up the rear

It's was a great trip and an experience of a lifetime. This trek allows you to see some amazing scenery and wildlife that you could never get from a seat on a train or bus.
Our guides adeptly led us through rough but beautiful terrain to get us all safely to our destination. Altitude and rain made ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 25 2016-3

Insane calf and quad workout. Made it out alive

Definitely a bucket list item. The way I see it, if you want to see Machu Picchu, you should do the IncaTrail.
How often are you in your prime and in Peru? We had people of all hiking backgrounds join our group some older but most of them in youthful old age. Everybody in our group finished. Day 2 ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 25 2016-1

My legs hurt and my knees will need surgery in 10 years.

I had a great experience and would highly recommend this trek to all. It was extremely challenging but also very rewarding.
All of the guides were helpful and informative, and made sure we were being taken care of at all times. The meals were all delicious and hit the spot, and the porters worked extremely hard to make sure ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 25 2016-4

Inca trail: relaxing afternoon walk

I red that Inca Trek is a number one hike in the world and after personally doing it With Inca Trail Reservations, for me it easy to agree: everything was like a fantasy, the mountains & the jungle, the compasions and the staff members.
Carlos, our guide, felt more like a friend and a one of us ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 25 2016-2

5 star adventure

Ive heard about this track way back but I never made the time for doing it. When my friend ask me to join I said immediately yes.
This was my first hike on the mountains so I needed some preparation. I both gear and clothes and felt prepared but I could never be prepared for this, it was an ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 25 2016-1

“InkaFlat” heisst Auf und Ab!

Am Tag zuvor bekamen wir von unserem Guide Juan Carlos eine einstündige Einweisung wie unsere 4-Tages-Tour ablaufen würde.
Der ganze Trip wurde gut durchgeplant und es wurden uns nochmal hilfreiche Tipps für das nötige equipment gegeben. Der erste Tag ging recht gemütlich Los, jedoch haben wir Dort bereits erfahren, was "InkaFlat" bedeutet und zwar ein ständiges auf und ab! ... Continue Reading